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Mumbai Weather

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Looking for a getaway in the “city of dreams”? Great Choice! It is indeed one of the worth visiting places in India. Mumbai, also known as ‘Mayanagri’, is called the ‘city of dreams’ because it provides limitless opportunities to native people as well as people across borders. This city is also known worldwide for one of the largest film industries in the world- Bollywood.

Home to not only the top studios and the most prominent directors, producers, actors, and crew members; Mumbai is the native town of the film industry, leading media companies, television studios, and cultural movements. There’s a lot to observe, know, and enjoy in the ever-lively city.

Speaking of Mumbai Weather, the climate remains tropically wet and dry. As the city rests on the coast, the climate of the city is moderately hot with high humidity. Tourists come all through the year and enjoy the life of Mumbai. We have noted down the complete details about Mumbai Weather which will help you to plan your trip to Mumbai accordingly. So feel free to hang around with us and get familiar with Weather in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

Weather in Mumbai, India

Tue, March 5

weather condition
Low 22.8° 73.0°
High 26.1° 78.9°
Sun Rise 06:55 AM
Sun Set 06:46 PM


UV Index

Chance of Rain

Wind Speed

Climate In Mumbai – Temperature & Weather

Summer In Mumbai (March to May)

Temperature: 25 degrees to 38 degrees celsius 

Weather: Summer in Mumbai is hot and humid. Starting from March, the summer season continues till May. The temperature and the humidity begin to rise by mid-March because of hot and dry winds blowing in from the east side (Gujarat). Heat and humidity are still high in April, but the cool sea breeze brings in a cooling effect. May is the hottest month in Mumbai and deboarding a flight at the Mumbai Airport during this month is no more than torture. The evenings, however, turn pleasant because of the cool sea breeze. 

Monsoon In Chennai (June to September)

Temperature: 20 degrees to 30 degrees celsius

Weather: The world-famous Mumbai monsoon sweeps the city from June to September. The monsoon in Mumbai isn’t just a season or weather; it is a celebration – of nature, greenery, and life. Really! During the season every day is an event and the monsoon in Mumbai is a living breathing person who occupies time and space in everyone’s mind. The beginning and end of the monsoon season in Mumbai are marked by strong winds and thunderstorms. In July, the city experiences heavy rainfall and by the end of September, the sky begins to clear up and the intensity of the rain lessens. 

Winter In Chennai (October to February)

Temperature: 10 degrees to 32 degrees 

Weather: Winter is the season when Mumbai is at its best. Winter in Mumbai makes its presence felt in October and stays back in the city till the end of February. During the season, the city experiences a cool and dry climate with low temperatures. January is considered the coolest month in Mumbai. Being a coastal area, winters in Mumbai are mild and the temperature goes to a minimum 10°c. It’s not as bone-chilling as the other parts of the country, but who are used to year-round heat, the winter in Mumbai could prompt you to put on a light sweater. 

Best Season To Visit Mumbai | Mumbai Travel Seasons

Mumbai is indeed one of the popular and best tourist destinations in India. The magical beauty expresses itself in different ways in different seasons. You will surely have a great time in the city regardless of when you visit. Here’s a handy guide to different travel seasons in Mumbai which will help you to know which season offers the best. 

High Season

The weather doesn’t get any better in Mumbai than during the months of winter. The climate is pleasant and the air is clear to be able to view the beautiful Mumbai city in its entire glory. Undoubtedly, winter is the best season to visit the popular tourist attractions in Mumbai. You can walk the city corner to corner, and explore all the famous sights. Also, it is a great time for street shopping, fun, and festivals in Mumbai. If you want to see the best of Mumbai, Christmas and New Year is the time. Mumbai is full of lights and colors during this time.  

Tips: Winters in Mumbai do not mean coats and boots. Cotton clothes will work but remember to carry a thin jacket or scarf for the evening when it could get slightly cooler. So, you don’t need to pack typical woolens. Pack light and keep plenty of space to carry back the amazing shopping that you will do here. Winter in Mumbai is a popular season with tourists, so if you’re planning to visit Mumbai this season, book your flight tickets in advance to grab the cheapest deals. 

Shoulder Season

April and May before the onset of the wet or monsoon season are uncomfortably humid even though there is no rain. The days during these months become harsh, hot, and sticky. The climate might be unpleasant, but the city has much to offer you in these months. You can explore street foods and do give your taste buds a chance to enjoy the local food at the seaside. Make Mumbai your base and head out to some cooler destinations like Lonavala and Khandala. Head out to beaches, theme parks, water parks, and especially Marine drive to watch the beautiful sunset in the evening and enjoy the cool breeze that ruffles your hair. 

Tips: If you are planning a Mumbai trip during these months, make sure you pack a bottle of water/Lemonade, deodorant, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a napkin in your handbag. Always prefer to wear loose and light color cotton clothes to let your skin breathe in the harsh heat. Since nobody visits Mumbai in the summer, this is a great time to get some amazing and cheap flight deals. 

