A Complete Guide On How To Find Cheap Flights

Complete Guide On How To Find Cheap Flights

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“How to find cheap flights?” – This seems to be an evergreen question forever popping in the minds of travelers. All these questions on scoring the best flight deals can now rest in peace because MyTicketsToIndia is here with the complete guide on getting cheap plane tickets. This will not only make your flight-booking journey easier but will also help you save big!  

Ready to find cheap flight deals? Let’s get started! 

How To Get Cheap Flights 

1. Be Flexible With Your Dates & Destinations

The best way to find cheap flights is to be flexible with your dates and destinations. Being hard-pressed with where and when to go will reduce your chances of finding flights that are cheap by 90%. If you don’t want to lose this chance, be a little more open.

For Example- Instead of booking cheap plane tickets from San Francisco to Delhi, book flights from SFO to Amritsar. The latter might be cheaper because Delhi Airport being one of the busiest airports has higher airport taxes to pay. The same goes for every big airport.

Note: If you’re looking to book the cheapest flights, make sure you search for more dates rather than checking it for just one. Google Flights calendar shows fares for 2 months simultaneously. 

2. Book One Ticket At A Time Even If You Are Traveling In A Group

If you want to travel from Seattle to Delhi along with your friend, the cheapest flight costs somewhere around $534. For two people, it costs $584 each. 

However, if you reduce the number of passengers from 2 to 1, the price comes down to $534. 

3. Avoid The Peak Travel Time

Booking of flights goes by the simple rule of demand and supply. Once the demand picks up, so do the airfares. It is, therefore, recommended that you either book tickets well in advance or skip booking tickets during the peak travel time, especially during major festivals of Diwali and likewise. 

4. Pick Your Destination & Dates Based On Price

If you’d have ever searched for cheap plane tickets, we’re sure you’d have followed the following approach –

  1. Typed the Indian city
  2. Chosen the final dates
  3. Checked the available prices

However, this always results in high prices. 

Instead, to find cheap flights, you should turn this approach upside-down by-

  1. Check the prices available for Indian cities
  2. Decide the cheapest city
  3. Select the dates that have the cheapest fares

5. Set Fare Alerts To Track Specific Flights

If you’re sure of where you want to go and when; you can set fare alerts. Once you do that, you’ll be notified of the change in fares, be it fare drops or fare hikes. So if you’ve been knacking your brain with the question – how to find cheap flights – this precisely answers the question!

6. Consider Booking Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines can help you book flight tickets without you having to break your bank. This is especially true if you are looking for an economical way to connect your long-haul flight to your final destination. While traveling from USA to India, you might not want to book a budget airline. However, upon reaching India, you can surely consider this option to save a few bucks.  

7. Paying In Foreign Currency Is Sometimes Cheaper

Though not full-proof, booking flights using a website’s foreign version and using a foreign currency can help you save big. For this, make sure you have a credit card that charges no foreign transaction fee.

8. Make Complete Use Of Mistake Fares

Go by the thumb rule – The cheaper the fare, the shorter it will last. So if you find one such enticing deal, ponce upon it like it’s your top-most prey, and make use of it in the best way possible. If it’s a fare from an ongoing deal, it will last a bit longer. However; if it’s a mistake fare, it will be gone within hours; even minutes. 

9. Make Use Of The 24-Hour Refund Policy

If you’re worried about locking a great fare, the best step is to book the flight ticket when you feel the prices are at their all-time low. This is because airlines have a 24-Hour Policy wherein they allow passengers to cancel flight tickets to and from USA within 24 hours. In this case, the passenger has to pay absolutely no cancelation fee. 

This is a fairly important trick, considering you can get a full refund if the prices go down and if in case, the prices spike up, you will have the situation in your favor.

10. Subscribe To The Newsletters Of OTAs & Airlines

Subscribing to MyTicketsToIndia Newsletter will open for you an arena full of new flight deals and discounts along with the latest updates regarding the aviation industry. Just like MyTicketsToIndia, every OTA and airline offers the same and you can benefit from it. 

These are some of the best ways to get cheap flights! However, let’s delve a bit into other important factors.

Best Tool To Find Cheap Flights

If you’re wondering what tool to use to find cheap flights, Google Flights it is. We have shared a complete guide on how to use Google Flights to book cheap flights. The only drawback is that Google Flights is only a search engine and directs only to some of the major airlines and OTAs. OTAs that offer big discounts and deals are often missed out as they aren’t listed. A possible way out of this situation is to use this tool to get an idea of the prices and then shifting to the OTAs like MyTicketsToIndia for a discount on the same. 

When To Get Best Flight Deals

To get the best flight deals, look out for Airline & OTA Flight Sales. They offer call-only deals, festive discounts, group offers, and last-minute/business class offers. Travelers can make the most out of the same by keeping a careful eye on all the running offers. Because festive discounts are huge, one should totally make the most out of those. 

Cheapest Days To Fly 

If you’re wondering whether there are any specific days to get affordable flights, there aren’t. Sure, many sources state how Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to book flights, but it is more of a myth. All the days that have an ongoing sale become the cheapest days to fly, be it flying from USA to India or otherwise. 

Where To Find Cheap Flights

If you are looking to fly cheap from India to USA, you can browse airfares on MyTicketsToIndia! We offer up to $35 on call-only bookings and the airfares have the tendency to go cheaper during festivals. Not only this; our policy of maintaining 100% transparency with no hidden charges makes us stand out from other air-ticketing platforms. Our travel experts are available 24*7 and walk the extra mile when it comes to finding cheap flights. Our cancelation policy is easy and the refund process is swift. 

With us, you can have all your queries resolved within seconds and get the flights booked within minutes. Sounds interesting, right? We thought so! All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll help you answer your question regarding how to buy cheap flights. Consider it done, already!

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