Are IND-US Flights Transiting In Dubai Affected Due To The Current COVID-19 Travel Ban?

IND-US Flights Transiting In Dubai

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UAE recently updated its travel ban for India, starting 24 April 2021. The temporary ban will be effective till 4 May 2021 with chances of it getting extended. 

While imposing the ban, it was mentioned that all incoming flights on national and foreign carriers from India will be suspended. However, transportation of passengers from the Gulf country to India will be allowed.

Furthermore, passengers who have transited through India in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel from any other point to the UAE. As part of this, Emirates flights from India to the UAE have been suspended.

This has made travelers raise their concerns over whether Emirates flights to USA from India or otherwise via Dubai operate. 

Will Emirates Flights To USA From India Or Back Via Dubai Operate?


To all the travelers concerned about their USA to India (or back) flights transiting in Dubai, you don’t have to worry as those flights will continue to operate. 

There is absolutely no restriction on Emirates Airlines’ flights to India via Dubai. 

How Do Emirates Flights Operate Between USA And India

Via Air Bubbles. 

Ever since India formed an Air Bubble travel corridor with the USA (among other countries) Emirates joined the corridor and resumed its one-stop flights between USA and India. This is how Emirates has been covering the IND-USA route with a stop in Dubai. 

Where Do Emirates Flights From USA Land In India?

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram are certain destinations Emirates caters to. However, Emirates flights to Ahmedabad and Kozhikode from USA are suspended for now. 

Where Do Emirates Flights From USA Depart For India?

Emirates flights to India operate from New York (JFK), San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Orlando. Emirates flights from Newark (EWR) are currently suspended and are likely to resume this June. 

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Who Can Travel On Emirates Air Bubble Flights From USA To India? 

For Emirates flights that operate via the Air Bubble corridor from USA to India through Dubai, both US citizens and Indian nationals can travel. 

Eligibility Criteria- US citizens need either an OCI/PIO card or a valid visa to enter India. They cannot travel on Emirates (or any other airline), using a tourist visa to India, which is currently suspended in both electronic and paper formats. US citizens with/without OCI/PIO card, US green cardholders, and Indian citizens with B1/B2, H1B, H4, F1, or any other US visa can travel to USA from India by Emirates until the UAE banned flights from India with effect on April 25.  

About Visas- All medical visas to India issued on or before October 2020 continue to remain deferred. E-medical visa, e-medical attendant visa, e-conference visa, and e-business visa issued on or after 31 March 2021 are valid for travel to India. As usual, Indian nationals are eligible for Emirates flights to India, regardless of their US visa.

Restrictions- Outbound Emirates flights from India to USA do not have passport or visa-specific restrictions, unlike European airlines. 

Ban Extension- If the ban does not extend beyond May 4, Emirates will resume flying Indian nationals on a US tourist visa.

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Where Can You Get Emirates Flights From USA to India?

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All you have to do is give us a call or join the live chat and our travel experts will find you the best airfares as per your requirements along with the quarantine guidelines and restriction imposed or otherwise. 

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In case you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment/call/chat. We are right here to help you out! 

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