What Happens If You Miss A Connecting Flight? 

Connecting Flights

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Opting for aviation as one’s mode of communication could be the best decision in order to save time and effort. However, one must learn about all kinds of flight types that could be offered for air travel. While the well-known direct flight is a type that boards a passenger from one location and directly drops to the destination in one go, there’s one more flight type; The Connecting Flight. 

Now, What is a connecting flight? And more importantly, what happens if you fail to board both in time? We understand as a traveler; you’d want to learn all the what’s, How’s, and Why’s around flight connections. Hence, MyTicketsToIndia is here to answer all your speculations regarding the same. Just like most air travel-related issues, the consequences for missing a transit flight are solely subjected to the specific circumstances of the flyer under which they missed the flight. 

Connecting Flight – What Is it?

For instance, if a passenger wishes to fly with an Air India flight and the airlines are not offering connection flights to the desired destination, then the flyer would have to change one or (at times) even two flights within the destination route.

Flight connections are typically part of interline agreements that allow airlines to manage passengers whose flights involve traveling on several airlines.

Also known as the ‘Transit Flight,’ this flight type allows passengers to reach their desired destination through two or more flights. 

In a layman’s language, connecting flights comprise:

  • Two or more flights to reach the desired destination
  • Layover time
  • Passenger to check-in twice for both flights (right in time)

That being said, let’s further learn about the reasons that could lead to missing one of the two in-queue flights and to what extent it could be retrieved.

Reasons To Miss Connecting Flights

Before we head further into the details, pointing out the most common reasons that enable you to make it through your first flight but lead you to miss your transit flight is important. 

1. Flight Delay Or Cancellation

If a passenger fails to board the flight in time due to reasons like a last-moment flight delay or cancellation of the connecting flight, they are entitled to 100% compensation for the missed flight. 

The passenger can also claim a refund if the authorities deny their worthy boarding. 

2. Weather

If a Passenger misses a flight due to weather inclemencies, they are entitled to claim either their refund or free rescheduling. However, the airlines are not bound to provide the passengers with food or accommodation.

3. Short Layover

Changing flights and checking in more than once could be time-consuming. So, a flyer must make sure they have sufficient layover time in hand for a smooth and hassle-free journey. 

However, suppose a flight itinerary is bought under one ticket for an extremely tight layover schedule between flights. In that case, the concerned airline is liable to provide you with another flight free of cost.

What Do You Do When You Miss Your Connecting Flight?

Mostly, we are ready on our toes to board flights, but sometimes the timing doesn’t play along with that well. Well, in that case, you must not forget to 

Here are a few basics that you must not miss if you miss your connecting flight:

  • First off, the passenger must inform the airlines about the same so that their connecting flight baggage could be safely kept aside by the authorities on the ground until you collect them.
  • Reaching the concerned airline could also make you standby on the next available flight. If not, book the next cheapest flight for the same as not acting fast can potentially affect your planned itinerary.
  • Once you get clarity of whether or not you’ll be able to make it to the destination in time, inform your hotel! The sole motive here is to avoid extra charges on your already booked services and prior informing. 

Compensation For Missing A Connecting Flight

Speaking of extra charges, is a passenger entitled to compensation for missing a flight? Well, that solely depends on the specific situation of the individual. Read further and learn under what circumstance a passenger can claim compensation.

What is a missed connection flight compensation?

There are several situations under which a flyer can claim compensation for missing the connection flight. This righteously claimed and attained compensation is known as the missed connection flight compensation. 

Passengers Can Claim Missed Connection Flight Compensation If:

  1. Connecting Flight Cancelled: 

Suppose the concerned airline has canceled the consecutive connecting flight or is delayed for more than 3 hours. In that case, the passenger can claim complete compensation or allotment for the next flight along with the waiting amenities like stay or food/beverage. 

  1. Unfavorable Weather 

Unless a passenger cannot board their connecting flight due to personal reasons, they can claim their missed connecting flight compensation (in most cases). However, the airlines are not bound to avail you of any extra services within the waiting time frame in case you’ve opted for the next available flight boarding option.

  1. Denied Boarding

Suppose a passenger was available right in time for check-in with all the valid documents and still had to face denied boarding. In that case, they are righteously entitled to claim their compensation in the form of either a complete refund or next flight boarding. 

  1. Connecting Flight Must Qualify Under EC 261

In order to claim cash compensation under EC261, the passenger’s flight should be either:

  • Operated by any airline but should be taking off from an EU airport or
  • Operated by an EU airline and should be arriving at an EU airport 
ItineraryEU air carriernon-EU air carrier
From EU airport to EU airport✔️ Yes✔️ Yes
From EU airport to non-EU airport✔️ Yes✔️ Yes
From non-EU airport to EU airport✔️ Yes❌ No
From non-EU airport to non-EU airport✔️ Yes if the itinerary covered by the EC 261 originated in the EU regardless of what leg was disrupted (both EU and non-EU) E.g. delay and missed connection & rerouting non-EU to non-EU & delay 3+ hours✔️ Yes if the itinerary covered by the EC 261 originated in the EU regardless of what leg was disrupted (both EU and non-EU) E.g. delay and missed connection & rerouting non-EU to non-EU & delay 3+ hours


Q. What happens if you miss your flight?

A. Unless the flight has been missed due to flight cancellation, a flyer is not entitled to claim any sort of compensation. In fact, if an individual has missed their flight, they must inform the respective authorities well in advance to avoid falling into the “no show” category. A flyer falling under a “no show” category allows the airlines to cancel the rest of their air-travel itinerary. 

Q. What is JetBlue flight delay compensation for missed connection claims?

A. The Jetblue compensation policy is pretty simple. If the Jetblue missed flight was due to the airlines, the passengers could claim their refund or the Jetblue delayed flight credit. However, the Jetblue missed flight policy does not offer any refund if the flight has been missed due to the flyer’s personal reasons

Q. Can I claim compensation for American airlines’ missed connection?

A. If the connecting flight was missed due to any cancellation or delay, American Airlines will try their best to allocate you with the next possible flight to your desired destination. After the rebooking confirmation, the airline’s staff will automatically reroute the bags. 

Q. What are my compensation rights for Air Canada flight delays due to weather?

A. If the airline has canceled the flight for any reason, including the inclement weather, you are entitled to claim free flight rearrangement or a complete refund on your ticket. 

That is all the essential details you must get a hold of before flying through a connecting flight. Still, soaking in doubt? 

MyTicketsToIndia is here with the best travel experts to serve you with the finest solution and assistance. Please note, our travel experts are just a call away to answer all your queries and assist you through flight bookings from USA to India and back.

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