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  • Air India Reveals Luxury Amenities & Exclusive Ferragamo Kits Sidakbir Singh Sidakbir Singh posted on Wednesday, Jan 24th, 2024

    On January 18th, 2024, Air India announced various improvements for passengers in all cabin classes on long-haul international flights. These improvements include new luxury packages, an elegant and environmentally friendly bedding update, and new Chinaware, cutlery, and glassware. These modifications are scheduled to be implemented in mid-2024, coinciding with the A350-900’s international commercial operations. Know […]

  • Air India Takes Delivery Of First Former Delta Airlines’ Boeing 777-200LR Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2023

    Air India receives its first former Delta Airlines’ Bowing 777-200LR as part of its fleet improvement and restructuring program. The airline is planning to use the aircraft for ultra-long-haul flights to North America. With this new change, Air India will become the second Indian Airline after Vistara Airways to offer premium economy seats to flyers. AI has renamed its aircraft as Vihaan and will also induct around 30 aircraft over the next few months. These aircraft will join the airline between December and March 2023. For more information and updates, read the piece now!

  • Air India To Invest $400 Million In Cabin Interior Makeover Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2023

    India’s leading airline, Air India is planning to give a complete makeover to its fleet cabin interiors. The airline has committed to spending around $400 million on this refurbishment plan. In a media release, the airline said that this makeover will see the addition of latest generaton seats and amazing onboard entertainment. Now, passengers can also enjoy the Premium Economy Cabin Class on the Bowing 787-8 and the Boeing 777s of Air India with incredible services. This lengthy process, and the time required to manufacture the seats, is expected to lead to the 1st aircraft entering service in mid-2024. For more details, go through this piece now!

  • Flyer’s Pet Dog Refused Entry On Air India Flight At Bengaluru Airport Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Tuesday, Jan 3rd, 2023

    A family with a pet dog at Bengaluru Airport was denied boarding the Air India flight despite the airline’s pet policy. Sachin alleged that despite adhering to the guidelines and after completing all formalities, his 20-month-old toy poodle was refused permission to enter the flight from Bengaluru. It forced them to cancel their entire trip which left them frustrated. The family booked the tickets months earlier after checking multiple airlines and their pet policies. They chose Air Indi being the only Indian Airline with a policy of allowing pets. But, this incident disappointed them. You can check the full story here.

  • Lufthansa Is Interested To Explore More Opportunities With Air India Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Wednesday, Dec 28th, 2022

    Air India is rebuilding itself under the TATA Group with ferocious force and has taken many major steps for the same. Many international airlines are noticing it and approaching Air India for long-term collaboration. Recently, Lufthansa shows its interest in becoming a part of Air India’s expansion story and exploring more opportunities with AI. LH is eyeing a new relationship with AI that could grow into even a joint venture in the future. So, here know why Lufthansa is so excited to expand its partnership with India’s leading airline Air India and what announcement the officials of LH made. Read more!

  • REVEALED: Air India Nears Historic Order For 500 Jets Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Wednesday, Dec 28th, 2022

    Air India, the leading airline of India, is close to making a historic order for up to 500 jetliners from both Airbus and Boeing. The order includes around 400 narrow-body jets and 100 (or more) wide-body jets, including dozens of Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s, and 777s. Even after many expected discounts, the order would be worth tens of billions of dollars. This potential historic order comes days after Tata Group announced the merger of Air India and Vistara, a joint venture with Singapore Airlines, to create a bigger full-service airline brand. Continue reading this blog to get more details about Air India updates,

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