Delta Airlines Secretly Offered New Perks To Customers With Elite Status

Delta Airlines Secretly Offered New Perks To Customers With Elite Status

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Over the past few months, Delta Air Lines has been making significant changes to its frequent flyer program – changes that make it more difficult to achieve the highest tier of elite status. To reach the highest tier, Delta has increased the spending requirement by an astounding 33%. This means that even if you already had elite status, you may need to spend more to maintain it. With Delta’s aggressive changes to its loyalty program, it’s now more important than ever to compare and find the airline that best fits your travel needs. Let’s know more about this latest update below – 

Delta’s New Perks For Its Loyal Customers

Delta Airlines announced that its loyal customers will be able to use upgrade certificates online in 2023, something they have been eagerly awaiting. This change will make it easier and more convenient for customers to use their upgrade certificates.

Platinum and Diamond Medallion members now have the ability to choose a set number of upgrade certificates to confirm their seat in first class, or, for Diamond Medallion members, Delta One’s luxurious business class. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and convenience when you take advantage of these upgrade certificates.

New Advancements In Technology For Easier Process

The problem with using Delta Airlines’ certificates was that booking a flight and then calling Delta to ask someone to apply it to your ticket was an inconvenient and time-consuming process. It was a far from ideal experience for customers. Luckily, with advancements in technology, the process has been streamlined and is now much easier. Customers can now easily apply their Delta Airlines certificates to their flight tickets with just a few clicks.

In October, Delta announced this exciting new improvement to its loyalty program. This is a huge step forward in convenience, as it eliminates the need to go through tedious paperwork or contact customer service in order to use one of the best benefits of having elite status. With this change, travelers can make the most of their loyalty rewards easily. It’s time to take your loyalty experience to the next level – start applying for your certificates online with Delta today!

Upgrade Your Certificate Easily

Delta has just launched a feature that works seamlessly and efficiently—ahead of schedule! After applying for an upgrade certificate, you will receive a notification and an email within a few minutes confirming the upgrade. It’s truly remarkable how quickly and easily this process works.

Shortcomings Delta Airlines’ Has Been Experiencing

It’s a shame that it took so long for Delta to finally offer this feature, especially when other airlines have had it for years now. As a company that prides itself on delivering a first-class experience to its customers, it’s surprising that Delta was so slow to make this change. We hope that this is the first of many more improvements that Delta can make to provide the best service possible to its customers.

Dealing with ticket re-issuance can be an absolute nightmare. Often, if you’re trying to resolve a ticket-related issue, you might have to call more than once. Unfortunately, you may not know that you need to do this until you try to check in for your flight and find that your ticket has not been reissued. To avoid this frustrating situation, make sure to ask for confirmation of your ticket reissue each time you call.

How Delta Airlines Overcame Its Drawbacks?

In 2022, it’s clear that we should all be able to click a few buttons on a computer and get the results we need – without waiting days or months, or having to stand in a queue. Automation should be the norm, allowing us to take control of tasks and get results quickly and easily.

It’s commendable how quickly Delta delivered on its promise. They definitely exceeded our expectations and made things so much easier for customers. It’s amazing how much better it is when companies fulfill their promise and deliver even earlier than expected. It truly is the mark of excellent customer service.

Note: American Airlines has also announced a controversial change in the AAdvantage frequent flyer program to retain its best customers, check out the details here. 


Delta is taking a smart approach to better segment its most valuable customers by making it harder to attain top-tier status. It’s an interesting lesson that not every customer can be the most valuable customer, and if you want to provide a premium experience to them, you have to be selective. By doing so, Delta is ensuring that its most loyal customers receive the best experience possible.

The best time to fix this feature may have been a long time ago, but the second-best time is now. So, don’t wait any longer – enjoy these amazing new perks today that Delta Airlines is offering.

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