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India, a land of culture and tradition, is the perfect holiday destination. Every year, millions of people visit the land of the Vedas to explore its rich heritage. But, people planning their travel from the USA have one thing in common, everyone is looking for cheap airfare to India. And while traveling needs proper planning and preparation, finding cheap airfare to India from USA is an altogether different task. So, we at My Tickets To India have a team of trained experts working tirelessly to get you the best deals and offers available. When you reach out to us, we ensure that all the available offers are compared to get you the best airfares to India.

If you choose to do your research in an attempt to get cheap airfare to India from USA, we recommend certain things. These points will help you find cheap airfare to India. Let’s have a look at some of these.

  1. Make the most of festive seasons: Unlike the popular opinion of the festival season being an expensive period to travel, it is also the time when airlines offer deals and discounts. While the last-minute ticket during the festive period such as thanksgiving or Christmas holidays might put a dent in your pocket, booking advanced tickets during this period can help you get some pretty sweet deals. This is the time to avail offers for your future travels and get cheap airfare to India from USA.
  2. Choose your days of travel wisely: Here, we are not talking about the festival season. A week has 7 days and airline tickets vary on each day of the week. Based on previous ticket bookings and passenger patterns, several observations have been made. The most expensive days of the week to not only travel but to also book flight tickets are the weekends.
    During Saturday and Sunday, airlines offer higher prices for tickets than usual. At the same time, booking tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday can help you get cheap airfare to India. Tuesday is the cheapest day and chances are you will find the best offers on a Tuesday.
  3. Return airfares: If you have planned your round trip and are looking for deals on your travel, it is advisable to look for return airfares. Sometimes, airlines tend to give better discounts when passengers book a return ticket as compared to individual flights. This usually happens when the tickets are planned well in advance. You should always tweak your dates of travel when looking for return travel as it can save you a few extra dollars.
  4. Time your flights: Yes, you read that right. International flights come with a lot of influencing factors and one of them is the time of your flight. Depending on the supply and the demand, it is not always advisable to book tickets on a morning flight. Taking a late-night flight rather than an early morning one might need you to spare a few extra hours, but it can help save some extra dollars. Airlines offer better discounts on late-night flights since the demand for those is less as compared to day time or early morning flight tickets. Keep this in mind the next time you start looking for cheap airfare to India from USA.
  5. Plan your travel: We’ve already discussed the importance of early bird bookings on the price of the flights. A known fact, it is highly recommended that you book your flight tickets 5 weeks before your planned departure date to get some attractive prices. But, it is not a fixed number and one needs to constantly keep an eye out for the variation in prices during this period. While early booking is advised, you should not book tickets any more than 70 days before travel. This is based on research and analysis of previous booking data.
  6. Join Loyalty programs: Many airlines, especially for international travel offer various loyalty programs that reward its passengers, for every ticket booked. Once enough points are accumulated, one can use these to book flight tickets or get additional benefits. Some airlines even offer multiple levels, each level offering passengers benefits such as extra leg space, priority check-in, and meals onboard. When looking for cheap airfare to India, make sure to use your loyalty reward points and see those prices go down.
  7. Compare airlines: This one might contradict with the point where we speak of return airfares, but one should compare every airline offering tickets on the said sector. Sometimes, return flights are more expensive but if you check individual flights you might end up saving more money by choosing different airlines for your travel. Some airlines offer better discounts on a one-way ticket. This is even influenced by the dates of travel and the demand in that sector.

So if you are planning to travel from the USA to India, you should keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Booking a ticket can be a tricky process and to get the best deals and offers, one needs to be aware and updated because you never know when you might just skip the best offer available. Everyone wants to get cheap airfare to India and that is exactly what My Tickets To India specializes in. We help you get the best available ticket prices making the process of travel for you less worrisome. So no more looking for cheap airfare to India from USA and only looking for places to explore in the country. We will make sure that your trip is a memorable one.

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