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How does it feel when dreams of traveling the whole world bubbles in your mind? Isn’t it amazing to find our most astonishing sites on the earth’s surface? It is indeed an exciting and incredible experience to roam in the streets of old cities and spend nights on the shining beach shores. Traveling in the wild jungles of deep silence and dancing in the tango sounds of drums is an undying dream of each individual on earth.

About Traveling and its Experiences

Traveling does not just mean having a long drive in the steeps or mountains or flying high over the large Atlantic; it is finding the self and loving our individuality. History marks traveling as a mirror to humans and showing them the meaning of life and people. It is evident that while traveling, we may find an extensive connection with our soul under the shimmering lights of the stars and, we can be the most careless under the Pacific Ocean kingdom. Tourism blogs define an individual journey and their marvelous experience. They encourage us to at least have a visit there and explore new things.

Life is about traveling, roaming, and exploring the world. We can meet histories of civilizations, the happiness of isles, and the richness of cultures. Travelling has been and will be the fantastic teacher of the world that teaches us the art of living. Don’t you find yourself more confident when you travel? There is a silence at the top of the Himalayas, but it shakes the hearts of climbers until we finally reach there. It is what traveling means.

Travel Blogs and Bloggers

There are many travel blogs or famous bloggers who guide travel plans through their experiences. Traveling nowadays also means spending a lot on airlines. From airline tickets to valid cards and hotel rooms to tourist destinations, get everything done systematically to avoid immediate problems. If you’re planning a vacation with a limited amount of time, you’ve got to know all your travel basics.

Travel blogs by the best travel bloggers can excellently guide you to roam where and where not. You must read these blogs to enrich your knowledge about the travel destination and prepare yourself. If you are a bucket lister, it is best to add points to the best destinations.

But what about the best bloggers? Who completes your travel hunger journey? Which place is less expensive for you? We will answer your questions and suggest a list of the top 10 travel blogs to read before making your plan to travel.

Exploring Top 10 Travel Blog List

The Points Guy is your one-stop solution for your travel-related queries. The website features wonderful travel blogs from international travel front-eye experiences in a detailed manner. In those blogs, you can learn about the religions, cultures, and heritage of the places. Available credit cards drive website searches and receive over 2.3M organic search traffic every month. Reading the blogs feels as if the reader is roaming with the writer in those places.

The website provides all the information related to road trips, TGP Podcasts, and multiple purpose guidance. Read about the least expensive yet outstanding deals with the Points guy. From wild road trips to mountain steeps or huge travel trips on a ship, they will provide you with the best guidance for all.

Get a beginner’s guide, Travel credit card guides, airline cards, hotel packages, and travel tips from the website. They provide all information related to must-have cards like- travel cards, airline cards, rewards cards, business cards, capital one cards, chase cards, and many others.

Travel the world with the best virtual blogs of The Points Guy. For a smoother journey, read the Points Guy and get the best deals and travel rewards for your memorable trip.

Scott’s Cheap Flights is among the renowned blogging websites in the world. It organizes admirable traveling blogs for popular destinations all around the world. Scott’s Cheap Flights is receiving 332.1K organic search traffic every month, this has helped the website rank among the top travel blogs. Scott’s cheap flight’s website clears your questions like how to use Google flights with their blog for a better experience. If you are dealing with Scotts Cheap Flights blogs, it feels as if you pack your bags and leave for an enchanting vacation. It is excellent to read a blog of a place and have a trip in the peak trip seasons when they offer rewarding deals. 

As it all says, Never Pay Extra for your next trip, Scotts Cheap can be your best traveling guide throughout your journey. Find the best travel blogs from Scott’s and explore the fantastic experiences of all corners of the world. Be it the mighty ocean of Hawaii Isles or the deep forests of Amazon, Scott plans to travel tours with passport assurance for everyone.

These travel blogs, in other words, can give you a virtual trip online. Travel the whole world at the cheapest expense and get the best flight deals guidelines. Travel the world with original stories and unique experiences. 

My Tickets To India


MyTicketsToIndia is one of the most popular travel guides in India that includes an international flight to India travel blogs and articles. From road trips to sea voyages and mountain train trips to high Indian Ocean flight trips, you can find different types of spices in its blog. This website specializes in presenting blogs of round trips flights from the US to India and India to the US. 

My Tickets to India is one of the leading portals gaining worldwide visibility with a maximum of 25.4K organic search traffic in a month. You can have the best traveling tips, blogs, and guidelines from the website to avoid any issues. You can freely roam in the old Mughal streets of Delhi and dance in the mighty Palaces of Rajasthan with the excellent organized original blogs. Find the best International flights from India blogs and articles for all-around travelers.

Smarter Travel is another legendary blog website delivering travel tips all over the world. With the popularity of travel blogs, the website generates 787K organic search traffic in a month. You can find exciting and inspiring travel blogs from famous bloggers and their experiences there. If you are seeking a travel appetizer, it is for you. By reading these blogs, you can choose the best traveling destination for you and enjoy your trip. It includes blogs for the wild safari staying in old Greece hotels and many more. 

