How To Obtain Tourist Visa for USA from India

Tourist Visa to USA from India

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For many people, the United States of America is a destination, either to visit family or for sightseeing. The B2 visa allows citizens of foreign residence to enter the USA. The process of applying for a visa to a foreign country can be stressful. Many are put off just by the prospect of having to apply for a visa upon arrival in a new country. There is a very stringent process involved in obtaining a visitor visa from India to USA. This article tackles many aspects of the B2 Visa that enables people from out of the United States.

Overview of a B2 Visa

The B2 Visa, commonly known as the tourist visa, allows foreign nationals to enter the United States of America for the purpose of tourism or medical treatment. 

Before divulging into knowing everything about B2 Visa, let’s discuss the difference between B1 and B2 visas and is it possible to use a joint B1B2 visa.
The B1 visa is utilized for business purposes and the B2 visa is utilized for recreational purposes like sightseeing. One can use a B1B2 visa together as people do tend to mix business with pleasure. 

The Eligibility Criteria for the B2 Visa

  • For the stated purpose of traveling, the B2 Visa allows foreign nationals to travel to the United States. 
  • The foreign national must have enough financial resources to stay in the United States for the duration of your intended stay. 
  • The foreign national must intend to return to their country of residence and should not have any intention of staying in the U.S. permanently or for a longer period.

Applicants need to be aware of the purpose of a B2 visa which is not suitable for people wishing to visit the United States for business purposes. According to the U.S. Department of State, a visitor visa applicant must be able to prove that they are not entering the USA with the purpose of immigration, rather for a temporary stay. The applicant must be able to prove that their purpose of visiting the country is for a specific period, with sufficient funds to cover the expenses of the trip, and must have a permanent residence and ‘binding ties’ outside the United States that will ensure they leave the country when they are intended to. Applicants should be aware that the B2 visa is unsuitable for those who plan to conduct business in the United States. 

A visitor’s visa applicant must be able to show that they are not planning on staying in the United States permanently but are instead visiting for a reason related to the type of visa they are requesting, according to the US Department of State. They must also be able to demonstrate that they are entering the country for a specific period, have sufficient funds to cover their expenses and have a residence and other ‘binding ties’ outside the United States that will ensure that they leave the country when they are supposed to, in order to be eligible for a B2 visa.

Visa Requirements for B1/B2 Visa Holders

As a B1/B2 visa holder, the applicant is eligible to travel to the United States for a wide range of reasons, which includes both business and tourism. Following are the intended purposes of a B1/B2 visa travel, however, they are not limited to:

  • Organizing business trips to negotiate contracts or attend business meetings. 
  • Attending conferences for subject matter like educational, business-related, or of other professions. 
  • Settling a family members’ estate.
  • Taking part in tourist activities or going on a pleasure trip. 
  • Visiting family.
  • Receiving medical treatment. 
  • Attending concerts or classes, as long as the attendee is not given any payment or credit for their work. 

According to the U.S. Department of State, the B1/B2 visa applicant is not allowed to engage in the following activities such as 

  • Educational purposes
  • Long-term employment by a U.S firm. 
  • Paid performances, or any professional performance in front of an audience that is willing to pay.
  • An aircraft or ship’s crew member’s arrival.
  • Employed as a member of the press in a country other than the United States.
  • Trying to attain permanent residence in the United States.

The holder of a B1/B2 visa can apply for a green card if they wish to as the B1/B2 visa does not grant the permanent resident status as it is a temporary visa. Another thing to note here is that a B1/B2 visa can be issued for not more than 180 days. This visa allows for multiple entries into the United States of America. 

Required Documents Checklist

The following documents are required before the B1/B2 visa applicant begins filling out the B1/B2 Visa Application Form,

  • Passport
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Information about previous international visits

The B1B2 visa India to USA applicant must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months from the proposed date of entry into the United States when they are set to apply for a tourist visa from India to USA. One should also take care of their passport and make sure it is not peeling or tattered. If you don’t meet these requirements, there is a high possibility of your application being rejected. 

Procedure for Obtaining a B2 Visa

If foreign national wishes to visit America for travel, then they must follow the below-mentioned steps:


Download the DS-160 form and fill in the sections concerning the B2 Visa and submit it online. Hereon, you will receive a verification code and a page. 


To process your application, you must pay the visa fee and any insurance expenses that are required. The fee can be paid through money order or a bank transfer. Keep in mind that you will need to include your receipts with your application, so be sure to keep them handy. 


The applicant must be above the age of 14 and below the age of 79 to be eligible for the interview. Although the interview is scheduled at the U.S. Embassy in your home country, it is sometimes possible that due to the workload of the U.S. Embassy, the applicant might need to wait to receive a confirmation letter.


A valid US visa photograph, a valid US passport, the DS-160 form confirmation code, a confirmation page, and the receipts of the paid visa fees are the important documents required. Documents proving the applicant’s intention to return to their country of residence,  a detailed explanation of why the applicant needs to visit the United States, and proof of financial stability.


Your B2 visa application is not complete until you appear in person for your interview. To avoid having to wait a long period for the interview, book an appointment as soon as the DS-160 form is submitted. After you have made an appointment, you can even reschedule or cancel it if needed.

