Cheapest Days Of The Week To Fly And Travel in 2024

What Does ‘Cheapest Day’ To Fly Mean

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The airfare fluctuation is the most common observation we all must have come across while booking a flight. While each flyer wishes to secure the best flight deal for themselves, it also turns out to be a tedious phenomenon to learn about the street smart hacks before proceeding further. MyTicketsToIndia suggests all the flyers to discover the best time to book flights. But How? Has anybody ever noticed a pattern in the change? Is it possible to decide on what is the cheapest day to fly? Well, this piece of information here is here to enlighten the readers through the same. 

What Does ‘Cheapest Day’ To Fly Mean?

Most tellingly, any traveler finalizes the dates based on how many day-offs could be squeezed within the trip itinerary. It seems like this basic travel hack has been decoded way back in time by the aviation business. Hence, if we observe closely, there is a pattern in the flight prices offered to the passengers each day. 

Even the term ‘Cheapest Day’ to fly has bloomed out of the deep analysis of the day-to-day airfare pattern. As the name suggests, the ‘Cheapest Days’ to fly are the exclusive days on which one may book a flight with the cheapest flight fare deal during that time. 

A flyer must know, the cheapest day to fly explains the actual price trend of the airline ticketing industry on the basis of the least busy days. This time is a bonus to save your money by roadmapping your trip dates based on the analysis.

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Itinerary Around Cheapest Days to Fly

The price fluctuation of any flight majorly depends upon the day of the week opted to fly. If the trip itinerary is adaptable to change, the best time to book flights can collide with the travel plan. With flexibility in the flight booking days, the flyer can easily grab on the cheapest flight fare deal compared to the premium charges applied during expected peak schedules.

While a flyer wishes to learn about all the flight booking hacks, there are still a few which have not been clearly answered. For instance, although MTI is here to guide you through the cheapest days of the week to fly, the answer to ‘Cheapest day to buy a ticket has still not been clearly proclaimed. However, booking a ticket well advanced in time always adds up to the hassle-free charm. 

Another way to lead to a hassle-free and best deal flight booking experience is to hand over the flight booking responsibilities to MyTicketsToIndia. MyTicketsToIndia, a leading travel company, is here to assist you through all your flight booking queries and to lead you through a seamless flight booking. 

Cheapest Days To Fly

Cheapest Days To Fly

According to MyTicketToIndia’s precise research and survey reports, the flight charges are most likely to be the cheapest on Wednesdays and Tuesdays. 

Following Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the cheapest days of the week to fly list, Saturdays for domestic flights have been amongst the list toppers. However, Saturdays do not reflect a considerable price fall margin for international flight fares.

Moving further with the ‘cheapest days to fly’ list, there’s Mondays and Thursdays in line. And lastly, the least cheap days of the week to fly are Fridays and Sundays, which are also sectioned under the peak schedule modem of the aviation business.  


Following a flyer’s psychology, booking a flight between the week could be a waste of planned leaves. Flight tickets are the cheapest on Tuesdays because mid-week days like Tuesday are the least in demand for travel.


Statistically speaking, the reasons for Wednesdays to be cheaper than usual are majorly same as that of Tuesdays. Although this day falls right in the middle of a week, it allows travelers to save extra money if they can shift their itinerary accordingly.


As this day stands firm on the center of a weekend plan, it again is one of the least in-demand days to fly. That being the case, the airlines have comparatively lowered the days’ price to improve their workability.

How To Save Money On Flight 

  • Compare Options: Learning the market is the fine key to unlock through the best deals and prices for a flight ticket. Initially, you can compare all the best third-party company prices and opt for the most promising one. For instance, if you’re looking for the best deals for India to USA flight tickets, with proper research, it won’t take you long to realize MyTicketsToIndia is the best in the industry for a seamless experience and remarkable services. 
  • Date Flexibilities: Planning your trip itinerary based on the cheapest day of the week stats can conveniently save you greater from the trip. 
  • Circumvent Most In-Demand Dates And Season: Be it weatherwise or other factor-wise, most travelers prefer planning a trip in the most convenient time frame. Now, the easy analysis reflects the “greater the demand, higher the service price” logic. So if you can manage to, you must avoid traveling during this time. 
  • Prefer Connecting Flights: In most cases, connecting flight type is cheaper than a nonstop flight, as one offers better convenience than another. Now, if you can overlook the convenience of time-saving for saving in extra money, go ahead and travel on a budget like a pro.  
  • Book Early: In most probability, the best time to book a ticket is between 25 days to 150 days before the flight departure date. Not only the prices of flights are at the trough of its charge graph, but the deals offered during this time are the best. 
  • Own a Travel Credit Card: Make sure you apply for the best travel credit card and enjoy the best perks and benefits of booking your next flight through the same. Interestingly, if you use your credit cards right, you can earn enough travel credit points to pay for a flight ticket even wholly. Besides lower prices, it also offers a traveler extra benefits like free checked luggage, seat class upgradation, and preferred boarding. How cool is that, right?
  • Monitor Extra Charges: Read through the fine print of the flight charges offer charts and learn about all the viable extra charges. This would allow you to know about all the good services and their apt charges well in advance.
  • Huge Student Discounts: Some airlines like American Airlines provides good student discounts to all the students in the age group of 12-25 years. Keep a note of all the airlines providing student discounts to get tickets at discounted fares.
  • Make use of Google Flights Explore Map: Google Flights Explore helps passengers book the cheapest tickets possible. Visit our detailed guide on how to use google flights explore map to understand the whole procedure .

