Effect Of Omicron Variant On Air Bubble India-USA Flights

air bubble flight USA to India

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The new COVID variant has been wreaking havoc in each of our lives. No wonder, travelers wanting to fly to India from USA or back have been frantically looking for options. While Vande Bharat flights have been a savior, Air Bubble India-USA flights are a great substitute.

That’s because the normal international flight operations have been suspended till 28 Feb 2022. They were supposed to resume on 15 December 2021 but the new COVID variant happened and disrupted most of the plans. This makes it clear that until normal flights start, air bubble India USA flights will continue to operate. 

Below is the list of airlines that fly between India and USA under the green (air bubble) corridor along with the transit points, eligibilities, and requirements.

What are Air Bubble Flights?

Flights under the Green Corridor that are operated when regular international flights are suspended come under air bubble flights. Air travel bubble is, thus, an agreement that involves two countries to accelerate the travel process and help stranded people reach their destination. 

List Of Air Bubble India-USA Flights 2022

Air India
United Airlines
Qatar Airways
British Airways
Delta Air Lines
Virgin Atlantic

Air Bubble India USA Flights Via Air India

Air India has been a prime carrier when it comes to operating air bubble flights between India and USA. The national carrier of India also operates the maximum number of nonstop flights between India and USA. Here’s the complete list of non-stop flights between India and USA

The people who are eligible to travel to India from the USA and back are eligible to board Air India flights. There are not many restrictions. And because Air India is the national carrier of India, this airline has been on its toes right from the beginning. It has literally moved mountains to help stranded Indians come back to their country via evacuation and repatriation flights.

And MyTicketsToIndia takes pride in having played a substantial role by helping travelers with their queries regarding routes, document requirements, quarantine policies, India to USA flight news, and more. It’s because of our efforts that we have more than 5k+ positive reviews on Trustpilot with a Trustscore of 4.8.

Want to book a flight from USA to India? Whatever be your requirements (non-stop, one-stop, or multi-stop) we are here to serve! 

United Airlines Air Bubble India USA Flights

United Airlines hasn’t been far behind in serving USA-India passengers. The airline started operating shortly after the air bubble between the countries was signed. Both US citizens (with/without) OCI cards or valid visas and lawful permanent residents/green card holders can book United air bubble flights to India from USA. 

Also, Indian citizens with a valid US visa, such as B1/B2, can book air bubble flights from India to USA. 

Emirates Airlines’ US-India Air Bubble Flights

It was in Aug 2020 that Emirates joined the US-India air bubble travel corridor. One can book flights to India from USA and back with ease. And MyTicketsToIndia can help you with the same. 

Eligibility For Emirates Inbound Flights To India From USA

Emirates flights from USA to India operate in the air bubble corridor with a transit in Dubai. While Indian nationals can easily board USA-India flights, US citizens must have the OCI/PIO card or a valid visa. Foreign nationals intending to visit India on Tourist Visas (including their dependents on the appropriate category of dependent visa) will be accepted if they have been issued on or after 6 October 2021. Tourist Visas have started being accepted from 15 November 2021.

Eligibility For Emirates Outbound Flights From India To USA

There are no passport or visa-specific restrictions to travel from India to USA as such. However, fo clarity, the following people can board Emirates flights via Doha. 

  • US citizens with/without OCI/PIO card
  • US green cardholders 
  • Indian citizens with B1/B2, H1B, H4, F1 or any other US visa 
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Requirements For Transiting In Doha While Traveling To/From India 

Please note that all passengers transiting through Dubai from India must present a valid negative COVID‑19 RT‑PCR test certificate that is issued within 72 hours from the time the sample was collected. The report must be issued from an approved health service provider and it should also have a QR code.

Visa Requirements: Indian Nationals with a normal passport who are traveling to or from India via Dubai can obtain a visa on arrival in Dubai for a maximum stay of 14 days if they have a visitor visa or a green card issued by the United States that is valid for a minimum of 6 months.

Qatar Airways’ Air Bubble India-USA Flights

Qatar Airways has been helping all Indian Nationals (no matter what their US visa status) and US citizens (with OCI cards/ valid Indian visas) via Doha. 

Eligibility For Qatar Airways Inbound Flights To India From USA

All Indian nationals and US citizens (with/without OCI cards) can travel to India. However, US citizens without OCI/PIO cards must have a valid VISA. Tourist visas (electronic/paper) issued before October 6, 2021, and medical visas issued on or before 21 October 2020 are currently prohibited. 

Eligibility For Qatar Airways Outbound Flights To USA From India

People who are eligible for Qatar Airways’ India-USA flights are –

  • All US nationals and their immediate family members
  • Greencard holders and their dependents
  • Indian passport holders irrespective of the US visa they hold (B1/B2, H1B, H4, F1, and others) 
  • Members of US armed forces and their dependents (including spouses and children) 

Qatar Airways USA to India Flights While Transiting In Doha

Please note that Qatar Airways connects travelers from the US on its air bubble flights to India at Doha Hamad International Airport. 

Route: Qatar Airways operates flights from New York JFK, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington DC, Seattle, and San Francisco to New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Kochi, Kozhikode and Trivandrum via Doha.

If you are looking for one of these routes from USA to India, MyTicketsToIndia can help.

Lufthansa Air Bubble India-USA Flights

Lufthansa (the flag carrier of Germany) flies to India as part of the bilateral air-bubble agreement between Germany and India. 

