Forts in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has numerous forts, each with its own unique history and architectural charm. Some notable ones include Raigad, Sinhagad, and Pratapgad. These forts In Maharashtra played significant roles in Maharashtra’s history, offering stunning views and insights into the region’s past. Book your flights to Maharashtra now to explore!

Here are some of the best forts you must consider –

Gawilghur Fort

An ancient hill fort, Gawilghur Fort is a historical strategic defense post offering great views of the surrounding landscape.

Harihar Fort

A testament to medieval architecture, Harihar Fort is well known for its unique rock-cut steps that were built during the Yadava dynasty.

Kalavantin Durg

The Kalavantin Durg is known for its challenging trekking trail, with steep rock-cut steps. Hence, a perfect choice for adventurers!

Panhala Fort

A historic fortress in Maharashtra, Panhala Fort is known for its stunning location and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape!

Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort offers breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountain range and is a popular pilgrimage site among tourists.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort was strategically important during various battles of Maratha Empire with the Mughals and the British.


Known for its triangular shape, Tikona Fort gets its name from the word ‘Tikona’ meaning ‘triangle’ in Marathi.

Other Popular Forts in Maharashtra

Fort NameFamous ForDistance from Airport (km)City
Sinhagad FortHistorical significance, scenic views30Pune
Rajgad FortTrekking destination, historical significance50Pune
Shivneri FortBirthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, historical significance100Junnar
Tung FortTrekking destination, panoramic views80Lonavala
Pratapgad FortHistorical battles, panoramic views120Mahabaleshwar
Malhargad FortHilltop fort, trekking destination110Saswad
Purandar FortHistorical significance, scenic views75Saswad
Korigad FortHilltop fort, trekking destination85Lonavala
Lohagad FortTrekking destination, historical significance70Lonavala
Ghangad FortHilltop fort, trekking destination95Lonavala
Tikona FortHilltop fort, scenic views70Lonavala
Raigad FortCapital of Maratha Empire, historical significance140Mahad
Shaniwarwada FortHistorical palace, architectural beauty15Pune
Yashwantgad FortCoastal fort, historical significance400Ratnagiri
Sindhudurg FortSea fort, architectural beauty350Malvan
Torna FortHilltop fort, trekking destination60Velhe
Kandhar FortHilltop fort, historical significance400Nanded
Panhala FortHistorical battles, panoramic views375Kolhapur
Vijaydurg FortSea fort, historical battles350Devgad
Rajmachi FortTrekking destination, scenic views90Lonavala
Janjira FortSea fort, historical battles165Murud
Mandangad FortHilltop fort, trekking destination230Mandangad
Daulatabad FortHistorical significance, architectural ruins340Aurangabad
Vasota FortHilltop fort, scenic views250Satara
Harishchandragad FortTrekking destination, historical significance175Ahmednagar
Visapur FortTrekking destination, panoramic views70Lonavala
Suvarnadurg FortSea fort, historical significance350Harnai
Prabalgad FortHilltop fort, trekking destination60Panvel
Vasai FortCoastal fort, historical significance45Vasai
Akola FortHistorical significance, architectural ruins600Akola

Famous Forts In Other States Of India

Get to know about other forts in India and explore them to learn about India’s rich history. 

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