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Book Flights to Goa International Airport, GOI

While Goa is known far and wide for its pristine beaches, do you know what MyTicketsToIndia is known for? Discount airfares to Goa Airport! Goa is one of the favorite destinations of travelers who not only travel to the smallest Indian state for its beaches, sunsets, or an out-of-the-world ambiance but even the nutty cashews! That’s right. Goa is known for its cashews too. But did you know that cashews were accidentally discovered to be edible? Exactly was our reaction! “What?! How?” 

It is believed that when Goa was striving to acquire freedom from the Portuguese in the mid-1700s, Goan prisoners who had been exiled to Mozambique in present-day Africa, accidentally ate cashews and were surprised to see that they had not died! It was then that they discovered that cashews are, in fact, edible! How fascinating, ain’t it?

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Public Transportation

Goa Airport offers a variety of transport options to take you from the airport to anywhere to desire to go after landing. From buses to rental cars, you will have vehicles that fit your needs. Dabolim Airport is connected to the other parts of the smallest Indian state by local buses. Hence, if you are traveling alone with little luggage, a bus journey will be both feasible and cheap. The airport houses numerous kiosks of a number of taxi services too. While you may be held back by bags of heavy luggage, a taxi will be there to drop you right where you will need to be. Commuting via the Goa train system will also cover-up for some sightseeing. Since the Dabolim Railway station is located at a distance of one kilometer from the airport, you will be required to rely on a bridging transport service such as a cab or the Goa Airport shuttle service. 

Terminal Features

The Goa International Airport has only one terminal which got a makeover in 2014. The renovated terminal not only has modern architecture testing high on aesthetics, but an efficient system to handle both domestic and international traffic. Known as the NITB Terminal, the terminal is designed to handle a total of 2,750 passengers at peak hours. It is estimated that it can successfully cater to around 5 million passengers all around the year. 

The terminal is split up into three levels. The ground floor looks after Arrivals, Baggage Claim, and Check-in. The first floor is kept solely for customs, security check booths, and immigration counters. Lastly, the third floor features security hold facilities for both domestic and international cheap flights to Goa Airport, the boarding hall, and Departures. Additionally, the airport also makes sure that whatever time you spend under its roof is filled with fun, enjoyment, and thrill. Hence, you can stroll through shops (including duty-free), eat at restaurants and cafés, avail of medical services, use the ATM and exchange your currency, relax at the spa, or head to the information desk in case of any confusion!

Airport Parking

The airport’s parking facility is a decent-sized parking lot, ideal for cars, buses/coaches, or two-wheelers. Passengers are required to pay a small fee to avail the services of the Goa Airport parking lot. For cars it is ₹85, for buses/coaches it is ₹325 and for two-wheelers, the charges are ₹20. All charges are for a time period of 2 hours from the time of entry. If you have your friends or relatives dropping you off, the parking lot is a safe space to wait at.

Goa International Airport, Goa Facts

Airlines Fly To Goa Airport

GoAir, AirAsia India, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, Air India, Air Arabia, Spicejet, Vistara, TruJet, Alliance Air, and IndiGo.

Airlines Fly From Goa Airport

IndiGo, Air India, AirAsia India, Spicejet, GoAir, Vistara, Alliance Air, Oman Air, and Qatar Airways.

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