A Handy Guide To The Best Places For Celebrating 4th Of July

Celebrating 4th Of July

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Ready to celebrate July 4th – Independence Day? It is one of the most festive holidays in the U.S.A and a great time for traveling, too. Many people choose to celebrate the holiday at home with their families and others choose to celebrate outside as a community. Every part of the country celebrates a tad bit differently, but all of them will show you an amazing time. It is undoubtedly one of the best times to be in the USA. 

From mind-blowing fireworks displays, and patriotic parades, to fantastic street parties and more, there are some of the best vacation destinations to celebrate July 4th. And, to help you in celebrating 4th of July – Independence Day beautifully, we’ve compiled the best places for celebrations and the best things to do on the 4th of July. 

Why Is July 4th Celebrated? 

The 4th of July is celebrated as the birth of American Independence. This day is incredibly significant in American history, as it marks the day the U.S.A. officially became its own nation. The decoration of independence was adopted on July 4th, 1776 – and thus, the U.S.A. was born. 

Citizens of the U.S.A celebrate America’s birthday with festivals, amazing fireworks, parades, sparkles, and barbecues. 

Amazing Places For 4th Of July Celebrations

If you’re looking to go to an amazing destination for celebrating 4th of July near you, some places offer great opportunities to really do it right this Independence Day. These places offer a wonderful vacation time with spectacular July 4th celebrations,

1. New York City 

New York City (Statue of Liberty)

New York City is indeed the most amazing and popular place to go on Independence day. There are so many July 4th celebrations going on that anyone could ever hope to attend. You can enjoy the breathtaking fireworks from anywhere near New york’s most famous bridge, with elevated public viewing areas in Manhattan, as well as in Queens and Brooklyn. 

2. Washington, DC

Washington DC

No one wants to miss out on an exciting holiday along with the 4th of July celebrations in the capital city of the U.S.A. There is an assortment of parades throughout the city that are being held with a varied collection of floats, music, and performers. The day in Washington, D.C., is topped off with an impressive fireworks display over the National Mall. 

3. Boston


This city is famous for its fireworks display accompanied live by the world-famous Boston Pops Orchestra and the night ends with amazing fireworks and Tchaikovsky’s iconic ‘1812 Overture’. The event starts around 8 PM and fireworks blast off from seven barges along the Charles River while the public watch from the DCR hatch Shell on the Esplanade or along with the Longfellow Bridges. 

4. San Francisco 

San Francisco

Without a doubt, San Francisco knows how to celebrate the birthday of the U.S.A. the right way. The city typically celebrates with fireworks, parades, specialty cruises, live music, etc. It usually sets off fireworks from two locations – from barges north of Pier 39 and at the end of the Municipal Pier in Aquatic Park along the bay. Also, don’t miss out on taking a stroll across the legendary Golden Gate and a cruise to Alcatraz.

5. Chicago


If you are heading to Chicago, a windy city of the country, for celebrating 4th of July – America’s birthday, means you are ensuring a fun trip with amazing events and attractions that make the city shine. Navy Pier has firework shows during all summer season but on July 4th the iconic downtown Chicago destination put on a special red, white, and blue fireworks display. 

6. San Diego

San Diego

San Diego is undoubtedly a great place to be on the 4th of July for fireworks and other amazing events. One of the biggest firework events of the country happens in San Diego, the city puts on a dazzling display each year above the bay as part of the Big Bay Boom fireworks celebrations.  It is also a popular vacation destination year-round, with major tourist attractions. 

There are many other famous places that you can visit to witness the 4th of July celebrations in the USA such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New England, Philadelphia, etc. 

Great Things To Do On The 4th Of July 

Enjoy The Fireworks

July 4 Celebrations (Fireworks)

See the spectacular fireworks in different parts of the country. No matter where you are, you can enjoy some fireworks near you as they happen in almost every city. 

Watch A Parade   

Find out what time your local July 4th parade will kick off with your community board, then invite your friends and relative and enjoy the parade. 

July 4 Parade in USA

Visit A National Monument

Nothing is better than to immerse yourself in the country’s history to celebrate July 4th. The Washington Monument, one of the most historic places in the U.S.A., is the perfect place. 

Washington Monument

Take Some Family Photos

Get everyone dressed up with the best red, blue and white getups and do a family photo shoot. And, don’t forget to post the same on Instagram with the best 4th July captions. 

Do Some Shopping

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the amazing 4th of July sales and make your long weekend enjoyable with amazing stuff by spending a little money. 

Light Up Some Sparkles With Your Kids

If you and your family can’t make it to a fireworks show this year, don’t be upset, light up some sparkles with your kids and family. Just make sure of your safety. 

Set Up A Backyard Barbecue

Fire up the grill in your backyard for great food with your friends and family. Hot dogs and burgers are very important, of course, but don’t forget to add some tasty cool drinks. 

Be Crafty With Your Kids

It is very difficult to keep the little ones happy and entertained. So, on this amazing occasion, do some craft works with your kids like decorating pots, painting, etc. 

