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What Is The Best Time To Book Cheap Flight Tickets To India

Flights To India

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India is an exotic location that travelers dream of visiting before they die. Several communities belonging to different ethnicity, cultures, and religions peacefully co-exist in India. The secular foundation of this diverse land paves the way for a great number of festivals and celebrations. Something exciting is always happening in India. From the county’s mystical roots to its vivid nightlife, there are many experiences that you undergo on your trip to India. However, before finalizing your itinerary, you should ponder upon the right time to buy flight tickets. Here’s all the information you need about the cheapest months to book airline tickets to India:-

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Major Season For Traveling To India

  • The Peak season  –  June 9 – July 28 & Dec 1 – 27
  • The Off-Season Jan 15 – May 30 & Sep 10 – Nov 1
  • The Intermediate Season – August 5- 30, Nov 10 – Dec 10 & Dec 28 – Jan 30

The Different Seasons

To book cheap flights to India from USA, you must start early. Also, be wary of the fact that flying on certain days is cheaper than flying on others. For instance, ticket prices are generally on the steeper end during weekends. Furthermore, if you decide to travel during the peak season, the higher ticket prices will reflect your choice. There are 3 primary seasons coined per the extent of tourism experienced in each. Quite obviously, flight tickets vary in price for all 3 seasons.

  • The Peak Season:- If you choose to travel to India anytime between the second week of June and the last week of July, you’ll be expected to buy expensive flights to Bangalore. The same will apply if you visit India during December.
  • The Off-Season:- The off-season is a great time to buy cheap flights to Bangalore from the USA. During this period, factors affecting ticket prices align themselves to result in economical ticket prices. This season usually starts around the middle of January and extends until the end of May. Similar patterns in ticket prices are also observed from the 10th of September to the beginning of November.
  • The Intermediate Season:- During this time, ticket prices don’t go to either of the extremes. Flights to Bangalore at this time of the year are neither too cheap nor too expensive. The intermediate season occurs thrice in a year. The first occurrence of this season begins around the 5th of August and extends until the end of the month. Similar trends in ticket fares are observed from the 10th of November to the 10th of December. The final occurrence of this season starts on the 28th of December and goes on until the end of January.

What is the cheapest month to fly?

Statistics point to the fact that buying airline tickets to India has the least impact on your wallet in February. If you book flight tickets well in advance, and for an appropriate day of the week, you can buy the most economical flight tickets to India. So, now if your plans are flexible for the flight booking time, you now know when is the cheapest month to fly.

Booking Flights With Lowest Airfare To India

While February is ticked out as the best time to buy flight tickets in India with respect to the most favorable traveling conditions in an off-season, here are a few more options you could explore for even lower flight booking opportunities. 

The months between July (end) and September, being the peak of an offseason, have shown a significant margin in the flight price drop. Since the monsoon season barely attracts travelers to fly to India, all airlines shower their services with umpteen offers.

The coastal and high altitude mountainous regions aren’t suggested for you to explore as it could be a risky step for the given climate conditions. However, one can always explore the comparatively safer picturesque cities of the country like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, MP.

When Is The Best Time To Book Flight Tickets To India

Booking USA to India flights well in advance is the best practice in order to relish the best flight prices and deals. Needless to say, booking a flight at the last moment can cost you a fortune depending upon the availability and demands of seats. The best time frame to book a flight ticket is at least 3 to 6 weeks prior to the date of departure. A Lot of you might not know, but apart from the time frame there are also cheapest days of the week to fly that could enhance your air travel savings.

Statistics point to the fact that buying airlinetickets to India has the least impact on your wallet in February. If you bookflight tickets well in advance, and for an appropriate day of the week, you canbuy the most economical flight tickets to India.

Note: You can consider booking your flights on mid days of the week like Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesday is considered the cheapest day to fly, you’ll find heavily discounted flight tickets on this day.

What’s the takeaway?

  • February is the cheapest month to fly and book flights
  • Other months when flight tickets are cheap are July(end)-September
  • Other months when flight tickets are cheap are April, May, September, and October.
  • Fares are the highest from the middle of June to the middle of July.
  • Ticket prices from the 12th of December to the 24th of December are also high.

Book Cheapest Flights To India With MyTicketsToIndia

Visiting India is traveling a luscious part of the world with amazingly diverse cultures and experiences without burning a hole in your pocket. Interestingly, each season has so much to offer the visitors to remember. 

However, booking the apt ticket at the right time at a reasonable price could be taxing for an individual. But since that’s the only concern here, MyTicketsToIndia is here to your rescue.
Any requisite information or queries that you may have, we’re just a call away! So, allow us to assist you with your flight booking, sit back and enjoy the leisure of comfortably boarding your future flights from USA to India and back at the best possible price.


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