Temples in Telangana

Telangana has a pleasing climate with abundant natural resources. The temples in Telangana are rich in cultural diversity and ancient traditions. From the unique architecture of Birla Mandir to the serene atmosphere of Peddamma Temple, all the temples here are not just spiritually significant but also act as a refreshment to the soul. Plan your trip and book your flights to Hyderabad, India, now.

Here are some of the best temples you must consider –

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir- With a unique architectural style, Birla Mandir was built by the Birla Family. Each temple is dedicated to a Hindu deity.

Chilkur Balaji Temple

The Chilkur Balaji Temple is famous among devotees as it is said that people who visit this temple easily get their visa approvals.

Peddamma Temple

Very significant especially during the Bonalu festival, Peddamma Temple has a serene atmosphere perfect for offering prayers.

Other Popular Temples in Telangana

Temple NameFamous ForDistance from Airport (km)City
Alampur Jogulamba TempleGoddess Jogulamba worship, Shakti Peetha215Alampur
Anantha Padmanabha Swamy TempleLord Vishnu worship, architectural beauty40Hyderabad
Balkampet Yellamma TempleGoddess Yellamma worship, cultural significance38Hyderabad
BasaraGnana Saraswati Temple, Saraswati puja225Basara
Beechupally Anjaneya Swamy TempleLord Hanuman worship, spiritual significance190Beechupally
BhadrachalamLord Rama temple, pilgrimage destination230Bhadrachalam
Birla MandirLord Venkateswara and Goddess Lakshmi worship20Hyderabad
Chaya Someswara Swamy TempleLord Shiva temple, historical significance95Panagal
Chilkur Balaji TempleLord Balaji (Venkateswara) worship, Visa Balaji Temple25Hyderabad
Dharmapuri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy TempleLord Lakshmi Narasimha worship, architectural beauty180Dharmapuri
Dichpally RamalayamLord Rama temple, historical significance200Nizamabad
Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani TempleGoddess Durga worship, natural setting110Medak
Gudem Satyanarayana SwamyLord Satyanarayana worship, religious significance175Gudem
Jagannath TempleLord Jagannath worship, cultural significance22Hyderabad
Jainath TempleJain temple, historical significance200Adilabad
Jain MandirJain temple, religious significance15Secunderabad
JamalapuramLord Shiva temple, historical significance120Jamalapuram
Joginatha TempleLord Shiva temple, architectural beauty90Keesaragutta
Kadile PapahareshwarLord Shiva temple, pilgrimage destination105Adilabad
Kaleshwara Mukteswara Swamy TempleLord Shiva temple, religious significance225Kaleshwaram
Kalwa Narsimha Swamy TempleLord Narasimha worship, historical significance85Kalwakurthy
KanteshwarLord Shiva temple, spiritual significance50Mahbubnagar
Karmanghat Hanuman TempleLord Hanuman worship, spiritual significance20Hyderabad
Kasi Visweshwara TempleLord Shiva temple, cultural significance25Secunderabad
Keesaragutta TempleLord Shiva temple, pilgrimage destination40Hyderabad
Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy TempleLord Hanuman worship, pilgrimage destination170Kondagattu
Kotilingeshwara Swamy TempleLord Shiva temple, pilgrimage destination85Kotilingala
Kusumanchi SivalayamLord Shiva temple, architectural beauty180Kusumanchi
Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Nampally GuttaLord Lakshmi Narasimha worship, hilltop temple75Nampally Gutta
Lord Shiva Temple Nallamala ForestLord Shiva temple, nestled in Nallamala forest60Nallamala Forest
Maheshwaram Lord Shiva TempleLord Shiva temple, historical significance10Hyderabad
Maisigandi Maisamma TempleGoddess Maisamma worship, cultural significance190Nizamabad
Mallikarjuna Swamy TempleLord Mallikarjuna worship, pilgrimage destination200Srisailam
Manyamkonda Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Swamy TempleLord Venkateswara worship, hilltop temple115Manyamkonda
Mecca MasjidIslamic architecture, cultural significance25Hyderabad

Famous Temples In Other States Of India

Explore some other famous temples in India and explore their ancient heritage.

Other Popular Attractions In India

Here are some other interesting options for you to explore tourism in India

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