Smarter Travel has a wide range of blogs on international credit cards, Passport photos, and staying guides to visit a place. If you are lagging with all answers to your question, then this page is for you. 

Here, you can find blogs in the form of films and photos that definitely provide a heartfelt experience without having to travel to those places. Herein, you can have great passport photo blogs to read before planning your trip. It is best to read about the destination before traveling there as you need not worry about your stay and safety.

Upgraded Points is one of the best travel blog websites with a maximum of 1.2M organic search traffic per month. Get the best blogs from Upgraded Points for your next trip. It not only includes personal experiences and memories of travelers, but you can also find the solution for your international travel. No matter if you are a first-time visitor, you can find blogs related to your benefit. 

Here, blogs are related to card deals, international cards, and much more that you should know. You can find the best traveling blogs for your dream destination and plan a perfect trip with it. Upgraded Points is the best flight search engine website that helps travelers maximize their rewards, points, miles, and experiences. 

The blog Abroad

As the name suggests, has a wide range of travel blogs of different Indian states. It is a world-recognized site for reliability and transparency in traveling. Gloria Atanmo’s website is gaining popularity and getting maximum 2.8K organic search traffic every month. Find free EBooks, Publications, and travel resources for traveling with the The E-books and publications include travel blogs of travelers who love to express their views and experiences in a filmy way so that readers can have real feelings.

The FAQs provided by the website can answer all your queries. Know about the entire world and read travel blogs from famous travel bloggers. Get the real exotic blogs related to world history and famous monuments.

Devil On Wheels is a single-stop website for all your travel queries. Read the latest blogs of different traveling destinations in the world and plan to travel there. can help you in planning a whole trip to India. It presents a traveling guide with the best deals and cash-back rewards. A single-stop website for all your travel queries receiving 56.6K organic search traffic in a month.

The website is all about traveling to the Himalayas. One can expect travel updates, news, tips, guides, routes, maps, suggestions, reviews, experiences, stories, pictures, learning, thoughts, etc., under one roof. Solve all your travel queries related to Ladakh, Spiti, Kinnaur, Uttarakhand, Kashmir, and all over India.

Website shares practical and insightful travel information related to the Himalayas. It presents a full Group tour Calendar for the mighty hearts. It is best to read it for your next trip to India and abroad. The Desert blogs presented by it are the most popular among all.

Lonely Planet

Travel sick? is for you. The website has an incredible range of blogs related to adventure, family, road trips, beaches, art and culture, and romances. If you are a traveler and a blogger and love to read about cities, then it is for you. Its blogs not only praise the atmosphere or the nature of a city or nation, but you can find world news. They are exciting and updated as new.

Which place should you visit and which not? Decide after reading its blogs. Well, you can find these blogs very helpful for your next trip. There you can find videos or nations and the best places to have a look. Since more than a thousand people search for the best travel blog every day, according to the report, Lovely Planet acquires 9 million Organic Search Traffic a month. Know about exotics places around the world from the travel guides authored by travel episodes bloggers. You can store your traveling experiences with the help of other travelers.

Indie Traveler

With, you can taste the Indian culture and heritage. Have a visit to The Taj in the evening to see the seven colors of wonder in the white marble and a night walk in Gateway of India with the virtual blogs by tourists. As the best travel blog website, Indie Traveler is getting 45K organic search traffic in a month across the globe. The international visitors who visit India and desire to express their feelings in words on this platform. Hence, you can find virtual blogs from these travelers.

The best blogs of Green Hills Coorg may excite you, and the coffee gardens of Kerala are also like heaven. You cannot think where to shoot on your journey while reading with

Get to know about different traveling tales from India and Abroad from the travel blogs. BBC and the Guardian have featured the best travel blog in

One Mile At A Time, a leading traveling blog website with an Organic Search Traffic of 317.5 K every month, provides travel news, reviews, and elite strategies. There are articles regarding international cards, gift coupons, and rewards for your next trip. You will fall in love with hot lip-burning chill soup to mozzarella Italian pudding cuisine food blogs. The website is not only about the blogs, the news regarding international travelers, rules set for them, and many more that will add up your interest. And must read them before you plan a trip there.

The travel reviews will help you to know the better present experience. Not clear about your international credit cards? Find the article on Citi premier cards, crypto, Apex cards, and many more. And find personal blogs of family and groups and their wired trip stories.

Ending words:

Travel and tourism in India and abroad nations are exciting and incredible, and each desires to have a trip to these places. There is no difference between each place on the earth from another. All are the marks of astonishment of the planet and, we are lucky to have a chance to roam every place with the help of these travel blogs. The travel blogs presented on these websites are helpful for any trip. The time has come to become wild with excitement and create a bucket list of emotions and dreams. Do not forget to keep a record of all your experiences and remember them in the future as a memoir.

Traveling blogs can help and guide you through the experience and create a new history every day. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from your tireless work and living a few days for your soul. Everyone deserves a work break and a long unknown trip to unknown places of the world. 

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