Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane? – Here’s Everything To Know

Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane

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Booked a long-haul international flight? Worried about how will you survive your long journey on a plane? Just pack smartly and don’t forget to carry your wireless earbuds! You might agree that earbuds are probably the most important gadget any traveler needs. But, are you confused about whether can you use Bluetooth on a plane? Don’t worry! Here, with our handy guide, we will clear all your doubts and answer all your questions so that you can plan your journey accordingly. Let’s get started!

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane?

The answer to this question is ‘partially yes’. Some airlines may allow you to use Bluetooth wireless headphones during the flights while others have very strict restrictions. If you want to be extra safe, always remember to turn your Bluetooth off during takeoff, landing, and taxiing. Also, the device you are connecting with needs to be in flight mode during the entire journey.

While Bluetooth is actually quite safe and the recent aircraft is designed to use Bluetooth technology, it can present a risk to older aircraft models. This is why some airlines continue to control Bluetooth devices. Some airlines have even banned wireless headsets primarily for safety reasons. Through this act, they wish to prevent situations where travelers are helpless and caught in potentially hazardous situations. For example, various airlines forbid the use of noise-canceling earphones since the wearer may be unable to hear instructions that could save their lives in an emergency. 

Why Is The Use of Bluetooth Headphones On Flights Controversial?

Bluetooth wireless technology or transmitting portable electronic devices make use of wi-fi, short radio transmitters, or high frequency to send or receive data. That’s why all these devices can interfere with communication and navigation systems and also cause instrument display malfunction. Many passengers carry such devices with various power levels, so it is difficult to officially say the actual effect of these electronic devices after several studies to assess the use of Bluetooth or electronic devices while in a plane. 

But, to be on the safe side, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bans the use of cell phones without placing them in flight mode and also the use of some wireless electronic devices. But, are there any exceptions to this ban? Or, do all the airlines adhere to the FAA rules regarding Bluetooth devices? Let’s know about the same in the section below. 

How To Use Bluetooth In Airplane Mode?

If you’re exploring in-flight entertainment, you will have to plug into the airline’s connection capabilities either through their provided wi-fi or through an adapter for analog signal conversion. If you’re flying with an airline that offers in-flight Wi-Fi, you can simply use your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth to connect to the airline’s streaming content. Devices in flight mode won’t hinder your Bluetooth connection if you have a Bluetooth transmitter and adapter. 

If you need to connect through an audio jack, you should have a converter  for a two-pin port or an appropriate audio for the single jack ports. Follow the below-mentioned simple steps – 

  • Make sure your adapter is fully charged.
  • To engage pairing, do a long press of the button.
  • Put your headsets into pairing mode.
  • Wait until the blinking lights have synced properly.
  • Then, plug in your adapter and you are connected. 

You may need to turn off the Bluetooth on your phone or laptop to avoid your headsets trying to connect to them instead of the in-flight entertainment. 

Rules Of Various Airlines Regarding The Use Of Bluetooth Devices

Besides, there is a global FAA rule banning some Bluetooth or electronic devices, different airlines have their own list of rules that disallow or support the use of Bluetooth earbuds on a flight. Here’s a list explaining the popular airlines that allow the use of wireless headsets. 

  • Delta Airlines – Delta Airlines is one of the popular airlines in the USA that offer their passengers the opportunity to watch their favorite shows & movies and listen to their favorite music using wireless in-ear headphones. But, travelers are not allowed to use their Bluetooth or wireless headphones/devices without putting them on flight mode. You can check our complete guide on Delta in-flight Wi-fi here.  
  • Air India – Air India allows their flyers to make use of Bluetooth headphones but with some exceptions such as you can only use the wireless earbuds when the aircraft reaches at least 10,000 feet and the battery of your Bluetooth earbuds should be removable. Also, you can use your Bluetooth device only in those planes equipped with wi-fi. 
  • Lufthansa – Lufthansa allows their passengers to make use of their wireless Bluetooth headphones/devices during the entire flight. It means you can use your Bluetooth wireless earbud to listen to your favorite music during takeoff and landing. 
  • United Airlines – You can use Bluetooth devices in airplane mode at any time on United Airlines flights operating within the USA. On flights between the US and international locations, the use of Bluetooth devices is not permitted during takeoff and landing. And, outside of the USA, you can use such devices only above 10,000 feet. If you want to know about United Airlines in-flight Wifi, check out our guide here. 
  • British Airways – British Airways gives their flyers the opportunity to use Bluetooth wireless headphones while flying but not while the aircraft is in takeoff, landing, or taxing. 
  • Spirit Airlines – Spirit Airlines is a Bluetooth-friendly airline. It allows small devices, less than 2 lbs, that can be used during all phases of the flight, including taxi, takeoff, and landing. Larger devices, such as laptops, can only be used above 10,000 feet after flight attendants announce it is safe to use them. All the flights operating outside of the US such as Chicago to Delhi flights, do not allow PED use below 10,000 feet. 


So, the answer to your question ‘can I use Bluetooth headphones on a plane?’ is ‘yes’. You can use wireless Bluetooth headphones on airplanes. However, you need to check what airlines you are traveling with allow. As long as your Bluetooth device is set to flight mode and you are not transmitting any data while in flight, you should be able to enjoy your music without any hassle. So, don’t let the fear of breaking the airlines’ rules keep you from enjoying your flight journey. Just grab a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones and start streaming your favorite tunes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use AirPods on a plane?

A: Yes, you can use your AirPods on a plane. The FAA has agreed to allow the use of Bluetooth accessories, such as AirPods, on airplanes. 

Q: How do you connect wireless headphones on a plane? 

A: You can find a 3.5mm headphone jack located in the armrest of in-flight entertainment systems. You have to attach your Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone jack and link it to your headphones. 

Q: What type of headphones can I use on a flight?

A: Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are permitted on flights. But, during takeoff and landing, you’ll probably need to switch them off. It is recommended to carry a pair of wired headphones on hand too, as some airlines do not allow wireless headphones during these hours. 

That is almost everything you need to know about using Bluetooth headphones on planes. For more such informative blogs, do check out our website and read some amazing blogs and the latest travel news. 

We hope you find your answer to ‘can you use Bluetooth on a plane’. If you still have any doubts, do let us know in the comments below. Our team of travel experts, at MyTicketsToIndia, will be happy to answer all your questions. 


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