Major Update: American Airlines Will Let You Board Earlier From 2023

American Airlines Will Let You Board Earlier From 2023

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Have you ever been stuck in the boarding queue and watched as passengers with lower boarding numbers get on board before you? It’s a frustrating experience, especially when you’re trying to get settled in and find a space for your carry-on. If you fly with American Airlines, you’ll be all too familiar with the nine boarding groups (10 if you count pre-boarding). The lower the number, the earlier you board, but if you’ve been assigned a higher number, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a long wait before take-off.

American Airlines has made a major update that you definitely want to take advantage of. From 2023, the airline will let their passengers board earlier. Know more about this major update here – 

Major Update Made By American Airlines 

Starting in 2023, American Airlines will be offering a new perk that will enable passengers to board earlier than their assigned group. The airline is introducing a points-based system, where passengers can use their AAdvantage miles to purchase an EarlyBird Check-in, which will allow them to board up to 30 minutes earlier than their assigned group. So now, instead of having to wait until the very end of the boarding process, you can get on board the plane quickly and easily. This is great news for frequent flyers who rely on American Airlines for their business and leisure travel.

But, it’s not just frequent flyers who can benefit from this new perk. Passengers who don’t have as many AAdvantage miles can still purchase an EarlyBird Check-in if they choose to. This allows everyone to move ahead in the boarding queue, regardless of their AAdvantage status. The EarlyBird Check-in is just one example of how American Airlines is looking to make the boarding process as efficient and comfortable as possible. Passengers can also use their mobile phones to board the plane, reducing the need to queue up with a paper boarding pass.

It’s clear that American Airlines is dedicated to improving the customer experience, and the introduction of the EarlyBird Check-in is just one of the ways the airline is hoping to make the boarding process smoother, faster, and more comfortable.

Note – You can check our detailed guide to American Airlines check-in policy to get complete information. 

American Airlines Announced Changes In Its Boarding Process

American Airlines has announced changes to its boarding procedure, following in the footsteps of Southwest Airlines, which recently altered its well-known boarding process. Passengers will now be assigned a boarding group and position that will indicate the order and place in which to line up for boarding. With these changes, American Airlines hopes to make the boarding process smoother and more efficient for all passengers.

Travelers with children often find it difficult to pick their seats when boarding a plane. While some travelers may prefer this method, it can become more complicated when traveling with children. To make the process easier, it’s important to plan ahead and book your seats in advance to ensure that everyone is seated together and comfortably.

Providing families with young children the opportunity to board their flights together is important to Southwest. That’s why the airline is now testing a system that allows families with kids under the age of six to board before group A, regardless of the letter on their boarding pass – no matter where they are in the line! This way, families can find seats together quickly and easily and start their journey with peace of mind. 

Travelers Signed Up For AAdvantage Can Board Earlier

  • Sign up for AAdvantage, American Airlines’ loyalty program, and enjoy new perks when the boarding process begins. Members will now only need 15,000 Loyalty Points to be in Group 5 (preferred boarding) for the membership year. That means only four groups will be ahead of you, making it easier than ever to board your flight. With several other updates to the free program, AAdvantage is the perfect way to get the most out of your next flight.
  • Boarding in Group 5 not only gets you on the plane faster, but also offers you an upgraded experience with extra legroom, complimentary snacks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages, as well as free movies and TV – all courtesy of NerdWallet. So why wait? Get onboard with Group 5 and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable journey!
  • The new Loyalty Point Reward system (formerly known as Loyalty Choice Rewards) kicks off in March 2023, offering rewards and benefits that go beyond upgrading your boarding group. With the new incentive, you can enjoy a host of exclusive rewards, such as discounts on airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, and much more. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing loyalty program to maximize your travel experience!
  • When you reach 15,000 Loyalty Points, you get to choose between two rewards: priority check-in, priority security, and Group 4 boarding for one of your trips, or five coupons to select your preferred seats. These “preferred” seats are usually located at the front of the economy cabin, giving you a front-row view of the journey ahead – without compromising on legroom.
  • Become a member of American Airlines and start earning Loyalty Points based on the price of your ticket, per USA Today. With a sliding scale used to calculate the actual amount, depending on your member status, the more you fly, the more you earn. Plus, you can get even more points when you buy products from one of the airline’s partners or by using an American Airlines co-branded MasterCard. And, once you reach a certain level, you stay there–no need to cash in your points for a reward! Start taking advantage of your hard-earned points today.
  • Think of loyalty points as an ever-accumulating currency throughout the year. With the AAdvantage loyalty program, you never have to spend them; instead, once you reach one of our reward thresholds, you unlock an exclusive benefit or choice! Heather Samp, AAdvantage managing director, says it’s like unlocking a hidden treasure of rewards. So start saving your loyalty points—it’s like collecting coins that can open up a world of rewards!

So, ready to take advantage of this major update of the boarding process by American Airlines? Enjoy amazing perks with these new changes!

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