Air India Takes Delivery Of First Former Delta Airlines’ Boeing 777-200LR

Air India Takes Delivery Of First Former Delta Airlines’ Boeing 777-200LR

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Air India has taken delivery of its newest Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, marking an important milestone in its fleet restructuring program. The airline will become the second airline in India to offer premium economy cabin after Vistara and will use this aircraft for long-haul flights to North America. With this new addition to its fleet, Air India is now better equipped to provide its customers with a more comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. Here’s to know more details about this latest news – 

Air India’s First Plane Arrives

Air India is proud to announce the acquisition of a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, previously flown by Delta Airlines. This new addition to its fleet of aircraft will be inducted over the next few months, with around 30 planes being leased on a short-term basis – five of these being the state-of-the-art 777 widebodies. This is a significant step forward in Air India’s mission to provide customers with a safe and reliable journey.

Air India is adding four more Boeing 777-200LRs to its fleet by March 2023. The seven other Boeing 777s will join the airline between December and March 2023. VT-AEF, the latest aircraft have already been delivered. It was previously flying for Delta as N702DN. This addition will not only expand Air India’s fleet with more advanced aircraft but also enhance its international operations. This Boeing 757-200 has been a part of Delta Airlines since 2008. With over 60,000 flight hours and 5,246 cycles in its 15 years of service, it is a reliable workhorse for the airline. As of November 2020, it has served passengers reliably and safely, providing them with an enjoyable travel experience.

Air India is planning to expand its flight network across North America. The long-range Boeing 777-200LRs will be important for routes to the US West Coast. The airline has also resurrected previously suspended routes to the US, including San Francisco to Bengaluru flights and New York to Mumbai flights. With this increased capacity and improved connectivity, Air India provides an unparalleled and reliable service for travelers looking to explore the United States.

Renamed Its Aircraft To Vihaan

Air India is proud to announce the renaming of its aircraft to Vihaan. The success of the multi-stage transformation roadmap that was revealed in September has been depicted by this milestone. The airline has made a five-year plan and defined key objectives itself with timelines to accomplish the same which include expanding its network & fleet, revamping its customer proposition, increasing reliability and performance, and earning a leadership position in technology, sustainability, and innovation. Air India is also investing heavily in the best industry talent to ensure its success. With Vihaan, the sky is the limit!

Already, Air India has seen impressive results; it topped the OTP charts in October and optimized its network. Along with expanding its international reach, Air India has also cut many unprofitable domestic flights. The airline’s commitment to a successful transformation is evident in the launch of Vihaan – the beginning of a journey to a bright, new future.

Premium Economy Class On Select Routes Of Air India

Air India has just revealed the newest addition to its fleet – the 777-200LR named ‘Vihaan’. It is fully equipped with a lavish premium economy cabin which is a first for Air India. With this change, the airline is now capable to compete with other airlines offering the same cabin choices and services. This aircraft is sure to be a hit with passengers, providing them with the best experience possible.

Along with new aircraft, AI has taken some measures to restore almost 20 aircraft that are not in use for a long time due to a lack of engines and spare parts. With more than 30,000 parts procured to make these planes airworthy again, Air India is committed to continuing the transformation process and restoring its interiors to their former glory.

Air India has made significant progress in cabin refurbishment and passengers can expect to see the results in the coming months. Despite the current global supply-chain issues, the new team is working diligently to improve the overall product and provide a seamless travel experience.

That’s almost everything you must know about Air India’s newest Bowing 777-200LR. We want to hear your opinion on the airline’s latest 777 aircraft! Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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