Biden’s Republic Day Visit To India Is Cancelled, Quad Summit Faces Delay

Biden's Republic Day

Renu Dahiya posted on Thursday, Jan 11th, 2024

It is unlikely that US President Joe Biden will travel to India in 2024 for Republic Day, which would be a great diplomatic chance lost. This information is released simultaneously with the US, India, Japan, and Australia’s quad summit being postponed. Let’s know more about this latest news below –

Biden Unlikely To Visit India On Republic Day 2024

Biden, marking his presence on Republic Day, would have been a significant diplomatic gesture increasing goodwill between the two nations.  His anticipated participation was seen as a sign of the growing partnership between the US and India, both important players in the Indo-Pacific region

Now, with his visit looking uncertain, it underscores the volatility that can occur within international diplomatic scheduling.

Quad Summit Postponed 

The postponement of the Quad summit further signifies changes to the diplomatic dialogue pathway. This hard collaborative platform is built on the shared goal of maintaining and promoting a free, open, prosperous, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region. The decision to delay the meeting may influence the diplomatic plenitude and geopolitical dynamics within the Quad community.

With the heat of his presidential re-election campaign consuming him, President Biden finds it difficult to set aside a few days for a foreign tour. 

Meeting With Australia & Japan On January 27, 2024

Furthermore, Australia celebrates both its National Day and India’s Republic Day on the same day. It is not practical to travel immediately on the same night. 

Moreover, the Japanese Diet, or parliament, is in session, which presents a significant administrative challenge to the Prime Minister’s travel schedule. India According to the sources, Australia and Japan have agreed to a likely weekend date of January 27 for the meeting.

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