How To Claim Your Turkish Airlines Student Discount?

Turkish Airlines Student Discount

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Being a student is like being an unpaid full-time employee with lots of responsibilities to fulfill. And, if you are a student studying abroad, the challenges are even more. From expenses to expeditions to savings, everything needs to be managed in one go. Hence, Turkish Airlines student discounts chose not to leave you alone in this chaos. If want to learn more about ‘how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines?’, check out this detailed guide.

What Is the Turkish Airlines Student Discount? 

Turkish Airlines Student Discount is specially designed for students, usually applicable until their 35th birthday to help students bear the expenses of flights by providing them huge discounts, affordable fares, and other winnings.

Turkish Airlines Student Discount Age Limit 

  • Only students are eligible to avail of the student discount on Turkish Airlines.
  • For international flights, the age limit to avail discounts is 12-34 years whereas for domestic flights it is 13-25 years. 
  • To be a part of the program, you need to first register as a student under Miles&Smiles program. Once verified, you can easily claim your share of the discount.
  • No matter if you study in Turkey or abroad or if you are a Turkish citizen or not, you can still claim the student discount while traveling on Turkish Airlines if you satisfy the above-listed eligibility criteria. 

Tip – So, what to do if you don’t classify as a student? Here’s the best list of tips to find the cheapest flight tickets. Save big!

How To Claim Your Turkish Airlines Student Discount? 

Turkish Airlines student discount refers to special discounts and fares provided to students on both international and domestic flights. Here’s the procedure to claim the same. 

  1. Miles&Smiles account – These special discounts can be availed only if you have a Miles&Smiles membership. You can visit the official website of Turkish Airlines and easily create an account as a student under the Miles&Smiles program. 
  2. Verify as a student – Once the account is made, you need to define your account as a student. If all the terms and conditions are met, your status as a student will be verified. All this can be done through a simple online registration procedure. 
  3. Log in to your account – After all the above-given steps are completed successfully, you can log in to your Miles&Smiles account. After successfully logging in, select the option ‘student passenger’ and purchase your tickets. The reduced price and other benefits are automatically displayed.
  4. Insight – If you are a Turkish citizen and studying, to avail of your Turkish student discount you’ll be registered automatically as a student and book your student flight.

What Is Miles&Smiles? 

Imagine exploring the globe and earning miles as your reward! Well, this is what Miles&Smiles  is all about. When you travel and shop using Miles&Smiles digital card, you get miles that in turn bring to your table award tickets, in-flight service, extra baggage allowance, and much more. 

This deal is not only valid if you travel with Turkish Airlines but also with AnadoluJet and other partner airlines. There is a miles calculator page easily available on the airline’s website that helps you calculate your miles and keep track of them. 

Note – If you are traveling with someone, you can easily make use of a discounted companion award ticket along with Miles&Smiles digital card.

Miles&Smiles Digital Card Status 

There are four types of card status under this program. Here’s a brief about them – 

  1. Classic Card – You earn miles as you fly with Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance Program Partners.
  1. Classic Plus – The card is active over 25000 miles or on 40 flights.
  1. Elite Card – It is issued when you reach 40.000 status miles. 
  1. Elite Plus Card – When you reach 80.000 status miles, you get an Elite Plus Card along with an Elite card gift for three people.

Benefits & Discounts Offered By Turkish Airlines For Students 

Huge Discounts

  1. Up to 20% discount on domestic flights.
  2. Up to 15% discount on international transit flights. 
  3. Up to 20% discount on flights between Turkiye and TRNC.

Baggage Allowance 

Instead of 30 Kg, baggage of 40 Kg is allowed on International flights (2*23 Kg on flights, implementing the piece concept). However, there are advantageous excess baggage fees for domestic flights. The fees are not completely waived.

Free Ticket Change

One-time free ticket change right for International flights is given. However, changes are applicable if the new ticket is a different fare class.

Earn Extra Miles 

  1. An extra 1000 miles for new memberships and 2000 miles in total are given as a gesture when applying for a student discount on Turkish Airlines flights. 
  2. According to the scheme, you’ll earn 25% more miles on all the flights by the end of 2024. 

Terms And Conditions For Turkish Airlines International Flights 

  • All the above-listed advantages are valid on one-way and round-trip economy-class flights.
  • The online application must include important information like Miles&Smiles membership number, name, date of birth, student ID, and other official documents confirming one’s student status.
  • Only students between 12-34 years of age are eligible to avail discounts.
  • Advantages are available to students who have a valid ID card and student certificate signed or approved by a competent authority.
  • The validity of the discount application is 1 year after which a new application must be made.
  • There is a 15% discount on international transit flights and 10% on flights departing from or arriving at TR/ENC. These discounts are applicable on both one-way and round flights. However, taxes are not covered under the discounts.
  • The longest length of stay between outbound and return flights is 12 months.
  • If there is more than one passenger in the PNR, the benefits are valid only if all the passengers on the ticket have a student status.

Important Note – Please check out the website of Turkish Airlines to get a complete overview of all the Terms and conditions that come along with Turkish Airlines student discounts to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Other Airlines Offering Student Discounts 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does Turkish Airlines have student discounts?

A. Yes. Turkish Airlines student discount is a real thing. If you are a student, then you can easily claim these special discounts and enjoy huge savings. 

Q. How to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines? 

A. To avail of your student discount on Turkish Airlines, you have to simply sign up with Miles&Smiles program and fill out an application form verifying your student status. 

Q. Why is my Turkish Airlines student discount not working?

A. You cannot avail of a student discount if you are not a member of the Miles&Smiles program or if you have not renewed your application after 1 year. If in any case, you do not classify as a “student” no benefits will be given to you. If an error still persists, contact the airline’s representative. 

Q. Are there any benefits of having a student discount on Turkish Airlines? 

A. Absolutely. From baggage allowance to huge discounts on ticket fares and even some extra miles, there are a lot of benefits to avail of this discount if you are eligible for it. 

Q. Are Turkish miles and smiles student discounts and Turkish airline students discounts the same? 

A. Yes. Both of them are the same. However, please know that the Miles&Smiles is a separate program in itself of which you need to be a member if you want to avail the student discount.

Q. Can adults avail of discounts under student discount for traveling on Turkish Airlines? 

A. A student discount for Turkish Airlines can only be availed by students who fall under the eligibility criteria listed above. 

Q. Is Turkish Airlines pet-friendly? 

A. Yes, Turkish Airlines is pet-friendly. Check out our guide on the top 5 pet-friendly airlines to know more. 

And that’s all about the Turkish Airlines student discount from our side! If you have further queries, do let us know in the comment section below. We’ll clear all your doubts as soon as possible.


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