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Book Flights to Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (LKO)

Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport is a major airport that serves regular flights to and from Uttar Pradesh. It is located in Amausi, Lucknow, and was earlier known as Amausi Airport. All major Lucknow airport flights are functional from this airport, making it the second busiest airport in North India.

The Indian Government gave Lucknow Airport international status on 3rd Oct 2012 after the completion of the second international terminal. The airport offers round-the-clock arrival and departure so that travellers can travel at their convenience.

Lucknow Airport Terminals

Lucknow International Airport has two terminals, domestic and international. Lucknow Airport Terminal 1 focuses on all Lucknow international flights, airport arrivals, and departures. On the other hand, Lucknow Airport Terminal 2 is focused on all domestic flight departures.

The international terminal of Lucknow airport departures is spread over 9,500 sq meters and has a handling capacity of 235 incoming and outgoing passengers. On the other hand, the domestic terminal of Lucknow airport has a handling capacity of 1200 passengers with 17 check-in counters and four security kiosks.

Arrivals & Departures At Lucknow Airport

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Terminals Of Lucknow International Airport 

Terminal 1 arrivals or departures are mainly for international flights at Lucknow airport. Lucknow Airport Terminal 1 has 11 check-in counters, six immigration desks, and three security kiosks. Major international airlines prefer to fly from Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 departures and arrivals of Lucknow Airport are for domestic flights operating from the airport. Some major domestic flight operators like Indigo, GoAir, Air India, and SpiceJet operate their flights to domestic cities from Terminal 2 of LKO airport.

The airport’s terminals offer a hassle-free experience for passengers with easy check-in facilities, safe baggage handling, and 2 X-ray baggage facilities for each terminal.

Services Offered By Lucknow Airport

After booking your airport flights, you can access many services. Some of them are mentioned below:

Transportation Options From Lucknow Airport

There are plenty of transport options available for travellers from both of the Lucknow Airport Terminals. Some of them are:

Car Parking Facility At The LKO Airport

The Car Parking facility is available at Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. The cheap airport parking in Lucknow has a total of 422 lots of vehicle space at terminals 1 and 2 and parking is available within a short walking distance from the airport terminal.

The Terminal 1 parking space can accommodate up to 100 cars, and Terminal 2 can accommodate up to 312 cars and 10 buses altogether. 

The parking fares for cars are INR 60, buses INR 70, and two-wheelers at INR 15.

5 Interesting Facts About Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport

Top Airlines Connected With The Lucknow Airport

Several domestic and international airlines operate regular flights to and from Lucknow Airport. Some popular domestic airlines offering Lucknow airport flight arrivals and departures are Air India, Go First, IndiGo, Vistara, etc.

Travellers can travel on the following international airlines from Lucknow Airport. These include Emirates, Thai Airways, and Qatar Airways, which operate regular flights from Lucknow.

Nearby Airports To Lucknow

Lucknow Airport Contact Information

Lucknow airport address: Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Amausi, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226009

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You can also drop an email with your queries in the subject at

Things To Do In Lucknow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any child lounge facility available at the Airport?

A: Ans. Yes, a baby care room is available at the airport with changing and other basic hygiene facilities.

Q: What should I do if the flight gets delayed at Lucknow airport?

A: Ans. If your flight is delayed at Lucknow airport, you can wait at the waiting area of Lucknow Airport terminals.

Q: What is LKO?

A: Ans. LKO is the IATA code of Lucknow airport.

Q: Is there any availability of free WIFI at Lucknow airport terminals?

A: Ans. Yes, Lucknow Airport offers free WIFI for up to 30 minutes to help you stay informed regarding all the flight arrivals and departures.

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