Caves In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is home to many caves, with the most famous being the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. These caves In Maharashtra are ancient rock-cut structures that showcase stunning sculptures, paintings, and architecture, providing a glimpse into India’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore these caves to marvel at their historical significance and artistic beauty. Grab your flight to Mumbai now. 

Here are some of the best caves you must consider –

Ajanta Caves

Carved out of solid rock, Ajanta Caves were made in the 2nd century and are known for their exquisite sculptures & marvels.

Elephanta Caves

Situated on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbor, Elephanta Caves are ancient rock-cut temples devoted mainly to Lord Shiva.

Ellora Caves

This Caves located near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Ellora caves feature a collection of rock-cut temples & monasteries.

Other Popular Caves In Maharashtra

Cave NameFamous ForDistance from Airport (km)Nearest City
Ajanta CavesBuddhist cave temples, ancient paintings400Aurangabad
Ellora CavesHindu, Buddhist, Jain cave temples28Aurangabad
Kanheri CavesBuddhist rock-cut monuments14Mumbai
Elephanta CavesHindu cave temples10Mumbai
Karla CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, large chaitya95Lonavala
Bhaja CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, chaitya95Lonavala
Bedse CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, ancient inscriptions85Lonavala
Lenyadri CavesHindu rock-cut caves, Ganesh temple95Junnar
Pandavleni CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, Hinayana Buddhism180Nashik
Pataleshwar CavesRock-cut cave temple, Hindu sculptures12Pune
Pitalkhora CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, ancient architecture250Aurangabad
Aurangabad CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves10Aurangabad
Mahakali CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, Mahakali temple10Mumbai
Jogeshwari CavesHindu rock-cut caves, Shiva temple10Mumbai
Mandapeshwar CavesHindu rock-cut caves, Shiva temple21Mumbai
Bahrot CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves270Aurangabad
Kharosa CavesHindu rock-cut caves250Aurangabad
Kondana CavesBuddhist rock-cut caves, Stupas95Karjat
Shivthar Ghal CavesNatural cave formations170Mahad
Chambharlena CavesRock-cut caves350Satara

Famous Caves In Other States Of India

Pay a visit to other caves in India to learn about the rich historical past of India. 

  • Caves in Madhya Pradesh
  • Caves in Karnataka
  • Caves in Odisha

Other Popular Attractions In India 

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