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Updated List Of Non-Stop Flights Between USA & India

Non-Stop Flights Between USA & India

Posted on Nov 19th, 2021 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated Dec 5th, 2022, 10 comments

With the rise in demand for non-stop flights between USA and India, premium airlines keep trying to grab the larger share of the market. As a result, new non-stop flights are introduced between the two countries, thereby meeting the demand-supply chain.

The Indian diaspora in the USA has been going great guns for the past many years. The way Indian migrants have hustled their way from doing lilliputian jobs to being the CEOs of MNCs in the USA is commendable. Even after all the elbow greasing, one thing that remains the same is the Indian community in the USA booking flights to India in bulk. That’s because the homely feeling that is offered by the motherland can hands-down be offered by none. This has lead to a steep increase in the number of travelers preferring to book non-stop or direct flights from USA to India and back.

But how many non-stop flights are there in total? Which airlines offer non-stop travel? What’s their duration? MyTicketsToIndia, a leading air-ticketing portal headquartered in the USA, is all set to answer these questions. C’mon, let’s take off! 

List Of Non-Stop Flights Between USA and India  

So, non-stop flights are operated by Air India, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines. Ditch the frantic hunt for the non-stop routes and turn to this ready-reckoner to upgrade your travel game!

Note: All these non-stop flights to India from USA also fly to USA from India. 

USA-India Non-Stop Flights Operated by Air India 

USA-India Non-Stop Flights

Air India, the national carrier of India, was the first airline to initiate and bring into operation the workings of non-stop flights to India from USA and back. After this move became the talk of the town, leading to great profits, other airlines entered this market too. However, Air India remains the one to have started the trend of non-stop flights to India and back; thereby etching its name in the history of aviation. Not only this; Air India direct flights to USA are also high in number, giving travelers a great choice. Air India has launched two new routes after their demand rose exponentially. Let’s know the routes (both old and new) in detail.

San Francisco to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (SFO-DEL) 

Launched on 2nd December 2015, Air India was the first to connect DEL and SFO. The non-stop flight reduced the flight time by 6 hours, making it 15h 55m. On receiving the plane in SFO, airport towers were lit with Indian flag colors to welcome the passengers. This marked the beginning of non-stop flights to America from India and back.

Chicago to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (ORD-DEL)

With 14h and 35m as the flight time, Chicago to New Delhi non-stop flights were launched with the aim to connect the two destinations that are used the most by both US and Indian travelers.

Washington to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (IAD-DEL) 

Launched in July 2017, this non-stop route from Washington DC to Delhi gets a fair share of the India-USA traffic and continues to help travelers by having reduced the flight time to 14h 15m. 

New York to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (JFK-DEL) 

Air India owns this route as it was the first carrier in the world to complete the non-stop New York to New Delhi flight with their Boeing 747-300M way back in 1993. Having officially launched in 2018, it continues to be the most popular non-stop route for Indian Americans.

Newark to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (EWR-DEL)

With only 13hr 40m as the flight time, Newark to New Delhi flights came as a sigh of relief for frequent travelers. By launching non-stop flights on this route, Air India locked its horns with United Airlines and the two came into direct competition.

Newark to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights (EWR-BOM) 

After the demand for this route rose, Air India came to the travelers’ rescue and started non-stop flights to America and back. EWR to Mumbai flights takes around 14h 45m to reach the destination.  

Chicago to Hyderabad Non-Stop Flights (ORD-HYD)

The first non-stop flight left Chicago on 13 January 2021 and arrived at Hyderabad on January 15. While the India flight will operate every week on Wednesdays, the return flight will work once every week on Fridays. Because Chicago houses the second-largest Indian-American community, it made non-stop Hyderabad to Chicago flights an instant hit among travelers.

San Francisco to Bengaluru Non-Stop Flights (SFO-BLR)

After announcing the move towards November end in 2020, Air India SFO to BLR flights launched the route in January 2021. With this, the airline made the first-ever nonstop service between the West Coast of the US and the Silicon Valley of India. As of now, the flights to America and back on this route will operate twice weekly till March 2021. Because this route comes across as the gateway to South India, Air India is likely to continue serving this route throughout 2021 and maybe beyond. The SFO-BLR non-stop route is the longest route that AI operates. “This route, at this point in time, will be third in the ranking for longest routes operated by all carriers,” a United spokesperson recently said. While it was suspended because of the Russia-Ukraine war, the SFO-BLR route will resume from 2 Dec 2022.

USA to India Non-Stop Flights Operated by United

USA to India Non-Stop Flights

San Francisco to Delhi Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines (SFO-DEL) 

Launched in 2019, SFO to DEL flights spoilt the travels for choice as they now have two options to consider for their travel. Taking 15h 55m as the flight time, this route has helped reduce the travel time considerably when compared to direct flights on this route. 

Newark to Delhi Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines (EWR-DEL) 

In direct competition with Air India, United Airlines EWR to DEL offers non-stop travel and completes the journey in 14h which is around 20 mins more than what the former takes. Even though Air India is the first choice of travelers, United is working hard to enter that domain. 

Newark to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines (EWR-BOM)

The same clash happens in this case. The only difference, however, is that the United Newark to Mumbai flights take almost the same time to reach the destination as taken by the former. With two airlines working on the same route, the popularity of the route is pretty evident.   

Chicago to Delhi Non-Stop Flights by United (ORD-DEL)

Among the three new non-stop flights from USA to India, Chicago to Delhi flights is the only one launched by United Airlines on 10 December 2020. “United will be the first US carrier to provide nonstop service from Bengaluru to the US and will offer more nonstop services from India than any other US airline,” Harvinder Singh (United country manager) said in a statement.

