How Is Restarting Of Regular Int’l USA-India Flights Affecting Passengers

Consequences Of Lifting Air Travel Restrictions In India

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International flights were the only in-service flights that a flyer was restricted to fly with. However, the travel restrictions are in the past now! 

The regular international flights have resumed in the pre-pandemic order since 27th March 2022. Consequently, flying from the USA to India would be a hassle-free affair henceforth. How? Let’s find out! 

Changes Made By The Airlines

Just as much as the travelers, the aviation industry has been preparing for this for the longest time now. After all, the upliftment of all air travel restrictions was the only boost to impetus the travel industry’s economic rebuilding. 

The airport authorities and airlines have collaboratively added a few extra implications for the passengers to have an even better experience than how it was in the pre-pandemic times.

1. New Flight Routes From USA to India

American Airlines and United Airlines are excited to announce the resumption of routinely scheduled international flights to India. United Airlines Seattle to BLR flight service and San Francisco to Bangalore flights were repeatedly postponed due to low travel demand, limited flight options in the air bubble corridor, as well as other pandemic restrictions. 

Hopefully, the resumption of international passenger flight operations will bring back the traveling era just like how it used to be in the pre-pandemic times. Effective 27th March 2022, all the pandemic-related travel restrictions have been lifted for passengers flying to India. Following the newly established routes, the new flights from San Francisco to Bangalore and Seattle to Bangalore are expected to fly in May and October 2022, respectively.

2. Airlines Staff And Services Expansion 

The pandemic years and consequent downfall in the aviation and travel business led to a major recession phase for most airline staff and employees. However, since the regular international flights are all set to resume, the 100% staff capacity has also been re-recruited and filled so as to provide the best services to international travelers. The recommencement of regular international flights has effectively removed the existing cap on the infrequent services for foreign airlines. 

Reports suggest that Air India flights from the USA to India are all set to schedule in the pre-pandemic fashion. Even during the restricted travel years, Air India had spread its wings upwards and wide by operating flights to 81 international destinations for its flyers. 

In the wake of its resumption, United Airlines is also planning to double its flights to Delhi and Bangalore by the end of March 2022. Apart from these airlines, British Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Air Canada are also thoroughly equipped for expected flight demands and services. Interestingly, all these airlines connect Hyderabad to almost 12 different destinations in the US. 

3. Greater Number of Seat Availability

The pandemic years have led the passengers to face repeated unavailability, delay, and cancelation of flights. With the upliftment on the travel restrictions, not only a greater number of airplanes shall be flying to India but also have 100% occupancy easement on each flight. That being the case, finding a seat in a preferred timeline shall no longer be a tedious task. 

4. No Bilateral Air Bubble Agreement Related Restrictions

The passengers flying to India faced a great deal of boarding filtration throughout the pandemic period. Most of the time, either the flights weren’t available to serve, or the flyers weren’t eligible to board. Bound to the Bilateral air bubble agreement associated with India, most airlines allowed only US citizens to board flights to the USA via Europe. However, post restriction upliftment, any travel restriction for all Indian travelers has been annulled. 

Predicted Impact on Passengers

The much-awaited change has left all the flyers to resume their travel plans, whether personal or professional. The downfall in the aviation economy has left them no other way than to be on their toes for the forthcoming responsibilities. 

Here’s a list of a few vital aspects that a traveler must consider before executing their upcoming air travel plans. 

1. International Airfares Unlikely To Drop

Encountering terrible loss-years in business has led the aviation industry to run out on availing price drop services until the off-season. So if you’re planning to fly from India to the US, be adapted to the fact that you might not get a great price drop for flight booking in the given situation. 

Still, in case you wish to book the flight at the best price possible, you are always welcome for our assistance through the process. MyTicketsToIndia‘s travel experts are at your service 24*7 for any air travel-related queries or flight booking assistance.  

2. Heavy Footfall Initially

Since the international airports in India have been desert islands for years now, it’ll be wise for any traveler to expect a massive crowd of travelers like them right from the inception of upliftment. One must make sure to travel and pack accordingly. 

3. Exciting Travel Deals And Offers

Even though the nearing flight schedules would most likely have the least price drop of all times, MyTicketsToIndia, being a leading travel company, shall ensure it offers the best travel deals to its customers. 

We’ve not only been proudly serving promising customers like you for more than ten years now but also have proactively assisted the flyer in need to port from the USA to India during the pandemic era. 

Are there any queries that are still holding you back from planning your journey? 
Well, the travel experts of MyTicketsToIndia are just a call away to sail you past all your queries or for any kind of air travel assistance. Be it a last-minute booking, a planned trip, a business trip, or any other purpose; our travel experts are on the alert to provide you with the best services to our capacity. So, feel free to call us at 1-585-948-0222 or get in touch with us through live chat and get all your queries answered.

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  1. Mo Sal says:

    Hello Ankita– Question related to your comments “In the wake of its resumption, United Airlines is also planning to double its flights to Delhi by the end of March 2022” and “Following the newly established routes, the new flights from San Francisco to”, would you know if UA is planning to resume SFO to Delhi direct flight anytime soon? They stopped flying that since Russian airspace use ban.

    Also, as per this site – samchui[dot]com, UA tried some flights middle of March. Would you know if they are planning to resume flights on this path on same/different planes, or, planning a refuel-stop to resume the flights?


    1. Ankita Awasthi says:

      Hello Mo,
      Interesting line of queries! Unfortunately, no concrete updates have been issued for the same. Once any update is out, we’ll get back to you.
      Also, for any update regarding the Russian airspace ban, kindly go through our “Impact of Russian airspace ban on US-India flights” blog, we’ll keep you updated through this blog. We hope this helps!

      Kind Regards,
      Team MyTicketsToIndia

      1. Mo Sal says:

        Thank you.

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