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Lufthansa-Air India ies

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Under the Tata Group, Air India’s revival is expected to transform the airline into a global brand. With substantial capital investment from its new owners, as well as a strategic partnership with Singapore Airlines—who will own a quarter of the company—Air India is well-positioned to become a major player in the international aviation industry. Now, Germany’s renowned flag carrier, Lufthansa, has expressed an interest in deepening its ties with Air India, creating opportunities for both parties to benefit from strategic partnerships in the future. With all this support, Air India’s future looks brighter than ever. Read through this piece to know more about this new tie-up – 

Lufthansa-Air India Ties

Lufthansa Group Chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr recently visited India and had a productive discussion with Tata Sons and Air India (AI) Chairman N Chandrasekaran and Singapore Airlines (SIA) CEO Goh Choon Phong. The discussions focused on exploring potential areas of collaboration and synergies between the three aviation industry leaders. The outcome of the meeting is eagerly anticipated, as the possibilities that could be unlocked through such an alliance would have far-reaching implications for the global aviation industry.

Spohr is optimistic about Air India’s revival as a private carrier and feels that the potential partnership with Singapore Airlines (SIA) in the East and with Lufthansa in the West, could be a catalyst for the airline’s success. In an interview, Spohr said:

“India has been left behind in the global aviation industry for far too long. Air India and SIA looking east and the Lufthansa Group looking west have tremendous potential to create something remarkable that could revolutionize Indian aviation. As a partner, Lufthansa Group would be honored to help Air India reclaim its rightful place on the international stage. Air India is worthy of such recognition, and we are committed to helping them achieve greatness.”

Training And Technical Assistance 

Air India is set to embark on an ambitious journey of expansion with the addition of approximately 500 new aircraft over the next decade. In a bid to become a truly global brand, Air India will require the highest level of crew training and technical support to ensure the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction. With this massive fleet overhaul, Air India is now better positioned to offer world-class travel experiences to its customers.

Officials of LH believe that Lufthansa is well-positioned to partner with them and provide tremendous value. Their world-class training and engineering resources could bring significant and valuable insight to the table. In a recent interview, Spohr said – 

“We own a very large aviation training company for flight attendants and pilots. We have many cargo flights. With a healthy and growing Air India, I can see many growth opportunities. Lufthansa Technik has become number one in the world, not just in Europe. If Air India is looking for engineering support, Lufthansa Technik could possibly provide it.”

Lufthansa Highlighted Some Major Points

Air India is in a unique position to reclaim its share of Indian traffic to Europe and the US that has been taken away by foreign carriers, particularly those from the Gulf. To accomplish this, Lufthansa officials strongly emphasized the need for Air India to take decisive action and make a concerted effort to regain its lost share of the market. With Air India’s strong network of routes and its commitment to delivering a superior travel experience, it is well-positioned to reclaim its former glory and become the leading Indian carrier on the international stage.

Spohr further highlighted that with AI being increasingly present in Europe, Lufthansa could benefit from taking advantage of its extensive network in the continent and exploring deeper ties with the airline through partnerships, to make further inroads into the continent.


The strategic alliance between the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines (SIA) to manage Air India has given global stakeholders unparalleled confidence in the carrier. While the airline is still facing numerous challenges, it is fascinating to witness its collaboration with other leading international airlines as it embarks on an ambitious expansion plan. With the Tata Group and SIA’s involvement, Air India is now better positioned to meet and exceed the expectations of the global flying public.

Let us know what you think about Lufthansa’s interest in Air India in the comment section below. Do you think this is a good move for the airline or do you have any concerns? Share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you. 

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