Vistara Gets US DOT Approval To Operate Flights Between India-USA

Vistara Airlines

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Network planning by airlines has gone for a toss and it’s the rising coronavirus cases that are to be blamed. But as the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” Vistara has succeeded in turning the tables in its favour. 

How? Let’s find out!

Vistara Is Expected To Launch Its Services Between India & USA By September

Vistara has officially secured approval from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to begin operating flights between the USA and India. Besides international flights, Vistara is permitted to operate charter passengers and cargo services. The air carrier filed the permission in late April with a tentative launch date for flights on September 1st using its Boeing 787-9 aircraft. 

With DOT authorization now complete and no expectations of disapproval from other airlines, the carrier only has few steps left to formally launch services. It is worth mentioning that Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines backed Vistara when it filed the permission. 

How Will This Step By Vistara Airlines Help?

If you are wondering the reason behind people beaming with joy at this news, it’s because -. 

  • Currently, the only airlines flying nonstop between the United States and India are Air India and United Airlines. Delta launched a New York to Mumbai route before coronavirus but suspended it soon thereafter. American Airlines intends to launch New York to Delhi and Seattle to Bangalore routes but it’s still in the pipeline. With Vistara getting the approval to operate flights, passengers will have an added option. 
  • Because both Air Canada Aeroplan and United MileagePlus have partnerships with Vistara, passengers will have an excellent opportunity to redeem their miles for travel between the USA and India. 
  • Another added advantage would be Vistara’s inflight products that have an edge over Air India’s. This is because every business class seat in Vistara has direct aisle access.

Official Statement Given By DOT


“We confirm that Vistara has reached out to the relevant authorities in the United States of America to secure permissions to commence operations to the US. While we have received the temporary Foreign Air Carrier Permit from the Department of Transportation, USA, the process is still ongoing. We shall be sharing further details at an appropriate time,” said Vistara spokesperson.

What Routes Is Vistara Likely To Take?

Vistara is expected to cater to the two biggest Indian cities of Delhi and Mumbai for US Flights. In the USA, there are a number of hot destinations like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago that Vistara can consider. 

While things are still in the pipeline, Air India and United Airlines are still operating non-stop flights from USA to India and back. 

Until things are clear, you can reach out to MyTicketsToIndia and we’ll help you book Air India flights or flights operated by United Airlines from India to USA and back. 

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