7 Secrets That Will Help You Get Cheap Flight Tickets to India


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Are you planning your travel to India? Are you still looking for cheap airfare to India? Well, look no more because MyTicketsToIndia has a team of trained experts working tirelessly to get you the best deals and offers on your flight tickets. We understand how troublesome the process of booking flight tickets can be. With multiple options available, it is hard to decide and finalize the best offer available. Moreover, finding direct flights to India can be an expensive affair.

Thus, we advise you to reach us at MyTicketsToIndia and let us compare the hundreds of options available to get you the best deals. Now that we are on the topic of getting cheap airfare to India, let’s look at a few ‘secrets’ to make that journey even more affordable.

Plan your travel


Planning is not limited to preparing an itinerary. The first step while planning your travel is finalizing on the travel dates. It is extremely important to know the exact days of travel so that you can book your tickets accordingly.According to an analysis of all the flight tickets booked, booking a flight at least 35 days before the date of departure can offer cheaper prices but book your ticket no more than 71 days before the date of travel to get the best offers. While there isn’t a fixed number a regular analysis and check can help you get cheap airfare to India.

Flexibility is key

When it comes to international travel, several factors influence the flight ticket prices and thus it is important to understand that a little flexibility, both in dates of travel and time of travel can help save you a few extra dollars.Sometimes, travelling a day before or a day after your planned dates can help you get better offers. Similarly taking an early morning flight is usually more expensive than taking a late-night flight. So, keep a buffer time of a day or two and see your travel expenses shrink. Also, have you ever observed the difference in prices for non-stop flights v/s direct flights? Well, there’s a significant difference. Taking a flight with a layover can mean lower ticket costs. While this isn’t always true but by being aware and not just looking for direct flights to India, one can cut their costs.

Keep yourself updated

This might sound ‘too simple’ but keeping a constant check on the ticket prices is very important. The airfare usually varies based on supply and demand. While it is highly unlikely to see a huge shift, keeping a constant check on the fares can sometimes help you land an exciting offer. This does not mean checking the website every other minute or hour but a daily check will help you analyze the price trend and book accordingly.

Erase the trail

Okay, don’t get us wrong but did you know that every time you search for specific destinations you leave behind a trail of information in the form of cookies? These cookies are then used by online booking portals to manipulate prices based on your search history. But worry not because the problem has a very simple solution and it can help you get cheap airfare to India.Every internet browser that you use such as Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox comes with a special browsing option usually called the Private or Incognito mode. This prevents the browser from storing information and every session is a new one. Using this model to look for tickets can help you stay hidden and still get the best available prices.

Know your days

A lot of myths revolve around air travel and ticket bookings. Some of these are not myths but rather research and analysis based on millions of bookings. One of the ‘myths’ is knowing the ‘most expensive’ and the ‘cheapest’ days to fly.Traveling on weekends is historically more expensive and can add a huge amount to your total while Tuesdays and Wednesdays are known to be the cheapest days to fly. If you are looking to get cheap airfare to India, try and travel during the weekdays and avoid the peak prices over the weekend.

Avoid refundable tickets

While booking flight tickets to India, you will see two different types of tickets namely refundable and non-refundable. More often than not, refundable tickets are more expensive. And because of zero cancellation fees, these seem tempting.But should you get a refundable ticket? Well, the answer is no. The chances are the flight fares will have shot up by the time you book your replacement flight and thus you will end up paying more for the flight as well the refundable ticket. You should book only when you are 100 percent sure of your travel dates and save the money by getting non-refundable tickets instead.

Check all available airlines


Sometimes, booking a return flight might not be the best available option. Because of the increasing competition as well as preferred sectors for different airlines, getting two different tickets for the return journey is a more feasible option.Every airline has its operating process and because of which the cost will vary between different routes and timings. So instead of getting a return ticket, explore all your options to get cheap airfare to India and back. Different factors such as baggage fees, base fare, and in-flight services influence the cost of tickets and need to be kept in mind while doing the research.

As discussed above, these are a few ways in which you can get the best deals and offers on your flight bookings to India. Being alert can save you some money and even help you get direct flights to India cheaper than longer duration flights. But, the process can be tiring and cumbersome. That’s why we, at MyTicketsToIndia, advise all our clients to stop worrying about the flights and start prepping for their trip. Let us help you make the most of your journey!

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    Looking for a ticket from columbus Ohio ,to New delhi India around ist week of sept to 2 week of Nov

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      Hello Sozi ji,

      We’ve duly acknowledged your query. Could you please share your contact details – phone number or email id so we can get in touch with you and share the best quote available? In case it’s too much to ask, you can give us a call at 1-585-948-0222, fill out the query form, or join the live chat. Here’s hoping to assist you soon. 🙂

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    dfw to delhi

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      Hello Usha ji,

      Do you want us to help you book DFW to Delhi flights? If yes, could you please share your contact details – email id/phone number & expected travel dates? This will help us offer you better quotes. You can also join the live chat or give us a call @ 1-585-948-0222.

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