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With the increasing number of portals offering international flight tickets, the competition is ever increasing. Because of these portals and websites, booking your flight tickets is easier than ever. But, is it? When traveling to the Business capital of India, Mumbai you will get hundreds of Mumbai flight ticket options over the internet. But how do you know which is the best option? While planning your travel is a tough task, finding those cheap flights to Mumbai from USA can be even more difficult.So, to help you find the best Mumbai flight tickets and get you the best deals, we, at My Tickets To India have a team of professional ticket consultants working tirelessly to find those cheap flights to Mumbai from USA. Our team works 24/7 to scan through hundreds of offerings and based on your requirements, find you the best results. When planning your trip or looking for Mumbai flight tickets, get in touch with us and let us find you the best travel options.

But is there a right time to book that Mumbai flight ticket? How early should you click that book button to get cheap flights to Mumbai from USA? Well, let’s find out! But before we get to it let us look at the top three reasons to visit Mumbai in the first place.

Sight Seeing through the city: Mumbai is a beautiful city and is the perfect tourist destination. The city is full of places to visit. From Juhu Chowpati and Aksa Beach to Marine Drive and Bandstand the city has some amazing views to offer to the fellow tourists. You can also visit the Gateway of India, a historical monument standing tall by the seashore. It was the port of entry for trade during the British era and is now a major tourist attraction. From the Gateway, you can take a ferry and visit the Elephanta caves for a guided tour. Apart from these, Mumbai has Essel World and Imagica amusement park which is the perfect getaway for a day out.

The perfect shopping destination: Mumbai is also home to some of the best street shopping markets in the country. The city is full of people from all walks and societies of life and Mumbai has something to offer for everyone. From high-end malls and shopping centers to small crowded by-lanes of town, one can shop anywhere. Some of the most popular shopping destinations are Colaba Causeway in South Mumbai, Linking Road in Bandra, Fashion Street in Marine lines and Crawford Market in South Mumbai. These markets offer everything one can imagine from the latest technology rip-offs and gadgets to fashion and accessories. Crawford is especially famous for its herbs and local delicacy ingredients.

A foodie’s paradise: Mumbai is not only good for shopping and sight-seeing but also happens to be one of the best places for any food lover. From street food to exquisite cuisines, the city has it all. You can stroll through the chaat shops at the Juhu Chowpaty or you can visit the numerous ‘Khao Galis’ which are famous for offering amazing food. The city offers a variety of delicacies including Mughlai, North India, and Maharashtrian food.

Booking your tickets 54 days in advance: Is it a fact or a myth?

There has been a lot of research and study on the ticket pricing and how the prices for airlines vary based on supply and demand. One of these recent studies was conducted for over 4 million bookings. In this, the team kept an eye on the fares for a range of 300 to 15 days before departure and found some surprising results.

But before we get to these results, we need to understand that the best time to book a flight ticket is 54 days in advance. While the number is not accurate 100% of the time, 54 days is the average time and chances are you will get the best fares during this time. Now let’s look at some other findings.

  1. The best time, also known as the ‘prime window’ to book your Mumbai flight ticket is 121 to 21 days in advance from the date of travel. This period saw a maximum decline in ticket fares and a minimum rise in the same. Chances are that you will find the best offers during this period.
  2. Last-minute ticket bookings are the most expensive options and should be avoided if you are planning to save some money.
  3. Looking for cheap flights to Mumbai from USA is a bad idea any time before 225 days of travel. This is because the fares before that period are higher and booking the tickets then might deny the passengers any discounts or falls in the future. The prices start a declining post this period and are the lowest around 54 days from departure.
  4. The research also busts a well-known myth that during this period, there is no specific day to get cheap tickets. All days offer more or less the same prices.
  5. The research also pointed out an exception in the travel trends. During your travels in the holiday season, the 54-day rule is not applicable. Tickets will be more expensive than usual during peak travel days such as Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving. So, you should not wait during this period and advisably book your tickets up to six months in advance during holiday travel.

While there are continuous studies on how one can get cheaper flight tickets and everyone is trying to hack the code, it isn’t always possible. Thus, we advise our clients to let us worry about the cheap flights to Mumbai from USA and travel worry-free.

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