What Is A Red Eye Flight And Benefits of Opting For Red Eye Flights?

Red-Eye Flights

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If you are a business traveler or want to save big on your flight booking, a red eye flight is indeed the best option for you.  The demand for red-eye flights is increasing constantly as airlines are keen towards operating the flights at the night, which allows travelers to avoid rush hour heavy traffic. So, let’s know more about a red eye flight, its pros and cons, and tips on how can you prepare to survive a red eye flight? 

What Is A Red Eye Flight?

A red eye flight is a late-night flight that leaves at night (around 9 PM) and arrives at the destination early the next morning between 5 AM or 6 AM. The term “Red Eye” indicates the red eyes of sleep-deprived travelers. Travelers taking a red eye flight do not have to deal with peak hours hefty traffic on their way to the airport or when entering the city. 

Top Tips To Grab Cheap Red Eye Flights

  • Reserve your flights at least one month before your intended travel date. 
  • Redeem your reward points to save big on your red eye flight tickets.
  • Choose to book with local or budget airlines instead of other premium airlines.
  • Use incognito mode while looking for a red eye flight to avoid price hikes. 
  • Prefer to buy direct red eye flight tickets to save more on your flight booking.

Benefits Of Red Eye Flights

  1. Save more money – If you wish to save more money on your flight ticket booking, then go for a red eye flight. These are usually the cheapest flights you can find because they are less desirable overall.
  2. Less noisy airport – You’ll find a less noisy or less crowded airport at night, as the red-eye flights are often the last ones out each day. This will save your time as there’ll be shorter check-in queues. 
  3. Avoid rush hour hefty traffic – Booking a red eye flight can help you to avoid peak hour on-road traffic while commuting to the departure airport and entering the destination city from the arrival airport.
  4. Low probability of delays – The overnight flights are mostly punctual due to less air traffic because airlines don’t operate as many flights at night. This means that there are fewer possibilities of delays.  
  5. Get an extra day to explore – With a red eye flight, don’t waste a day of your trip as you’ll land at your destination city early in the morning with a full day ahead of you to explore more.
  6. Select your favorite seat – These flights are frequently less crowded and have empty seats because they travel during off-peak hours. So, travelers have more chances of getting the seats they want.  

Drawbacks of Red Eye Flights

  • Poor Rest – It is quite difficult to relax our bodies on late-night aircraft as resting on a flight is not as satisfactory as at home. It will become even worse if you are on the same flight with kids causing tantrums. 
  • Lesser Flights options – You’ll find fewer flight options as the number of flights operating at night is lesser than in the daytime. Before booking your flight, don’t forget to check whether that airline offers overnight flights. 
  • Sleepless night – The biggest drawback of red-eye flights is that there’s a complication trying to sleep on a late-night flight. You may feel tired and restless the next day due to disturbed and uncomfortable sleep in flight.

Given all the benefits and drawbacks, it can be concluded that if you want to save more time and money on your flight tickets, then a red eye flight is the best option. 

How To Prepare Yourself For A Red-Eye Flights?

  • Try to book the earliest flight available so that you’ll get more time the next day and take some rest before starting your day.
  • Always bring an inflatable travel pillow with you on your overnight flight for comfortable sleep and flight journey.
  • Remember to bring your earplugs or headphones with you. Noise is the worst enemy of sleep and planes are very noisy sometimes.
  • Choose your seat carefully, research the seat map before selecting the one. Try to take a seat beside the window for a comfortable journey.
  • Don’t forget to pack your toiletry kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, comb, lip balm, and mouthwash.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for the flight such as weak comfy socks, and loose and breathable t-shirts. And, bring a jacket or sweater with you to stay warm while you sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it called a red eye flight?

Ans:  Late night flight is nicknamed red eye flight because travelers who are not used to traveling at night may experience red, bloodshot eyes due to the night-time voyage.

Q: Are red eye flights cheaper?

Ans: Yes, red-eye flights are much cheaper than the regular ones on the same route. It is because of the late-night departure or early morning arrival of the flight. 

Q: What are the popular airlines that operate red-eye flights?

Ans: Some of the popular airlines that provide red-eye flights to a variety of destinations are Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. 

Q: Is it better to take a red eye flight?

Ans: It completely depends on the purpose of your travel. If you are a business traveler who does not want to miss a working day, then a red eye plane ticket is the most preferable option for you. Late night flights are also preferred by travelers who don’t mind flying late at night and want to save more on their flight tickets.

Q: Is it common for a red eye flight to have empty seats?

Ans: Yes, red-eye flights are less crowded and have empty seats because these flights travel at odd times. 

Q: What are the most popular red eye flight routes and destinations?

Ans: Most of the overnight flight routes are between the East and West coasts of the USA. Some of the popular destinations are Miami, Cancun, Las Vegas, Dallas, and many more. 

Q: How to book a red eye flight?

Ans: You can find red-eye flight tickets on various airline websites and compare them to get the cheapest one. With our team of travel experts at MyTicketsToIndia, you’ll get proper help in booking the cheapest red-eye airline tickets to your preferred destinations. We do our best to make the flight journey of our customers comfortable and budget-friendly. 


Still haven’t found cheap red-eye flights as per your preferences? Don’t worry, at MyTicketsToIndia, you’ll find amazing deals on red-eye flight tickets to your favorite destinations. Our experienced travel experts will help you to bag the best yet cheapest overnight flights and answer all your queries in detail 24*7. 

We are one of the best flight booking agencies that provide great deals on cheap plane tickets to India and vice versa whether it’s last-minute flights or late-night flights. So, contact us now to book the one for you at the lowest possible airfares. 

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