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AA In-Flight Wifi Services – Here’s What You Need To Know

AA In-Flight Wifi

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Worried about your work or clinching important deals while flying? If yes, then you should consider flying with American Airlines. Nearly all domestic and international American Airlines flights have wifi facility. Whether you’re looking to stay connected for work or keep in touch with family and friends, AA in flight wifi facility has you covered. Wifi speed on AA flights is approximately 500 to 600 kbps per second for individual users for downloads and 250 to 300 kbps per second for uploads. 

So, if you are looking to book your flights with American Airlines, then skim through this blog and know everything about the AA in-flight wifi services, plans, & connectivity. 

Internet/Wifi Access On American Airlines Flights

American Airlines offers in-flight wifi on almost every flight, making it easy to stay connected while you’re in the air. Flyers can get satellite-based in-flight wifi provided by either Gogo, Viasat, or Panasonic, depending on the particular aircraft booked. It provides both free and paid wifi for both domestic and international flights.  Let’s know about the same in detail below – 

Free American Airlines In-Flight Wifi

Free AA in-flight wifi services will let you access only the inflight entertainment section for free using the preinstalled American Airlines app.  Delta’s free in-flight wifi services are the best in the industry, you can send basic text messages without buying a particular paid wifi plan. 

On American Airlines flights, for internet facilities like chatting, email, and browsing, you have to purchase the subscription plan of AA wifi. The paid packages of American Airlines let you surf the internet while flying. 

Paid American Airlines In-Flight Wifi

Passengers flying with American Airlines can purchase Wifi services ahead of time for travel on domestic flights, as well as onboard for both domestic and international flights. While flying with American Airlines, you can surf the internet by purchasing a suitable paid package or plan. With a variety of pricing options, select the right subscription plan for your needs. 

For domestic flights of AA, both pre-flight and onboard wifi packages are available. For international flights, you can only purchase onboard. You will have three options to purchase the subscription plan of your choice. You can visit the web pages of the service providers – Gogo, Viasat, or Panasonic. Gogo and Viasat wifi is mostly used for domestic flights while Panasonic wifi is used on international flights. Below-mentioned are the plans offered on AA domestic and international flights – 

Gogo: Wifi plans on domestic routes for flyers using Gogo are as follows – 

  • Monthly American Airlines Plan for one device – $49.95 + tax
  • Monthly American Airlines Plan for two devices – $59.95 + tax

Viasat – Wifi plans on domestic routes for flyers using Viasat are as follows – 

  • One-hour Plan – $12.00
  • Full-flight – $16.00

Panasonic – Wifi plans on domestic routes for flyers using Panasonic are as follows – 

  • Tow-hour Plan – $12.00
  • Four-hour Plan – $17.00
  • Full-flight Plan – $19.00

Note – Monthly subscription plan of AA renews automatically. But, if you’d like to use it for a limited time, set up a reminder to cancel the plan, or be prepared to find an unwanted charge on your credit card settlement.

Onboard American Airlines Wifi Plan

On most of the flights, American Airlines use Gogo inflight wifi services. Packages for the same are available for purchase once you are on board, on both domestic as well as international flights. Charges for different onboard wifi plans are mentioned below – 

  • Two hours of internet access – $12.00
  • Four hours of internet access – $17.00
  • Internet access for the length of the flight – $19.00

How To Connect Wifi In American Airlines Flight?

To connect to the wifi on AA flights, make sure that you have a wifi-enabled device and also that the aircraft you are on has a wifi connection. Follow the below-mentioned step-wise procedure to connect AA wifi – 

  • Firstly, set your mobile device to airplane mode. 
  • Turn on your device’s wi-fi.
  • Join the ‘AA-Inflight’ hotspot from the list of available wifi networks.
  • Then, you will get redirected to the central wifi portal of AA.
  • If you are unable to connect this way, go to your device browser and search ‘’.
  • If you are an AAdvantage Member, select ‘Get online’ and log in with your AAdvantage number and password. 
  • For non-members, select the wifi plan of your choice to purchase as a guest and enjoy browsing. 