Low Season

The heat and humidity of April and May break a little in June as the monsoon arrives. Mumbai’s monsoons or rains have been romanticized by poets and writers for a long, but for a traveler,  it can cause a lot of inconveniences. It rains heavily most of the time, causing streets to frequently flood, and severe storms may affect travel plans. But the climate of Mumbai during the monsoon season is great if you want to enjoy the greenery and allure of nature. During monsoon months, you’ll be able to witness the grand celebration of the ‘Ganesh Festival’ in Mumbai which is a one-of-its-kind, ten-day, city-wide festival. 

Tips: The good news for travelers for Mumbai’s monsoon season is that fewer tourists generally mean cheap flight tickets and lower hotel rates.  If you love photography, then this season also offers you plenty of excellent opportunities for photography when everything is shrouded in clouds and every surface reflects the city space. On your Mumbai trip during the monsoon season, always remember a few things like carrying an umbrella, wearing a jacket, keeping plenty of spare clothes, drinking only bottled water, and avoiding eating uncooked food, etc.  

Mumbai Weather Monthly Chart

MonthsMaximum – Minimum Temperature
January25°C – 10°C
February29°C – 14°C
March31°C – 20°C
April32°C – 25°C
May 33°C – 28°C
June32°C – 26°C
July30°C – 24°C
August29°C – 24°C
September30°C – 24°C
October32°C – 23°C
November33°C – 21°C
December31°C – 16°C

Best Month To Book Mumbai Flights At Low Prices

Want to save big on your next Mumbai trip? Want to know how? Try to reserve your USA to Mumbai flights in August and September to enjoy huge discounts and the lowest rates. These months are considered the cheapest to plan your Mumbai trip as you will also be able to get heavy discounts on hotel bookings during these months. And, December and January are considered the most expensive months of the year for Mumbai flight bookings, but the weather and beauty of Mumbai during this time are at their peak. 

Most Popular Flight Routes From USA To Mumbai

Essentials To Pack For Mumbai

To have a smooth and hassle-free experience on your Mumbai Trip, make sure you have the below-mentioned essentials:  

  • Valid travel documents along with a xerox copy.
  • Credit Cards, and some cash, too.
  • Travel Insurance
  • A handbag or cross-body purse
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Chargers and Adaptors
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Basic Medicines
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Comfortable Shoes, etc. 

Tip for Passengers: To survive your long-haul flight to Mumbai, don’t forget to pack travel essentials that will make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.  

Some Recommended Things To Do In Mumbai

We know there are a lot of things to do and see in Mumbai. But, don’t worry! We’ve shortlisted some interesting things and sights you can visit when you next travel to Mumbai. This list will help you to have more fun in a limited time.

  • Visit Gateway Of India, one of the oldest monuments in Mumbai. And,  turn up early for the best light for photos. 
  • To witness the fine architectural piece, visit Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum (which was formerly known as Victoria & Albert Museum). This museum is home to collections of artifacts, manuscripts, and costumes and is also surrounded by lush tropical gardens.
  • Take a couple of hours to wander around Colaba Island. Being one of the prettiest islands in India, the Colaba walking tour is worth doing during your Mumbai trip. 
  • Not staying in Taj Hotel? No worries! You can still walk into the lobby of the Taj Hotel for a look around, to take afternoon tea, or go for a drink in the bar. You’ll experience the world’s best hospitality in the hotel.
  • Miss everything, but not visiting Marine Drive! If you haven’t seen Marine Drive during your Mumbai trip, you haven’t seen anything. It is a go-to point for couples and anyone wanting to take a stroll along Mumbai’s oceanfront for some peace and fresh air.  
  • Don’t forget to try the food of Mumbai, the best Indian street food you’ve ever tasted. Some quintessential street food items you shouldn’t miss in Mumbai are Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Bombay Sandwich, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the best time to visit Marine Drive? 

A: You can enjoy walking on Marine Drive almost every month. The best time to visit Marine Drive is in the morning from 5 AM to 8 AM and in the evening to enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

Q: Is Mumbai a safe place to visit?

A: Yes, Mumbai is a generally safe (or even very safe) city for visitors. The only risk in Mumba for visitors is sending a little more money than you planned to on Mumbai’s trendy restaurants and bars. 

Q: What is the best time to visit Mumbai to enjoy its nightlife?

A: Visiting the clubs, bars, and cafes in Mumbai is popular year-round but is definitely more enjoyable during the direr months like from November to May. 

Q: What is the hottest time of year in Mumbai?

A: April and May are the hottest months of the year in Mumbai. Expect high temperature, stickiness, and oppressive humidity during these months


That’s almost everything you need to know about Mumbai Weather. So, the next time you wish to fly to Mumbai, consider this quick climate guide which will help you to plan your trip smartly. We’ve tried our best to answer most of the queries related to Mumbai weather in this blog. Even for details on other cities (Chennai weather or Delhi weather), we have you covered.

And, when it comes to booking your flights, give us the whole responsibility as our team of travel professionals is an expert in booking the USA to India flights and back at the cheapest rates possible. We work incredibly hard to provide our clients with a smooth and hassle-free booking experience. So, wait no longer. Escape all the responsibility by relying carefree on MyTicketsToIndia. Call @ 1-585-948-0222 to grab your cheapest deals today!

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