USA-India Non-Stop Flights Operated by Delta

USA-India Non-Stop Flights Operated by Delta

New York to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights by Delta Airlines (JFK-BOM)

Delta launched its first-ever non-stop travel from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Mumbai beginning 22 Dec 2019. New York to Mumbai flights establish a link between the financial capitals of two large trade partners and boosts competition, choice, and options for customers traveling between the United States and India.

“Delta’s nonstop service between New York and Mumbai is the latest example of our international growth as we strive to connect the world better than any other airline,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s Chief Executive Officer. “This route would not be possible without the administration’s ongoing efforts to enforce fair competition in international travel, ensuring that consumers enjoy a wide range of choices when they book flights to America from India and back.”

However, this route has now been suspended indefinitely as it hasn’t operated post-COVID.

USA to India Non-Stop Flights Operated by American Airlines

New York to Delhi Non-Stop Flights by American Airlines (JFK-DEL) – New Route

American Airlines launched its non-stop flights from New York to Delhi on 12 November 2021. It was almost after a decade since American Airlines terminated its non-stop flight operations from Chicago to Delhi in 2012. AA uses the stellar 304-seater Boeing 777 on this route that has 8 first-class and 52 business-class lay-flat seats, 28 premium recliner seats, and 216 cabin seats. American Airlines will fly daily on this route. The flight schedule will be as follows –

FlightDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr.TimeEQPFrequency
AA 292JFK18:51DEL20:30777-2Daily

To Be Launched | Non-Stop USA-India Flights

 Non-Stop USA-India Flights

Non-stop flights between USA and India have only been operated from/to Delhi and Mumbai. Bangalore has long been left behind. Some airlines are, thus, trying to tap into this market to fulfill the demands of the passengers. Meanwhile, you can gather information regarding how and where to get passport photos near you if you have been delaying your travel plans because of the long flight duration. This is so you can renew your passport or help take the kids of the family to India for the first time.

Some non-stop routes that airlines will launch soon are as follows- 

  • San Francisco to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights by Air India (15 December 2022)
  • New York to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights by Air India (14 February 2023)
  • San Francisco to Bangalore Non-Stop Flights by United(28 May 2022, Launch Delayed)
  • Seattle to Bengaluru Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines – (No official date released yet)
  • Seattle to Bengaluru Non-Stop Flights by American Airlines – (March 2022, Launch Delayed)

San Francisco to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights (SFO-BOM)

Air India’s tweet read, “Fly direct from Mumbai to San Francisco, thrice a week, starting 15th December 2022, with round-trip fares from ₹1,02,837/- First. Fastest. Non-stop.” Know more about the launch of SFO-BOM non-stop flights here. Prior to this, San Francisco to Mumbai flights were connecting flights only.

New York to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights (JFK-BOM)

Air India has only been operating one-stop flights from New York to Mumbai as of now. There were no operational routes but this will change on 14 February 2023. To know more detail, you can check here.

San Francisco to Bangalore Non-Stop by United (SFO-BLR)

United Airlines launched the plan of operating daily San Francisco to Bangalore flights in September 2020. The route was likely to go live on 6 May 2021 but got delayed since the demand took a hit following COVID-19 travel restrictions. Then, a new update came stating that the flight route will start operating on a daily basis from 28 May 2022. However, even that has been delayed now. No new information has been shared regarding the same.

Seattle to Bangalore Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines

United Airlines launched the plan of operating daily non-stop Seattle to Bangalore flights in February 2020. The route was supposed to go live by October 2020 but was postponed due to COVID-19. It is now expected to go live in 2022. Boeing 787-9 is anticipated to be used for this purpose. 

Seattle to Bengaluru Non-Stop Flights by American Airlines

American Airlines is also in the process of connecting Seattle to Bengaluru and back non-stop. It first announced its launch back in February 2020. Later, due to COVID-19, it was delayed and was scheduled for March 2022. However, now, it has been delayed further.

book flights to India

Connecting Flights To India From USA


Q: Are non-stop flights different from direct flights from USA to India?

Ans: Yes. There is indeed a difference between non-stop and direct flights. Non-stop flights take you to the destination without making any stops. On the other hand, direct flights take 1-2 stops without the flight number changing. In other words, a passenger can keep sitting in the plane when it takes a halt while other passengers deboard.

Q: Do direct flights to India operate from USA?

Ans: Yes, there are plenty of direct USA to Delhi flights, India that fly from USA and also direct flights from India to USA. 

Q: What is the time difference between India and USA?

Ans: USA has 9 different time zones while India has only one. The exact time difference between India and USA depends on which part of USA you travel to. For instance: India is ahead of Washington by 10 hours and 30 minutes. However, during Daylight Saving Time (DST), which begins in mid-March and ends in mid-November, the time difference reduces to 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Q: How much do US to India direct flights cost?

Ans: Direct flights from USA to India are a bit cheaper than non-stop flights as the latter flies without any stops. If a non-stop flight costs $700, then a direct flight will cost somewhere around $640. 

Q: What is the average flight time to India from USA?

Ans: The average flight time that non-stop flights to India take is between 14 to 17 hours. The route is 7 to 9 hours shorter than direct and connecting flights take. 

Q: What is the best airline for non-stop and direct flights to India or from India?

Ans: Air India direct flights to USA from India or back are the best as it has more leg space, more baggage allowance, and lesser prices.

Q: Do non-stop flights from New York to Mumbai operate?

Ans: Effective 7th December 2018, Air India did fly non-stop from Mumbai to New York and back thrice a week but the route was shut shortly after.

New York to Mumbai Non-Stop Flights

Have we answered all your questions?

No? Well, ask us in the comments and we’ll get back to you at the speed of light.

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