Are Flights Cheaper on Tuesdays?

are flight cheap on Tuesday deals

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No doubt, finding cheap flight tickets can be challenging at times. Frequent flyers are always trying to figure out the best day of the week to snag flight tickets at the lowest prices possible. Well, we’ve you a solution. Booking a flight on Tuesday mornings can actually save you BIG. According to some experts, most airlines launch their discounts on Monday nights, so passengers can pick up the best prices on Tuesday mornings.

Typically, they’ll save somewhere between 15 to 25 percent. Dive in to learn more facts about the exact time and the main reasons why do flight prices go down on Tuesdays

Why Are Flights Cheaper On Tuesdays?

  • It is said by experts that if you’re looking to book a cheap flight, you should make the purchase on Tuesday, early afternoon. 
  • On Monday afternoons, airline officials check out how seats sold over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and decide what the flight prices should be based on that. 
  • And, on Tuesday mornings, they evaluate how much the competitors are charging for particular routes, and then they adjust their fares accordingly. That is the main reason why airline prices drop on Tuesday mornings.
  • However, the prices of flights are determined by demand. The more the number of seats available on a flight, the more expensive those seats will be. 
  • So, if you’re looking to book a flight for festivals, it’s probably not a good idea to wait until Tuesday. If you find a reasonable flight price then grab it if you feel it’ll be in high demand. 

Best Time On Tuesday To Book A Flight

Prices of flight tickets go down on Tuesday morning and late at night on Mondays, as airlines make a whole week’s price chart as per the availability of the seats and by observing the competitors’ pricing strategy. Many researchers have cited that weekdays and to be exact: Tuesday mornings and Monday nights are the cheapest time to snag plane tickets for both domestic and international destinations. 

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Flights Prices On Tuesday vs. Flights Prices On Other Days

Deals on Tuesday:

You will find cheap Tuesday flights easily, according to some experts. The flight fares usually begin plummeting on Monday night and Tuesday mornings. Hence, the chances of getting cheap flight tickets get automatically higher. Many airlines release their discounted deals, offers, and fares on Monday nights. This makes Tuesday the cheapest day to fly and travel. So, booking Tuesday cheap flights can save you from heavy spending. 

Here is an example of Flights Cheaper on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. Check Google Flights for your reference(Chicago-ORD to Delhi-DEL).

Another reference from Google Flights mentioning the New York (JFK) to Mumbai (BOM) –

google flight from New York-JFK to Mumbai-BOM

Deals on Other Days:

Flight prices on Wednesdays and Thursdays are also low. These days are also considered the cheapest days to fly and travel.  But, rates of flights tend to increase again by Friday (till Monday morning). Is it cheaper to fly on Sunday or Monday? No. The most expensive days to book flights are Saturday and Sunday, it can be quite difficult to fetch budget-friendly fares on weekends except if you get lucky. That’s why experts say that if you truly want to save some money, then avoid flying on weekends. But, if you are flying domestic then you can consider flying on Saturdays as domestic fares on this day are comparatively cheaper. 

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Other Important Tips To Find Cheap Flights

Book In Advance

Flying on a plane is quite expensive sometimes, which leads many travelers to shop around for the best deals on plane tickets. Instead of booking early, some passengers wait until closer to the departure date in the hopes of getting a lower flight price. Unfortunately, booking late may cost more. So, always consider booking at least 54 days in advance of your intended travel dates.

Avoid Booking On Weekends

The airfare prices have a weekly rhythm. The cheapest flight tickets are typically offered early on the weekdays, and the most expensive fares are provided later in the week (Saturday and Sunday). It is always better to book your air tickets on mid-week days to save more money on your flight bookings like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, these are considered the cheapest days to fly and travel. 

Tip – Don’t know what is a layover meaning? it’s a stop between connecting flights where you might have a chance to explore or simply relax before your next journey.

Set A Price Alert

Set a price alert on the reputed travel search engines like MyTicketsToIndia instead of you checking flight prices every day. Let the computer program do the work for you. After opting for price alerts notification on any travel portals, they will send you an email when the prices drop on flight tickets to your preferred destination. 

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Rebook If You Find A Cheaper Price

Consider booking flexible flights as most airlines have adopted more flexible change and cancelation policies, which is making it easier to rebook your flight to save more money. If you find a better deal on some particular date, you can change your outbound flight dates with flexible flights on the same airline without any extra fee or penalty.

Book Late-Night Flights

If you really want to grab the cheapest flight deal, book red-eye flights or late-night flights. If you choose to fly late at night then you’ll surely save big on your flight bookings. As most travelers fly in the daytime, that’s why airlines lower the prices of overnight flights. It will also save you the next complete day if you fly overnight. 

Use Travel Credit Cards

While making your flight reservations, always use the best travel credit cards. It will not only give you heavy discounts but some other benefits also like seat class up-gradation, free checked luggage, and enough travel credit points which further help you to save big on your future flight bookings. So, it is always a smart choice to book your flight by using a travel credit card.

Note – If you’re looking to fly for exploring new places, then consider booking on low or shoulder seasons. You’ll get the cheapest flight deals during these seasons. For more details check out the cheapest months to fly and travel on a low budget. 


Book Cheap Tuesday Flights With MyTicketsToIndia 

Are flights cheaper on Tuesdays? Yes, the airline prices drop on Tuesday, but not for every destination, airport, route, flight, etc. This isn’t a hard and fast rule to specifically look for cheap flight tickets on Tuesdays, you can also switch to other weekdays for making your travel budget-friendly. But, flights that take off and land on weekends, or Mondays (mornings and evenings) and Fridays generally cost more. So, aim for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. To get the cheapest Tuesday flight deals, you can get assistance from our travel experts at MyTicketsToIndia. They will surely help you to snag the best yet cheapest price for the flight to your favorite destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days before a flight is the best price?

A: Book at least a month or two in advance to get the lowest prices for your flights. 

Q: What day of the week is the worst time to buy air tickets?

A: Weekend is considered the worst and most expensive time to book airline tickets. 

Q: When do the prices of flights drop during the week?

A: Airlines start dropping the prices of flights on Monday nights, which again start increasing on Friday. So, from Tuesday mornings till Thursdays, you can book your tickets at cheap prices. 

Q: Do flights get cheaper close to date?

A: Prices of flights tend to increase the closer you get to your departure date. So, it is always better to book well in advance. 

Q: Do airline ticket prices change at midnight?

A: Yes, it is true that flight prices go down at midnight. And, Tuesday around midnight is the cheapest time of the week to grab a flight deal at the lowest prices. 

Q: Are Flights really cheaper on Tuesdays? 

A: Yes Flight prices are really cheaper on Tuesdays, Prices of flight tickets go down on Tuesday morning and late at night on Mondays, as airlines make a whole week’s price chart as per the availability of the seats and by observing the competitors’ pricing strategy.

Q: Are Tuesdays cheaper to book flights?

A: Yes Tuesdays are cheaper to book flights, the flight tickets go down on Tuesday morning and at midnight on Monday.

That’s almost everything you need to know about ‘Why are flights cheaper on Tuesdays?’. So, the next time you faced any confusion about the cheapest time of the week to book flights, consider this blog. 
Still have some queries? Get in touch with our team, we’ll not only resolve your queries but will help you to grab the best Tuesday flight deals at affordable prices. We’re one of the best flight booking agencies in the USA that deals in offering cheap flights from USA to India and back. So, stop waiting and bag the best Tuesday flight deals with us!

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