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Did your plane take off without you? Or, has your flight been canceled due to some reason? Stop worrying! We can help you save yourself with travel insurance from any loss that may occur due to your trip cancellation or delay. Being well prepared for your travel plans to alter at any point before takeoff is a smart way to avoid any unforeseen hassles. One sure way of doing that is buying an international travel insurance contract. 

If you are wondering how far the coverage for flight cancellations reaches when it comes to travel insurance, then this blog is for you. You’ll get to know how travel insurance can (or maybe cannot) help you when it comes to trip interruptions, delays, and cancellations. 

What Is Travel Insurance? 

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that protects you against unforeseen or unexpected events that happen during your travel. It may cover various types of expenses such as a canceled flight or replacement flight prices, expenses due to flight delay, and emergency medical expenses.

Airlines will compensate you if your flight gets delayed and also arrange an overnight stay for you. You will also get compensation for the air ticket price if your flight gets canceled. But, the airline will not reimburse you for anything extra than this such as extra charges you may incur at the other end. That’s why it is always safe to have the support of Travel guard claims. 

What Travel Insurance Covers?

What will you do, if your entire vacation got interrupted not just the flights? We know anyone will get upset as everything will get interrupted a hotel stay, car rental, attraction tickers, and many more. That’s where trip interruption and trip cancellation insurance comes in. Travel guard claims are meant to help travelers from these types of unforeseen situations. Let’s take a look at what a perfect travel insurance policy offers:

Flight Cancellation Expenses

You will get reimbursement for your flight ticket along with all the unforeseen expenses you may incur because of flight cancellation (due to covered reasons only).   

Flight Interruption Expenses

If you have incurred any extra expenses because of an interruption in your flight departure and arrival then don’t worry, your travel insurance company will compensate for this. 

Flight Delay Expenses 

Your hotel charges, extra meal charges, and transportation charges, almost everything are covered under a travel insurance policy. So, don’t get stressed the next time your flight gets delayed. Just remember to keep the original receipts and invoices.    

Emergency Medical Expenses

A medical emergency can happen anytime anywhere. So, it is always good to be well prepared in advance for this. And, a  comprehensive travel insurance policy covers these charges too. 

Baggage Delay/Loss/Damage Expenses

Your bag can be delayed, lost, or damaged by the airline. We know this is the worst thing that can happen to any traveler while traveling. But, the relieving thing is your ravel insurance contract covers this too. 

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International Travel Insurance Benefits

Reimbursement of canceled flight expenses

Get a full reimbursement of your canceled flight ticket price (and any other flights as part of the same booking), or a replacement flight price if your flight got canceled, or interrupted due to a covered illness or injury, airline fault, and more. 

Reimbursement of hotel & meal expenses

Most of international travel insurance policies will help reimburse the expenses of extra meals, accommodations, and local transportation costs you incur due to a flight delay. If you choose to stay at the airport because of flight delays or cancellations (due to covered last-minute cancellation excuses), then the airline is required to compensate you for the hotel charges and transport charges. 

Reimbursement of extra unforeseen expenses

A delayed or canceled flight doesn’t only mean you’re late and will get a flight later. It also means that your appointments or meetings at the other end are also interrupted. If this happens, then you will get compensation for expenses you incur due to delays (terms and conditions apply). Just be sure that you keep all the receipts and invoices to get your claim approved. 

Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses

You can get reimbursement for medical expenses you may incur during any emergency medical situation. While buying a travel insurance policy, you have to make sure that your policy should cover emergency medical expenses overseas, so that you can claim for expenses if your get sick while you are abroad.  

A standard travel insurance policy covers the expenses of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage. But, it is a good idea to double-check that your policy is covering the expenses incurred due to lost/delayed/damaged baggage. And, also check what specific items your policy included and to what limit. 

How To Make A Compensation Claim?

  • Firstly, you have to contact your airline. The airline is obligated to provide you with flight cancellation compensation if the flight got canceled or delayed because of their lack. To get the compensation you can contact the customer representatives at the airport and talk to them in person. 
  • If you have left the airport, then find the customer services detail on the official website of the airline and call them to know all the details and procedures to get your compensation. 
  • If you find any problem to get your compensation from the airline such as if your airline is uncooperative then you can contact the Civil Aviation Authority. They will surely help you out to claim your compensation.
  • You can also ask your credit card company to provide you a refund if you booked your flights using a credit card and all other methods to get compensation have failed. The credit card provider will compensate you to some extent, other terms and conditions apply. 
  • At last, you can get travel guard claims from your travel insurance company, if everything else fails. The company may always expect you to try all other possible options before contacting them to get a claim. So, make sure you have all the evidence to prove that you’ve tried everything else before contacting them. They will compensate you for the covered reason for the cancellation of flights. 

Your airline can compensate you with a full refund for your delayed or canceled flight but they won’t give any amount for any other costs you incur like hire cars, canceling hotel bookings, or other canceled events. This is where you can claim compensation for all other extra expenses from your travel insurance company. 


If you are concerned about your upcoming trip and haven’t purchased your travel insurance, then make sure you check and compare the insurance policies with the help of an expert and ensure whether your policy is covering your requirement or not. Having flight cancellation and delay insurance before planning your travel is important to save yourself from unexpected problems. So, protect your travel experience with a flight delay and trip cancellation insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is trip interruption insurance? 

A: Trip interruption or flight delay insurance is insurance that covers the expenses incurred due to cancellation or delay of flights under covered reasons. 

Q: How much snow does it take to cancel a flight?

A: If an airport has no specified protocols to deal with heavy snow, then snowfall up to 5-9 inches can cause major flight delays, and snowfall more than 10 inches can surely cancel the flight. 

Q: How to find the right trip insurance policy? 

A: Always consult with an expert while buying a travel insurance policy and compare the quotes on various sites. Make sure to check your comprehensive trip insurance policy covers all the major unexpected travel expenses caused due to some reasons that are beyond your control. 

Q: When can I not claim compensation from the airline? 

A: To be entitled to compensation, the delay or cancellation of a flight must happen because of the airline’s fault rather than due to reasons beyond the airline’s control. 

Q: What is the time limit for claiming compensation from the airline for flight cancellation? 

A: You have 3 years to claim for a delayed or canceled flight (from or to the USA), but it is always better to file a compensation claim sooner rather than later as you’ll have all the relevant information handy. 


That’s everything you must know about travel insurance for flight cancellation. The next time you plan to go on a trip, always buy a perfect comprehensive travel insurance policy before taking off. It will give you surety that you’ll get compensation for all the unforeseen expenses you incurred because of flight delays and cancellations. Do you still have some queries? Contact our travel experts, at MyTicketsToIndia, or drop us a comment below and get all your travel insurance-related queries resolved at the earliest possible. We’re available 24/7.

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