Route: Lufthansa flies to India from Frankfurt and Munich and lands in New Delhi (5 days in a week), Mumbai (3 days in a week), and Bangalore (2 days in a week). 

Eligibility For Lufthansa Inbound Flights To India From USA 

As per the latest eligibility criteria, only US citizens can travel on Lufthansa flights to India. US nationals holding an OCI card and Indian passport holders from the US are barred from traveling on Lufthansa’s inbound flights to India.

Route: Since India has an air bubble with both USA and Germany, the routes that Lufthansa follows to fly to India are from all the major US cities. This includes – Los Angeles, Detroit, Washington, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, and more.

To know more about the routes, give us a call @1-585-948-0222 and we’ll help you out with the best flight itinerary. 

Eligibility For Lufthansa Outbound Flights From India To USA 

Only foreign nationals including US citizens (without OCI cards) and their spouses with a valid US visa can fly from India to USA via Lufthansa.

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Requirements If Transiting In Germany

Inbound Flights: As of 23 December 2021, after the spread of the new COVID variant, every person over the age of six is obliged to carry proof of their COVID‑19 status when entering Germany. This also applies to all the travelers who are only transiting at an airport in Germany. For USA to India travel, while transiting in Germany, you must take an Antigen/PCR/LAMP/TMA test not more than 48 hours before your transit in Frankfurt or Munich, apart from taking an RT-PCR test within 72 hours of undertaking the journey from the US. 

air bubble flight

Outbound Flights: If you’re someone who’s changing flights without leaving the international transit area of an airport in Germany, you do not need to undergo digital entry registration, mandatory testing, quarantine, or show proof of vaccination. This applies to travels from a destination outside the Schengen area and with a destination outside Schengen area – for example from Delhi (outside Schengen) via Frankfurt (transit) to USA (outside Schengen).

Air Bubble India-USA Flights Via British Airways

India signed the air bubble agreement with the UK on 17th August 2020. Post that, British Airways (the flag carrier of the United Kingdom) started operating India flights on 19 August 2020. The flights ran from London Heathrow to India and back.

Consequently, as part of the India-UK bilateral travel bubble, British Airways started operating USA to India flights and back with a one-stop connection in London Heathrow. 

BA flights from USA currently serve the following cities in India – New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. 

British Airways Inbound Flights To India From USA

Post the spread of the new COVID variant, British Airways’ travel eligibility for inbound flights to India includes – 

  • Indian nationals.
  • OCI/PIO cardholders holding passports of any country 
  • Foreign nationals (including US citizens and their dependents) holding a valid visa to India

British Airways Outbound Flights To India From USA 

All foreign nationals and their spouses (including US citizens) can take British Airways flights from India to USA without restrictions while transiting in London Heathrow. 

However, BA is not permitted to fly Indian Nationals (regardless of their foreign residency status) beyond the UK, Ireland, and Cayman Islands unless their spouse is a foreign national or they are a seaman traveling with authorised documentation from the Ministry of Shipping.

And if you are eligible to travel via British Airways from India to USA and back, there are some guidelines you need to take care of.

Guidelines For British Airways Travel 

  • You must complete a passenger locator form to board a flight to London.
  • A COVID-19 RT PCR negative result is required. Please ensure your test report meets the detailed requirements and has a QR code.

India-USA Air Bubble Flights Via Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines has been a major name when it comes to air bubble flights operating between India and USA. Even post the new COVID variant made its way, Delta started operating Air France and KLM Airlines’ codeshare flights via Paris and Amsterdam respectively. It still continues to. 

Delta Air Lines operates on these routes as the MARKETING CARRIER.

However, please note that neither Air France nor KLM Airlines has the permission to carry Indian Nationals post their respective hub airports in the EU region. 

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Delta Airlines Eligibility Criteria For Travelers Flying B/w India & USA

  • Indian passport holders
  • Lawful permanent residents
  • B2/B1 visa holders
  • US citizens with/without OCI/PIO cards
  • Foreign nationals with a valid visa 

Virgin Atlantic Air Bubble USA-India Flights 

Since Virgin Atlantic Flights is headquartered in the UK, flights from India to USA by this airline operate under the UK-India air bubble travel arrangement. Thus, passengers coming from USA to India or India to USA have to make a stop at London Heathrow. 

Virgin Atlantic Eligibility Criteria For USA to India Travelers 

  • Indian nationals
  • OCI/PIO cardholders holding passports of any country
  • Foreign nationals including US citizens with a valid visa 

Virgin Atlantic Eligibility Criteria For India To USA Travelers 

Virgin Atlantic doesn’t allow Indian citizens, unless their spouse is a US national, to board flights from India if they are destined for USA. 

That’s pretty much everything about India-USA air bubble flight impacted by the new COVID variant.

Popular USA-India Routes

Have we missed a point? Do let us know in the comments and we’ll love to help you out.

And now that you know the restrictions and eligibilities of the airlines that have majorly been operating between India and USA, you can book them at ease by getting in touch with MyTicketsToIndia.

We are a flight-booking portal exclusively for flights to India from USA (and back) with an experience of 13 years. Our bookings that happen over calls or live chats give the much-needed personal touch where you’d know who to connect with, in case you need to seek refunds after cancelations. With an aim to make journeys easier for our clients, we give each traveler a dedicated travel agent who can iron out all your worries regarding air bubble India USA flights or otherwise. Sounds good? Well, then give us a call!

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Happy traveling! ?

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