Beaches In Karnataka 

Imagine sitting along the beach shoreline and witnessing the glorious sunset with wind in your hair and immense peace in your soul. Well, some of the famous beaches in Karnataka can offer you all this and more. You can do everything your heart desires from taking a stroll to playing a sport and the beaches in Karnataka will kindly oblige! Also, don’t forget to book one of the many good beach resorts in Karnataka to reap the maximum benefits. Reserve your flights to Bangalore, India, and, see it for yourself!

Here are some of the best beaches you must consider –

Virgin Beach

Also known as “Virgin Beach”, Maravanthe Beach is famous for its white sand shore and the unique combination of sea and river!

Kapu Beach

Famous for its red & white striped lighthouse, you can enjoy panoramic views at Kapu Beach while sunbathing at the golden sands!


The soft golden sands of Maple Beach and the cool light breeze of the Arabian Sea act as a fresh breath for your soul.

Other Popular Beaches In Karnataka

Beach NameFamous ForDistance from Main Airport (km)City
Kapu BeachLighthouse, Sunset Views60 km (Mangalore Airport)Udupi
St. Mary’s IslandBasalt Rock Formations76 km (Mangalore Airport)Udupi
Malpe BeachWater Sports66 km (Mangalore Airport)Udupi
MurudeshwarShiva Statue, Temple150 km (Mangalore Airport)Bhatkal
Kudle BeachScenic Beauty150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Om BeachOm Shaped Beach, Sunset150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Tannirbhavi BeachSerene Atmosphere14 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Panambur BeachCleanliness, Activities11 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Maravanthe BeachUnique Coastal Road135 km (Mangalore Airport)Kundapura
Gokarna BeachPilgrimage, Relaxation150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Paradise BeachSecluded Beach150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Kodi BeachPeaceful Retreat150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Murudeshwar BeachScenic Views150 km (Mangalore Airport)Bhatkal
Half Moon BeachCamping, Dolphin Sighting150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Surathkal BeachSurfing21 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Ravindranath Tagore BeachSerene Environment151 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Karwar BeachNature, Sunsets97 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Devbagh BeachWater Sports97 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Sasihithlu BeachCleanliness, Beauty17 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Mattu BeachQuiet Retreat53 km (Mangalore Airport)Udupi
Eco BeachEco-Tourism68 km (Mangalore Airport)Kundapura
Nirvana BeachTranquility150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Mangalore BeachScenic Views13 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Padubidri end point beachSecluded Beach48 km (Mangalore Airport)Udupi
Kasarkod BeachSunset Views151 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Majali Beach VillageFishing, Relaxation93 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Tilimati BeachPristine Beauty150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Someshwara BeachScenic Beauty9 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Ullal BeachFishing, Picnicking22 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Pithrody Udyavar BeachSerenity, Relaxation40 km (Mangalore Airport)Udupi
Apsarakonda BeachWaterfall, Sunset Views151 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Headbandar BeachSecluded Beach150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Koodi Bagh BeachTranquility150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Ottinene BeachPristine Beauty68 km (Mangalore Airport)Kundapura
Ladies’ BeachSecluded Retreat150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Belekan beachFishing, Serenity151 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Someshwar BeachScenic Beauty150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Bhatkal BeachSerenity, Relaxation150 km (Goa Airport)Bhatkal
Binaga BeachTranquil Atmosphere150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Batapady BeachSecluded Beach151 km (Goa Airport)Karwar
Padukere BeachScenic Beauty150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Kaju Bagh BeachSerene Environment150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna
Srirangapatna GhatSpiritual Significance13 km (Mysore Airport)Srirangapatna
Trasi BeachSerene Atmosphere153 km (Goa Airport)Kundapura
Talapady BeachUntouched Beauty20 km (Mangalore Airport)Mangalore
Mahishi BeachNatural Beauty150 km (Goa Airport)Gokarna

Famous Beaches In Other States Of India

Here are some other famous beaches in India worth exploring. Make your trip to India super fun! 

Other Popular Attractions In India 

Must explore other famous tourist attractions in India. Tourism in India will surely take your breath away!

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