Beaches In Pondicherry 

With umpteen water activities, parties, and blissful vibes, beaches in Pondicherry are beyond enticing. And if you’re wondering about the locations you’ll be staying at, get ready to be spoilt for choices as there’s no dearth of good beach resorts in Pondicherry. Be it walking along the shoreline with your partner or playing relaxing games, the fun at any of the beaches here is unmatched. Not to forget, the best thing about the beach names in Pondicherry is that they all sound poetic. Some of the examples are Paradise Beach, Quiet Beach, Serenity Beach, and likewise. Once you visit these beautiful beaches in Pondicherry, nature will take you into its arms and lull you into its lap, taking all your worries away! 

Best Beaches In Pondicherry 

Promenade Beach :

Promenade Beach

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Paradise Beach:

Paradise Beach

Popularly called the Full Moon Beach, Paradise Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Pondicherry. It is the perfect destination to de-stress in the arms of nature. One of the pristine beaches of Gokarna is adorned with white sand, covered with rocks, and was a hippie location a few years ago. The beach also hosts a freshwater well, perfect for campers. 

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Other Famous Beaches In Pondicherry 

List of Famous Beaches in India

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