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If you are a passenger and especially a student passenger of Cathay Pacific, then let us tell you that the exciting deals and irresistible Cathay Pacific discount are waiting for you. 

Let’s take a look at the Cathay Pacific student discount and all other available Cathay Pacific coupon to help you save a lot on your flight.  

Everything About Cathay Pacific Student Discount – 

Travel is an essential part of student life especially when you are an international student. Whether you’re taking a plane to study abroad, flying back home, or organizing a vacation in between semesters, affordable student fares on flights have got you covered.

Cathay Pacific is one of the top 9 airlines providing cheap student discount flights via there various discount code coupons. For example: by simply entering Cathay Pacific discount code JPSTUDENT when searching for your flights, you can get a glimpse of all the Cathay Pacific student fares for flights. 

Not only, this by using the INSTUDENT Cathay Pacific Coupon code, you can also avail of special discounts and extra baggage allowances. Another coupon code, USSTUDENT also helps you get Cathay Pacific discounted tickets for the United States. 

We will learn about all the Cathay Pacific Discount code and their benefits in detail below. Let us begin by knowing what the students require before they apply for discounted student fare flights. 

Required Documents For Cathay Student Discount

Here is the required list of documents. You should present at least one of them to validate your student status. 

  • International Student Identity Card – ISIC Card 
  • Student Visa
  • A student ID or document with a student number
  • Proof of student status such as admission number. 

You will be asked to submit these documents along with their date of issue when making an online booking. Also, these documents are required to be presented during check-in at the airport. So make sure you have them to not let go of your Cathay Pacific student discount. In case of absence of these documents, you will be asked to pay the fare difference for your flight. 

Please Note: Do crosscheck with the official website of Cathay Pacific to make sure you don’t miss anything important. 

Tip: Do keep in mind the difference between premium economy vs economy before you use your Cathay Pacific coupon to make the best use of it. 

  1. Cathay Pacific Code – JPSTUDENT 

Here are the details for booking student discount via the JPSTUDENT  discount code. 

  • As per this code, you’ll be eligible for a 10-15% discount on your flights provided you have submitted all the required documents. 
  • However, the discount rate may vary as per your destination but this Cathay Pacific student discount code entitles you to a 10 to 15% discount before the application of any taxes, applicable fees, or carrier charges. 
  • Departure Period: 2 April 2024 – 31 December 2025 

Book By: 30 September, 2024 

Student Fare Options- 

Cathay Pacific provides students with interesting fare options like Cathay Pacific Economy Light, Cathay Pacific Economy Essential, and Cathay Pacific Economy Flex to help them make the most of their Cathay Pacific Coupon.

Cabin Baggage1 piece, 7kg1 piece, 7kg1 piece, 7kg
Checked Baggage1 piece, 23 Kg2 pieces, 23 Kg each2 pieces, 23 Kg each
Student Fare Checked Baggage+ 1 extra piece (to US only), 23kg+ 1 extra piece (all destinations), 23kg
Student Fare Flight Changes Exclusive rate of USD50Exclusive rate of USD20Free
Student Fare CancellationsShort haul: USD150
Long haul: USD200
Short haul: USD100
Long haul: USD180
Short haul: USD80
Long haul: USD100
Status Points and MilesAvailable Available Available 
  • For Premium Economy Flights the cabin baggage and checked baggage category remains the same as that of Economy Flex. Student fare flight changes are also free of cost. 
  • For Business Class Flights, the Cabin Baggage is 1 piece, 10 kgs, and the allowed Checked Baggage is of 2 pieces, 32 Kg each. The student fare checked baggage is +1 piece of 32 Kg for all destinations. 

Wondering how would you manage everything if you were on your way to a solo travel destination? 

Worry not!

Cathay’s Meet and Assist Service at the airport is there to help you out with everything, ensuring you have a smooth flight. 

Let’s move on to the next Cathay Pacific voucher code! 

  1. INSTUDENT Student Discount Cathay Pacific 

With INSTUDENT  journey student discount code, you can take advantage of exclusive prices and extra baggage allowance for international students when on your flight from India to South West Pacific and Asian destinations such as Delhi to Los Angeles flights & more. 

Departure Period: Student Fares: 2 April 2024 – 31 December 2025 

Book By: Student Fares: 30 September, 2024 

Offers – 

  • On using this code, you get a 10% off on Economy class , available on destinations in Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Philippines and Australia. 
  • You also get access to special additional baggage Cathay Pacific allowance that is 1 extra piece , 23 Kgs To United States / Canada with Essential fare type and 1 extra piece, 23kgs to all other destinations with Economy Flex Cathay Pacific fare type.

A little out of the way information because we couldnt hold our excitement!

As per Government of India, biometric based immigration checks will be rolled out soon at Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru airports for international passengers. In one line, this system would eliminate the need of physical passports thus, ensuring an effortless, less time consuming security check. 

Sounds interesting right? 

Time to move onto our last Cathay Pacific promo code! 

  1. Cathay Pacific US Student Discount Code – USSTUDENT

USSTUDENT is a Cathay Pacific discount code student only discount for the United States when travelling from Boston, Los Angeles , New York city, San Fransisco or Chicago like the  Bangalore to Chicago Flights

Departure Date: 2 April 2024 –  31 December 2025

Book By: 2 April 2024 – 31 September 2024

Offers On Student Fares Collection USA Flights

Cathay Pacific Student Discount USA has the following benefits: 

  • Additional Baggage Allowance: Along with international flight offers for students, this discount enables you to gain an additional piece of luggage without paying any Cathay Pacific extra baggage fee. 
  • Discounted Change Fees: One of the benefits of Cathay Pacific airways promo code is it allows you to change your flight bookings at discounted rates. 
  • Discounts on Cabins: Not only do these discounts extend to selected destinations but also Premium Economy and Business Class Cabins. 

Please Note: Discounts are only applicable to students age 31 or below with a valid ISIC or Student Number. 

These coupon codes are a great way to save money or your one way or round trips to specific destinations . However, it is always advised to keep an eye on the website for any latest inclusions that might be of interest to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to apply student discount on Flights Of Cathay Pacific?

A: In order toavail of your Cathay Pacific International Student Discount simply enter the discount code while searching for your flights. While booking your online tickets, add that discount code to the discount field along with documents like ISIC for verification.

Q: What to do if my baggage gets lost at the USA airport?

A: You can claim compensation for lost, delayed or damaged bag in USA as per the policy of your airlines.

Q: What is Cathay Pacific extra baggage cost?

A: The Cathay Pacific extra baggage price USD 200 for each oversized piece.

Q: What to take out at airport security?

A: You could be asked to remove various things at airport like perfume, belts and booby pins.

And that’s all about coupon codes from our side! 

Wondering how to get affordable tickets as an adult?

We at MyTicketsToIndia are here to help you bag the best USA to India Flight deals because, why should kids have all the fun? Contact us now. 

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