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  • American Airlines Announced LA-Asia Long-Haul Flying Cut Due To High Competition Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Wednesday, Dec 28th, 2022

    American Airlines plans to cut its Los Angeles-Asia long-haul flights because of too much competition in the market. The airline was losing money on its LA-Asia flying before the pandemic because these markets were too competitive. That’s why the airline is more focused on domestic flying which makes its LA-based pilots unhappy. Currently, the airline is operating other long-haul flights from LAX are Tokyo, Sydney, and London. Delta Airlines is now the largest airline at LAX. Know more details and statements made by airline’s officials,

  • Major Update: American Airlines Will Let You Board Earlier From 2023 Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Wednesday, Dec 28th, 2022

    Tired of being stuck in the boarding queue? Don’t worry! American Airlines will be giving you the opportunity to board earlier in 2023. The airline has decided to make these boarding changes after Southwest Airlines announced changes to its unique approach to boarding. The members of American Airlines’ loyal program will soon enjoy new perks introduced by American Airlines in its boarding process. According to the reports, members will only need 15,000 Loyalty Points to board in Group 5, the most preferred boarding, for the membership year. To find out how you can take advantage of this perk in 2023,

  • AA Announced A Controversial Change For Taking Care Of Its Customers. Why? – Know Everything Here Renu Dahiya Renu Dahiya posted on Friday, Dec 23rd, 2022

    American Airlines announced a controversial change in its loyalty program for retaining its best customers. The airline has introduced some great features and levels that will let its best customers enjoy incredible additional perks. After the global pandemic, all the airlines faced big losses and a huge decline in the number of flyers. So, to encourage people to fly, various airlines are finding ways to keep travelers connected to their brands. That’s why American Airlines took this major step to take care of its best customers. The airline is trying something different from its competitors by rewarding travelers along the way, instead of just at set thresholds for earning status. To know everything about this latest update,

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