Tip for passengers: Before planning your international trip or booking flight tickets to India, always search for the cheapest months to travel. This will help you save big on your trip.

Credit Card – Travel Smart

  • Carry more than one credit card to the airport as well as while booking the flight. 
  • Opt to carry credit cards over cash at the airport. If your card is misplaced or gets stolen, you can instantaneously freeze the current card and get issued with a new credit card. 
  • Not only would it encourage traveling light but would also ensure to offer you the best deals in the industry. Speaking of perks, it even provides the best services related to your trip, your rental car insurance, and various travel restrictions. 
  • For international flight booking, make sure you use a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. 

Cheapest Days to Fly Vs Usual Days: Price Difference

Well, to spill the beans, this list of best days and times to book flights is not really a scientifically proven fact, but a numerous research study upshot of many years of research and observations. The study and observation were inclusive of both advertised as well as non-advertised sales. 

Interestingly, through the ‘MyTicketsToIndia’ latest annual airfare study, our travel expert could observe the average flight price difference between Tuesdays/Wednesdays and the peak days is around $90. Yes! Tuesdays/Wednesdays can be booked for around $90 cheaper than usual.


Tip – Want to know the best tips to reserve cheap Chicago to Delhi flights? Here is the comprehensive guide for you.

Cheapest Time of the Cheapest Days to Fly 

Just as with cheapest days-in-the-week strategies, opting for a flight boarding time sectioned under off-peak hours is the best way to save a bit more pennies than usual. Needless to say, every traveler wishes to book a flight at their convenience and within a convenient time.

But, the mantra to save a few extra pennies through time is to test your abilities to travel in an exceptional timeline. Well, if you’re now planning to execute your next trip around this simple hack, then shhh! Care to share this little trick only with your friends and family, as there’s a hidden analysis to that as well.

The basic supply and demand theory showcases how increased demand in the same hour naturally raises the stakes. However, the unusual times like early morning and late evening departures, also known as the red-eye flights, can save you a few extra pennies nonchalantly.

But what are these unusual timings? The flight timings are not much in demand but could be cheaper for you to opt. Given below are the most famous unusual timings, which a flyer may select from:

  • From 6 AM to 7 AM: An ideal time for both business as well as leisure travel. Not only is this time ideal for boarding a flight, but it is also recognized amongst the cheapest times of the day to board a flight.
  • Midnight or later: Although these flights’ timings comprise the cheapest fares for the day, it could be a tedious task to follow on the ground due to its unusual timing. These timing flights are also referred to as the red-eye flights.
  • 3 PM – 5 PM: A mid-day flights aren’t in demand as they can potentially ruin the whole day’s productivity. Hence, to increase their boarding rate, the airlines generally keep the prices for the same comparatively lower.

Hence, the time you’re planning to board the flight should not only be exclusive but must not be normalized by all. Otherwise, the expected price drop ball shall not remain in the street smart passengers court. 

Found the information intriguing? That is what MyTicketsToIndia is here for! Learn about all the hidden facts and updates while staying tuned to the website. Still, have a flight-related query? Or do you wish to avail flight booking assistance by the most reliable leader in the travel business? You are at the right place. Feel free to reach out to our travel executives for any flight-related queries or hassle-free flight booking assistance from India to USA or USA to India flights. You can directly get in touch with our travel executives at 1-585-948-0222 or through website live chat. 


Q. Will flight prices drop in 2024?

A. Yes, the flight prices for early 2024 travel are seeming to bloom on a cheaper end. Several airlines are offering exclusive sales which you can consider to book domestic and international flights.

Q. Should I continue to book my summer trip flight already?

A. Although it is always recommended to book air tickets well in advance, amidst the pandemic strain, one must wait for the situation to improve unless the concerned trip is essential. 

Q. What is the cheapest day to fly?

A. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days of the week to fly. The in-depth observation depicts the same is true for not just domestic flights but is also the best time to book international flights.

Q. How far in advance is the best time to book international flights?

A. The best time to book international flights is three to four months prior to the planned departure date. However, if you’re looking forward to saving extra pennies while booking a flight, try choosing the boarding dates that fall on Tuesdays or Wednesdays of the week. 

Q. Why do Tuesdays offer the cheapest fares to fly?

A. According to the various surveys, most airlines announce their best front foot offers on Monday evening that lasts upto Wednesday at least. These deals cover all flight schedules on Tuesdays, and hence, Tuesdays automatically tick out as the day offering the cheapest flight fares. 

Q. What is the cheapest day to fly on Southwest airlines?

A. The travel trends for Southwest Airlines are the same as that of any flight. According to the constant flight fare fluctuation pattern, Southwest Airlines offers the cheapest fare flights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Southwest Airlines is one of the top 9 airlines providing student discounts. If you are eligible , you can definitely apply for the same to get cheap fare tickets .

Q. Are the flight prices comparatively low on Saturdays or Sundays?

A. No, the flight fares are the cheapest in the midweek like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. However, for domestic flights, the Saturday fares are comparatively low and could land you some good money-saving flight deals. 

Q. Are in-flight wifi services paid?

A. Yes, in-flight wifi services of airlines , for example, American Airlines is paid.

Q. How to use Google flights to book cheap fare flights?

A. Visit our guide to understand how to use google flights to book cheap flights in detail.

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