Tip for travelers: Independence Day is round the corner, and summer holidays are booking up fast. There’s a chance that the destination you were counting on is already at maximum capacity. So hurry up, travelers! Book your flight without any further delay by availing of July 4 flight discounts. We have some of the best deals waiting for you. 

Latest Updates On Fourth Of July Traffic 

(Numerous Flight Delays & Cancelations Are Expected Because Of Busy July 4 Weekend)

As the July 4th holiday weekend nears, many passengers have been caught up in travel chaos as several flights were delayed and canceled in the past few days. Airlines struggling with bad weather and a shortage of employees, especially pilots, lead to widespread flight cancellations. A similar thing was observed during the Memorial Day celebrations as well.

All this makes sense as people have been stuck in their houses for more than 2 years. They are just not ready to take it anymore and want to enjoy trips with friends and families, which resulted in revenge travel, a sudden boom in demand irrespective of hikes in flight ticket prices. They are ready to pay more for their trips. And airlines are facing staff shortage issues which results in flight cancelations during this holiday season.  

Flight Delays And Cancelation Data 

According to sources, 1600+ trips within and outside the U.S.A. have already been delayed as of Monday afternoon. More than 620 flights were canceled on Saturday and 730+ cancellations were reported on Sunday. There are still more chances of flight delays and cancelations in the upcoming days as a large crowd of passengers are expected to fly. The busiest day for the holiday travel period is expected to be the 2nd of July with a huge number of passengers, officials said.  

Delta Airlines Flight Cancelations

Delta Airlines was hit hardest by the cancelations of flights, which the company mentioned happened because of weather and employee absences. By noon Monday,  Delta Airlines had canceled more than 200 flights.

A Delta Airlines spokesperson said that “Delta teams continue to safely manage through compounding factors affecting our operation this weekend, including higher-than-planned unscheduled absences in some of our work groups, weather, and air traffic control constraints. Canceling a flight is always our last resort, and we sincerely apologize to our customers for any disruption to their travel plans.” 

United Airlines Flight Cancelations

According to officials, United Airlines canceled more than 120 flights and delayed more than 180 by Monday afternoon. United Airlines said it would cut around 50 daily departures this summer from New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. Domestic flights of the airline are affected more badly. 

American Airlines Flight Cancelations

According to reports, American Airlines canceled more than 210 flights and more than 200 were delayed by noon Monday. American Airlines replied to one of its passengers on Twitter who showed disappointment on flight cancelation, AA answered that thunderstorms were causing disruptions at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. 

Reasons For Flight Delays and Cancelations 

Airlines have mentioned some basic reasons for a rapid increase in flight delays and cancelations in the last few days. Let’s look at those reasons:

  • Due to bad weather (thunderstorms) during the summer, airlines have delayed or canceled some flights for safety reasons.
  • Airlines have also acknowledged a factor of staffing shortages, so, they have started hiring at a rapid pace to replace tens of thousands of workers whom the airlines paid to quit when travel collapsed in 2020 because of a COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Delays and cancelations are happening due to high demand in comparison to less staff. It is reported that in a few days, over 47 million people are expected to travel for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a 3.7% increase from last year. And, around 3.55 million of those people are expected to fly between Friday to Monday. 


According to the sources, travelers are stressed out about their upcoming travel after being alarmed by the high number of canceled flights – more than 2000 in a five-day stretch. Various major airlines have dropped 15% of the flights they originally planned for June through August to make the remaining international and domestic flights more reliable. Airlines are hiring and training more pilots and customer-service agents and providing travelers the option of flexible flights which give them more flexibility to change travel plans without any extra charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why 4th of July is celebrated? 

A: 4th of July has been celebrated as an independence day in the U.S.A since 1776. Citizens celebrate America’s birthday with fireworks, sparkles, parades, barbecues, etc. 

Q: Is it difficult to book flights for the upcoming July 4th long weekend?

A: Millions of bookings have been noticed by officials for the upcoming 4th July holiday weekend, and due to a shortage of staff many flights were delayed and canceled in the past few days. So, plan your trip accordingly, many airlines provide flexible flights option also.

Q: Where to celebrate July 4th – America’s birthday? 

A: You can enjoy this Independence Day with grand celebrations in any part of the country. The whole country celebrates this day with heart. But, you can prefer to go to New York City, Boston, San Fransisco, and Washington for celebrating the 4th of July. 


That is almost everything we have about this 4th of July celebrations & latest flight updates for this day. Hope this piece helps you in some way. If you have visited any of the cities mentioned above, do share your experience in a comment section. We’d love to hear from you. You can also ask your queries related to the 4th of July flight delays and cancelations. Our team, at MyTicketsToIndia, will help in the best possible way and answer all your queries.  

MyTicketsToIndia is a flight-booking portal exclusively for USA to India flights and vice versa with an experience of 13+ years. To make journeys hassle-free for our customers, our team works 24/7. So, if you’re looking to book USA-India flight tickets, call us @ +1-585-948-0222 and get the best assistance. 

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