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Being able to take your awesome friend along as you take a flight from the USA to India is every pet owner’s dream. However, things can, as they previously have, go wrong. To avoid the nightmare of witnessing your cat having flown to the wrong continent or on the wrong flight, you must choose the right airline that helps not only the passengers but their pets as well.

Listed below are the top 5 airlines that assist not only you but your pets as well.

Air India Pet Policy

Air India is an extremely accommodating airline that treats its guests, even the furry ones, well. All you need to ensure is that your cat is properly crated and accompanied by valid documentation which includes its health certificate, verifying that your cat is free from any clinical sign.

However, it doesn’t permit pets on nonstop flights on the India – USA – India route. The only exception they make is for service dogs that are needed to assist the blind or deaf.

The import-export of your pet can be done only via 6 Airports in India which are Bangalore (BLR), Chennai (MAA) / Delhi (DEL) / Hyderabad (HYD), Kolkata (CCU), and Mumbai (BOM).

  • Price– Varies
  • Cargo– Allowed
  • Cabin– Allowed
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Turkish Airlines Pet Policy

As long as your cat along with its cage weighs 8 kg or less, it will be permitted to travel in the flight cabin. Else, it will be carried in the cargo. It is undoubtedly one of the PURR-fect airlines to travel with pets as the staff is caring and sweet towards them.

If you wish to travel with two 2 pets, they are allowed to stay in the same container as well. The only condition is that they need to be friendly with each other.

  • Price– 70 USD and up
  • Cargo– Allowed
  • Cabin– Allowed

Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

The minimum age of the animals that can travel from/to USA by Lufthansa Airlines is 16 weeks. This airline readily assists the passengers to travel seamlessly with their cats by offering every help that they can.

The weight limitations are the same as that of Turkish Airlines i.e. cats weighing 8 kg or less can travel in the cabin else as cargo.

  • Price– 90 USD and up
  • Cargo– Allowed
  • Cabin– Allowed

JetBlue Pet Policy

JetBlue, with its JetPaws Program, has become the top airline to travel with pets. This program is designed keeping pet-carrying travellers in mind and the tips they offer include information regarding making reservations, keeping cats calm, and locations where pets can enjoy.

To travel with your cat in the cabin, it should be less than 20 pounds (approx. 9 kg) with carrier and the carrier must be 17 inches long (43.18 centimeters) x 12.5 inches wide (31.75 centimeters)  x 8 inches high (21.59 centimeters).

  • Price– 100 USD fixed
  • Cargo– Allowed
  • Cabin– Allowed

Delta Pet Policy

Delta Airlines understands how deeply you get attached to your cat and thus helps you travel easily. While there are no limitations on the weight of your cat, your pet must fit comfortably in the carrier under the seat.

  • Price– 125 USD fixed
  • Cargo– Allowed
  • Cabin– Allowed

Taking into consideration the recent pet deaths that happened during flights, these airlines have taken pet-friendly initiatives so they can travel in ease.

Because flights from USA to India are long, many airlines do not permit pets for flights longer than 10 hours. However, the aforementioned flights are safe and convenient for both the passengers and their cats.

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