Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru Airports To Have Biometric-Based Immigration Checks 

Biometric-Based Immigration Checks At DEL, BOM & BLR

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The Government of India plans to introduce biometric-based, automated immigration clearances at New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru Airports. Initially, this system will be rolled out for international passengers only. Know about this latest update in detail below – 

Features Of Biometric-Based Immigration Checks 

  • It eliminates the necessity of physical passports.
  • In place of paper, fingerprints, and facial recognition technology will be used to verify the passenger’s identities. 
  • After mandate approval from the cabinet, this step would further alleviate security and immigration challenges.
  • It would help in the development of necessary airport infrastructure. 

When Will Indian Citizens Become A Part Of The Scheme?

Indian citizens will become a part of the system only after the issuance of E-Passports that will have both paper and electronic elements. Till then it would be only open to international passengers at New Delhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, and Bengaluru Airport. 

So, if you are coming from the USA to India (such as traveling on New York to Mumbai flights and so on) through Mumbai Airport, Bengaluru Airport, or New Delhi Airport, you will be able to avail the facility. 

DigiYatra – A Step Towards Digital India 

In a recent meeting, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had a discussion with the Chairman of the Airport Authority Of India (AAI) and the Chief Executive of Private Airports regarding the DigiYatra app to provide a paperless journey to domestic air passengers. 

DigiYatra is a contactless air travel solution that uses facial recognition technology to ensure a hassle-free checking and verification process at airports, ensuring less waste of time and a seamless boarding process. According to Scindia, the DigiYatra facility will be made available to 25 more airports in 2024 which include Mumbai Airport, Bengaluru Airport, Delhi Airport, and more.

And, that’s all for now! 

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