Why Is Revenge Travel Driving Up Flight Costs?

Why Is Revenge Travel Driving Up Flight Costs

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People have been stuck in their houses for over two years. They are tired of being cooped up and they’re not ready to take it anymore. As a result, the industry experts are predicting revenge travel in the travel industry which means a sudden boom in demand after two years of staying home. A simultaneous increase in Demand and jet fuel prices are really affecting the cost of domestic and international flights. But that isn’t stopping US citizens, they are ready to pay high prices to get out of town. 

After 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic-related cancellations, people are spending more on traveling, and why not? They’re trying to make up for a lost time, treating themselves to beautiful places, nicer accommodations, and premium airfares. So, let’s know more about revenge travel and why the cost of flights is rising due to this. 

What Is Revenge Traveling?

Revenge traveling is when travelers rush to book flights and vacations without worrying about increasing flight prices. As the situation of COVID-19 appears to be calming down nowadays, people want to take advantage of this opportunity to satisfy their travel itch. They are tired of putting their plans on hold and are looking forward to exploring the world. 

Revenge Travel 2022

  • The Washington Post reports that the travel industry, hotel operators, and restaurants have all seen impressive spikes in demand in the past few months. 
  • The cost of flights is rising continuously as domestic airfares have shown a huge increase of 40% since the beginning of the year and experts have predicted that it will keep rising another 10% by the end of May. 
  • International flight prices are also likely to rise about 10-15% by the end of June, experts predicted. 
  • Around 9 out of 10 Americans (nearly 85%) are expecting to travel this summer as they are eagerly waiting to go outside and enjoy themselves for the last 2 long years. 
  • This ‘revenge travel’ in the travel industry is profitable for the aviation sector, many airlines have seen a big boom in their revenue graphs. 
  • Prices of jet fuel have also been affected due to ‘revenge air travel’, they are increased by 40% since the beginning of the year and expecting to increase by 75% by the end of the year. 

Airlines Get Boost In Revenues From ‘Revenge Traveling’

Airlines are enjoying this turning point in their financial recovery, with healthy profits in the future due to the ‘revenge air travel’. Meeting this strong travel demand may not be easy for airlines. They need to hire a lot of workers to deal with this huge increase in demand as staffing shortages threaten to slow the industry’s recovery. 

  • American Airlines has started enjoying the beginnings of profits because of a sudden boom in travel demand. It had hired 600 of the 2,000 pilots and is rapidly training them with the hope of having all of its aircraft back in use by the end of the year. American Airlines expects revenue in the second quarter to be about 6 to 8 % higher than in the same quarter of 2019.
  • United Airlines reported last month that it has recorded better-than-expected first-quarter results which ensure this airline will return to profits this year. It has hired 6000 workers this year to meet post-pandemic demands. Shares of United Airlines have declined by 0.8% in the past 12 months, and are increased by around 18% so far this year. 
  • Delta Airlines are seeing vibrant demand for spring and summer travel which will enhance their revenue this year. It had added about 15000 workers since the start of last year and set a sales record in March. Delta is also expecting a great recovery in business and international air travel by the end of this year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the meaning of ‘revenge travel’ in the travel industry?

Ans: It means a huge increase in travel regardless of the fact that prices of flights are rising. People are traveling more as it becomes much safer now and things open back up.

Q: How can I bag the cheapest flight deal during this trend of ‘revenge air travel’?

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