Here are some ways you can meet the interview requirements at the US Embassy:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled visa interview at the US Embassy. 
  • Carry your current and old passports, a recent photograph of yours, the DS-160 bar code confirmation page, and visa application fee receipt. 
  • Additionally, carry documents establishing strong ties to India (country of residence) like income tax returns up to 3 years, employment records, bank statements up to 6 months, and proof of invite to parties or celebrations in the United States, if need be. 

The Cost of a B2 Visa Application

All applicants for a visit visa to USA from India are required to pay a non-refundable fee, this includes children and senior citizens as well. Due to an exchange rate set by the United States government, the application fee for a visit visa from India to USA must be paid in Indian Rupees instead of US Dollars. One can either prefer to get a bank transfer or can pay in cash at approved Axis or Citibank branches across India as preferred modes of payment. 

The B2 Visa India (Visitor visa to USA from India) charges $160 as the application fee, but this does not include the possible insurance costs. There are cases when you might not be required to pay at all, such as if the applicant is working for the U.S. government or visiting the United States for a non-profit event. Also, if the applicant wishes to extend their stay in the United States under the B2 visa itself, they would need to pay $370.

Time Duration Required to Process a B2 Visa

Depending on person to person, the visitor visa USA from India process can take a few weeks for some and a few months for others. It completely depends on the workload the U.S. Embassy has at that time.

The Extension of the B2 Visa

If you wish to stay longer in the United States, you can request for an additional six months of your B1/B2 Visa. A completed I-539 form, photocopy of the I-94 card, evidence of financial stability, passport, and the statement detailing the explanation behind the extension of your stay are required. 

Visa Refusal

The US Embassy and its officials have the authority to issue a visa to the United States to every foreign national. In the event that the Consular is not convinced of your application and the visa application request is denied, then all your documents including your passport will be returned to you. However, as the visa application fee is non-refundable, you won’t get back the money you were charged.

If the applicant wished to re-apply, they would need to fill out a new DS-160 form and pay the visa fee again. The applicant must make sure that they have all the requested documentation while re-applying. However, this let alone won’t guarantee a granted visa to the United States. As mentioned earlier, it completely depends on the US Consulate. 


Some travel to the United States from India for the sole purpose of residing in America, while others stay for a short period for the intended purpose to sightsee, before returning to their country of residence. If your stay is temporary, and you are looking for a handy guide to B1B2 Visa India to the USA, hope this article by MyTicketsToIndia (a leading travel portal) has been of help to you. And once you have the tourist visa for USA from India, we are here to book flight tickets for you.

In addition to flight bookings, MyTicketsToIndia has taken an initiative to help Indians in USA keep their Indianness alive. For that, we have launched Indian Vibes, a sister portal for all those wanting to know the Indian events, happenings, and latest news occurring in USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I eligible to work in the United States on a B1/B2 Visa?

A. No. The B1/B2 visa holder is not allowed to work or be employed in the United States by a US employer if the applicant has entered the USA with the intention to travel or for a business purpose. However, the applicant can apply for an H-1B visa if they wanted to work in the United States.

Q. What popular questions will be asked to B1B2 visa applicants from India during the interview?

A. Here is a few set of popular questions that the U.S. Embassy asks the B1B2 visa India to USA applicant during the interview: 

  • Why are you coming to the United States?
  • Have you been to the United States in the past?
  • Do you have family members in the United States?
  • Who will sponsor your visit to the United States?
  • What does the sponsor do and how much do they earn?
  • What type of US visa has the sponsorer used to enter?

Additionally, the consulate may inquire about your dependents (spouse and children), if you do have any dependents then why are you traveling alone, and they would also enquire about your sound mental and physical health before granting you a visitor visa from India to USA. 

Q. I don’t have a sponsor, however, I want to visit the United States of America on my own. Is there any way I can acquire a visit visa to USA from India for tourism purposes?

A. Although the process is the same, the applicant does not need to submit any sponsor-relating documentation. The most crucial thing is the financial stability of the applicant which will allow him/her to get a visitor visa India to USA.

Q. The validity of my tourist visa from India to USA expires soon (or has already been expired). Is there any way I can renew my visitor visa to USA from India?

A. Non-immigrant US visas like the visitor or tourist visa (B1 B2 Visa), Business Visa, etc must be applied as a fresh application if the visa has expired. There is no such thing called as Visa Renewal that exists. To obtain a visit visa from India to USA, visit the nearest US Embassy/ Consulate and fill out an application. 

Q. Is it possible to convert a B1/B2 tourist visa into a working visa?

A. A non-immigrant visa can surely be obtained if you visit the United States on a B1/B2 visa and later qualify, find an employer who can be your sponsorer, and process a working visa for you. 

Q. Can a visitor visit the United States and travel to other countries from there?

Every country requires a visa to enter. To travel from your country of residence to the United States of America and other countries from there, the applicant must require a multiple entry visa. In general, US visas are valid for 10 years for multiple entries, which visas valid for six months are designated for a single entry. If an ‘M’ is marked on your visa stamp, then you are allowed to enter the country more than once. 

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