14 Best Travel Essentials You Need for an Untroubled Long-Haul Flight

Travel Essentials

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Ready for a trip? But, have you made a list of travel necessities you should pack for having a seamless long-haul flight? No? Don’t worry; let’s do it together because we know it gets strenuous to decide what things to pack for a trip. To change your long-haul flight into a peaceful and enjoyable one, we have the best travel essentials list right here for you to consider.

Travel Essentials List For a Long-Haul Flight

Are you wondering what can you pack in your carry on for a comfortable journey? We know, everyone wants their trip to be as comfy as possible. For that, here’s a checklist of essential travel gear you need for your air journey along with the carry on packing tips you can consider to make your trip more pleasant:

  •       Toiletry Kit
  •       Blanket Scarf
  •       Headphones
  •       Eye Mask
  •       Hand Sanitizer
  •       Reusable Water Bottle
  •       Portale Phone Charger
  •       Travel Pillow
  •       Germicidal Wipes
  •       Reading Material
  •       Socks
  •       Snacks
  •       Entertainment
  •       Travel Purse/ Bag

1.  Toiletry Kit

To make your journey hygienic, don’t forget to put essential toiletry items into your travel bag. Now, the question is how to pack toiletries for carry on? You can pack essential toiletry items in a small kit for carrying them easily. Some of the necessary travel must haves you should take in your toiletry kit are a normal toothbrush and deodorant for your hygiene. Make sure to keep moisturizer too so that your skin doesn’t look dried up. 

2. Blanket Scarf    

A blanket scarf, one of the best flight essentials, will keep you comfortable and warm throughout your flight journey as flights can turn icy-cold. You can style it in different ways to give stunning look to your various outfits. And, if you want all your outfits and luggage to smell good, you won’t have to carry perfume separately. Just spraying your favorite scent on your scarf will keep all your outfits smelling sweet.

3. Headphones

This is one of the most important airplane essentials on the international carry on packing list. To watch your favorite TV shows and movies uninterruptedly, just keep your headphones with you. Also, you will surely need good music to make that boring long-haul flight bearable and enjoyable as well. Therefore, don’t forget to make a good playlist before your journey begins.

4. Eye Mask

For having a pleasant and undisturbed sleep on a plane, which is very challenging, you need the best travel items and an eye mask is one of them. An eye mask is the perfect travel gear to make your experience more relaxing during the flight.  If you carry earplugs along with this, it will be icing on the cake and you can sleep peacefully by cutting off from the world. 

5. Hand Sanitizer 

Our savior who saves us all from the deadly viruses, indeed. Hand Sanitizer is one of the most needed airplane travel essentials which has to be on everyone’s airport travel kit nowadays. This hygiene accessory will keep you safe while traveling. Just remember to use it before and after you touch anything in public. 

6. Reusable Water Bottle

Water is one of the five elements essential to life that keeps us hydrated, actually alive. You should keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated and fresh during the journey and a reusable water bottle is the perfect travel gear that will help you with it. There are umpteen hydration stations in airports that will cut your cost by refilling the water bottle instead of buying a new one.

7. Portable Phone Charger 

Can you take charger cables in hand luggage? Yes, you can and it’s always safe to keep portable chargers for your devices with you every time you travel whether you have fully charged the devices before taking a flight. In today’s era, electronic devices are of utmost importance as they are needed in every situation. Make sure when you land your phone will have the full battery life to avoid unforeseen problems. 

8. Travel Pillow 

The list of things you need for traveling is undeniably incomplete without a travel pillow. It will enhance your comfort a little more and will help you to have an easy sleep. For making your travel quite easier, it would be great to carry inflatable travel pillows because you can adjust them according to your preferences, and most importantly, you can easily fold them and put them in your bag. 

9. Germicidal Wipes

“Precaution is  better than cure!” During this time of pandemic where some deadly viruses are behind us, it is better to keep ourselves safe. And, Germicidal wipes are the best travel necessities nowadays. You can easily sanitize things in your surroundings through wipes. It will give you the satisfaction that you have cleaned your area and your surroundings are safer now. 

10. Reading Material 

You are your only companion while traveling alone. Therefore, it is better to be prepared well before taking your flight so that your next journey will be as enjoyable as possible. It would be best if you carry non-electronic entertainment devices with you such as novels and magazines. To save some bucks, it will be better if you bring your favorite books and magazines in advance as all these will be very expensive at the airport.

11. Socks 

Wearing warm socks while traveling will make you feel like you are at home. These are the perfect things to pack for a trip to improve your experience on the flight and make it more comfortable. It will keep you warm. And, if your feet swell while traveling, then it will be helpful to you to keep a pair of compression socks. 

12. Snacks 

Of course,  you will get some food on your flights, but sometimes you won’t like it. To make your journey more enjoyable and tasty, it will be better to pack some snacks which may fit in your airport travel kit. For your small cravings just add some snacks to the list of carry on packing essentials such as some fruits, nuts, chocolate bars, and biscuits. 

13. Entertainment

ENTERTAINMENT! Super important, right? Nobody can handle that boring long-haul flight without any entertainment, can you? Of course, not. To save yourself from a boring flight experience, keep some entertainment travel stuff with you like carrying your laptop with your favorite movies and songs downloaded in it and more stuff like that. 

14. Travel Purse/ Bag

Last but not the least, to pack all the travel stuff you need a handy essentials bag so that you can easily carry travel essentials set to make your journey easier and more enjoyable. It will be easy-breezy for you to carry a small travel accessories bag that can be easily adjusted anywhere.  

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Best Travel Essentials for Men

  • Pair of everyday shorts
  • Plain cotton T-shirt
  • Toiletry items (face wash, Moisturizer/face serum, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Travel wallet
  • Cozy wool scarf

Best Travel Essentials for Women

  • Travel skincare kit
  • Sanitary Napkins/ Menstrual Cup
  • Pain Relievers 
  • Hair ties
  • Additional pair of undergarments


Q. What can I bring on a plane for a hassle-free journey?

Ans: You can take some must-have airport essentials in your essential travel bag which will make your flight journey more comfortable such as a travel pillow, water bottle, entertainment stuff, portable charger, disinfectant wipes, and toiletry kit. These are some of the must-have travel essentials for women and men both.

Q. How to pack for a flight to make it more comfortable?

Ans: Only a perfect trip packing list will indeed help you to survive a long-haul flight. So, firstly, travelers should make a list of things to take on a long haul flights. Then, they should pack their must have travel items in a small thin travel bag that can be easily adjusted anywhere such as under the seats and even attached to the tray table.

Q. How to pack toiletries for carry on?

Ans: To pack some necessary toiletry items one can carry a mini-toiletry kit. It will help to pack all the toiletry items in an organized manner so that you won’t face any kind of hassle on the flight.

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