Can You Put A Laptop In Checked Luggage?

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One item many flyers get confused about while packing a checked bag is the laptop. Can you put a laptop in your checked luggage? If you can, how to keep it safe? Don’t worry at all! We will help you out. We understand that laptops allow us to work and connect regardless of our location, so they are the perfect travel companions. So, here’s the piece that explains everything related to carrying a laptop in check in baggage. Just skim through the piece and get perfect answers to all your questions.

Can I Bring A Laptop On A Plane In Checked Luggage?

YES. You can pack your laptops in check in baggage. Just make sure it is well-padded from all sides. Use a screen protector and a sleeve first. If you have never traveled with a laptop, rest assured it is way easier than you think. Packing a laptop for travel takes a little bit of preparation, but you will get to take your favorite gadget along with you without any complications. 

Fact to Remember – But, the security procedure for check-in luggage could be troublesome because you have to take all your electronic devices out of your bag. Once you remove all the padding, check if your laptop is off, put it on a tray, and continue the security procedure as usual. 

Having said that, packing your laptop in a carry-on is always recommended as baggage handlers are not known for their delicacy when slinging luggage between the tarmac and the terminal. Moreover, your electronic device is more prone to hacking and other security issues when it is not in your possession. 

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What Should You Do Before Packing Your Laptop In Checked Luggage?

It is always advisable to not pack your laptop in checked baggage because from lost luggage to lost important data, there is so much that can go wrong. But, if you are going to check your laptops in checked baggage – or if you’re forced to do so due to some unavoidable situation – here’s how you can keep it safe. 

Always Back Up Your Data 

Please note that you should always back up your data (even if you are not traveling). There may be a situation in which your hard drive will fail, but if you are backed up, you won’t have to worry about losing your important documents, pictures, and whatever else you store on your laptop’s hard drive. 

The best way to make sure you don’t lose important data or that someone else doesn’t get access to it while you’re at the airport and using free Wi-Fi is to not have it on your machine at all. This will make you less vulnerable to spyware, but if anything’s detected, blow the system away and reinstall. You could also store your data on an external hard drive and keep it safe in your carry-on. 

Delete All The Sensitive Information From Your Laptop 

If you don’t want to reinstall your whole system, just make sure you delete all the sensitive information from your laptop. Delete your autofill data, log out of all the websites and social media accounts, and clear any other essential information. 

Consider Encrypting Your Information 

Encrypting your laptop makes it much harder for anyone else to access your information. Just make sure you note your password somewhere safe because if you lose it, you won’t be able to log into your hard drive or files. Avoid logging into your files from an administrator account and make sure that account is protected with a totally different and strong password. Additionally, set your laptop to lock automatically when it is idle or asleep as this way it will require a password to start it again. 

Keep Your Checked Luggage Safe 

Obviously, you don’t want any stranger accessing your laptop-filled luggage, so get yourself a TSA-approved lock. There can also be a chance the airline could lose your luggage, so lock it all. You can use a luggage tracker to keep tabs on your bag. It will make it easier for you to find your bag or laptop. You can also put your laptop in a tamper-evident bag. The TSA has the right to open it up if they want to, but you will know if your laptop was tampered with. It is always advisable to be aware of Federal Aviation Administration rules before packing bags and heading to the airport.  

Keep Your Laptop Safe From Any Damage

Always make sure your laptop itself is secure in your luggage. You must have watched the luggage handlers at work, and know your bag gets thrown around a lot en route. 

Confused about how to pack a laptop in a suitcase? No worries! We can help. Of course, a good-quality laptop sleeve or case will definitely protect your laptop, but you should wrap it in something soft too so it stays nice and padded. Consider bundling it up in the middle of the clothes you’re bringing, then pack it in the middle of your bag. Of course, it is important to keep your data safe and secure, but don’t forget to protect it from bumpy rides and errant sunscreen bottles. 

We understand that all of this might seem like overkill, but it doesn’t take much effort to lock down that extra level of security. 

Tip – Lost luggage while traveling with American Airlines? Maddening in any situation, but especially so if your most important business tool is inside. Take a look at American Airlines lost luggage policy in detail here – a lifesaver guide in this situation. 

Can I Put My Laptop In My Carry On?

Yes, you are allowed to put your laptop inside checked luggage In fact, it is the ideal place for your laptop while you are traveling via plane. There are some reasons for this such as – if you keep your laptop in your carry-on bag, you have it under your supervision all the time and you can use it whenever you want. This is good for making sure that it doesn’t go missing, either accidentally or due to theft. Please note that laptop computers must always be switched off and stored properly during take-off and landing.

Nearly all airlines will have no issue with you bringing laptops with you onto the plane. But, some airlines have specific restrictions about how you can use them during the flight. So, always make sure you check for those rules if you intend to get some work done or watch some movies on your laptop during your journey. 

Is A Laptop Part Of Carry-On Luggage? 

It completely depends on the airline you’re flying with whether your laptop is considered a carry-in bag or not. Generally, most airlines count a laptop as a personal item like a purse instead of a carry-on bag. A laptop can be packed inside a carry-on, but the TSA will ask you to remove the laptop at the security checkpoint to run it through the x-ray machine. So, always make sure it is easily accessible because you will have to remove it from its carrying case and place it in a separate bin. 


Whether you are traveling on short flights or long-hour flights like Chicago to Delhi flights, putting your laptop in checked luggage will need to be wisely maintained and protected. Invest in a laptop bag that is solid and will protect your laptop all the time. If it is not needed to pack your laptop inside checked luggage, it is always advisable to pack it in a carry-on bag and take it along with you on board. 

Tip – Want to know what the prohibited items in checked luggage are? Here is the complete list you can consider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the new rules for laptops on planes?

A: If you are traveling with a computer in your carry-on bag the TSA rules on laptops ask you to remove the computer from the carry-on bag and place it in a separate section for X-ray screening.

Q: how many laptops can I take on a plane?

A: The Transportation Security Administration does not limit the number of laptops that you bring in your carry-on bag, even for international flights.

Q: Can you bring laptop on plane?

A: Yes, you are allowed to bring laptops on planes.

Q: Can you fly internationally with a laptop?

A: Yes, you can carry your laptop on both international and domestic flights.

Q: What is the best place to pack a laptop when you fly?

A: The best place to pack your laptop when you fly is in your carry-on bag. This way, you have it under your supervision and will have access to it at all times.

Q: Can you pack a laptop in checked luggage with charger?

A: Yes, you are allowed to carry your laptop and your laptop charger in checked baggage. But, it is always recommended that you take them in your carry-on luggage due to some safety and practical reasons.

Q: Are laptop batteries allowed in checked luggage?

A: No, lithium laptop batteries are not allowed in checked baggage. Always pack them in your carry-on bags. Also, you should remove the battery from your laptop too. You can put it back if you are flying with a laptop during the journey.

Q: Can I use my laptop on the plane?

A: Yes, you can fly with laptop on the plane except during takeoff and landing.

We hope this piece of information clears all your doubts. So, the next time you face any new challenges regarding packing your laptop in checked luggage, consider this guide or contact our team of travel professionals at MyTicketsToIndia. We’ll resolve all your queries as quickly as possible.  

Have a good trip and may your laptop stay safe during the journey! :))


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