In-flight Wifi Service Providers On American Airlines Flights

Let’s take a look at the list of AA aircraft installed with wifi service and their various service providers – 

Wi-Fi Service ProvidersNumber Of Wifi Equipped AA Airplane
Gogo93 – Airbus A319; 5 – Airbus A319; 48 – Airbus A320; 5 – Boeing 757
Viasat15 – Airbus A330-200; 9 – Airbus A330-300; 20 – Boeing 787-8; 47 – Boeing 777-200; 21 – Boeing 767-300; 20 – Boeing 777-300ER; 24 – Boeing 757-200; 22 – Boeing 787-9; 47 – Boeing 772
Panasonic32 – Airbus A319; 219 Airbus A321; 6 – Airbus A321neo; 303 Boeing 737-800; 24 – Boeing 737MAX

Compatible Devices For AA In-Flight Wifi

You can use any WiFi-enabled device to connect to AA in-flight wifi/internet including laptops, tablets, and smartphones (both Android and Apple).  Flyers can use American Airlines in-flight wifi or internet on any of the below-mentioned browsers – 

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Windows Explorer
  • Safari 

American Airlines Wifi Customer Support Details 

You can contact the AA inflight customer support team via call, email, or live chat to talk about the wifi services or any other issues. Here are the details – 

AA inflight Phone Number: 844-994-4646

AA inflight Live chat at: 

AA inflight email address: 

Also, you can directly call the third-party service providers. Below mentioned are the details of their customer support cells – 

Gogo Customer Support 

Phone Number: 1-877-350-0038


Panasonic Customer Support

Phone Number: 1-866-924-3715


Viasat Customer Support

Phone Number: 1-888-649-6711


With flight operations of more than 6400 flights per day to nearly 350 domestic and international destinations all over the world, American Airlines makes sure that the fly experience onboard is never compromised. Passengers flying with American Airlines can use AA wifi to stream their favorite movies, use messaging apps, or do online shopping during the flight. Compared to other airlines, AA has a high percentage of its fleet that is already equipped with high-speed wifi. Also, the airline commits to having speedier, satellite-based wifi on all its aircraft (domestic and international) in the upcoming years. 

American Airlines is very dependable in terms of quality and speed of internet services, whether you take domestic flights or international flights such as Atlanta to India flights, Denver to London flights, or Miami to India flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does American Airlines have in-flight wifi?

A: Yes, American Airlines offers speedy and high-quality Wifi facilities onboard to passengers. 

Q: How do I get a refund for American Airlines wifi?

A: You need to call American Airlines customer representatives at 817-963-1234 if you want to get a refund for American Airlines wifi.

Q: Does American Airlines’ in-flight wifi supports Netflix?

A: Yes, wifi on American Airlines flights supports Netflix and allows you to stream Netflix’s content to your smart devices and laptops while on board. 

Q: Is the American Airlines inflight wifi service free?

A: No, the wifi/internet service on AA flights is paid. You can only get access to the AA inflight entertainment section for free. But, for using internet-based service, you’ll need to buy a wifi plan. 

Q: Can I purchase the AA wifi subscription plan after being on board?

A: Yes, you can purchase the AA wifi subscription plan of your choice after boarding the plane. 

Q: Do all the aircraft of AA have a wifi connection?

A: Presently, most of the international airplanes and all the domestic aeroplanes of AA are equipped with Wifi. 

The next time you plan to fly with American Airlines, consider this handy guide to know how to use AA infight wifi service so that you can enjoy your flight journey. If you want to know about the inflight wifi services of other airlines, we have you covered. Check our United in-flight wifi service and Delta in-flight wifi service. If you want to know anything else or have any queries, do let us know. Our team, at MyTicketsToIndia, will provide you with all the information. 
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