Tips to Deal With Travel Anxiety in a Long-Haul Flight


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Worried about traveling in a long-haul flight? No need to stress out. Being organized and prepared beforehand can help to avoid hassles and ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Read on these tips to have a seamless long-haul flight experience.

Packing The Right Items is Important

It is advisable to start your packing process weeks before your trip so that you do not have to face any problem at the last-minute. This will help to ease down your stress and reduce your travel anxieties. Do not forget to pack your favorite books, documents and many other essential items that you will need during your journey

Avoid Alcohol

Some people think that consuming alcohol during flight can help to ease travel anxiety. But this is not true. Instead, an increase in the consumption of alcohol can abate your response, leaving you baffled.  This can also add to your level of anxiety.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid alcohol during your journey.

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Choose a Comfortable Seat

 As it is a long-haul journey, it is very important to choose a comfortable seat to avoid any sort of inconvenience. For easy access to the washroom, you can choose an aisle seat.  You can try booking your seat in the front row of the plane for a more relaxing experience.


 If you face travel anxiety quite often, you should always keep your medicines handy. Take along doctor prescribed medicines in your carryon to keep away from any kind of inconvenience during the journey.

Carry a Neck Pillow

The extended hours of a long-haul flight can be quite tiring.  You should carry a neck pillow of appropriate size to avoid any kind of discomfort during the flight. It will help to have a sound sleep and combat all your travel anxieties and worries.

Opt For Healthy Food

You can ask your flight attendants about different food options they provide and choose the healthiest food out of all. This will instill you with energy to keep yourself going throughout the flight. For more nutritional value, you can even take protein bars.  Do not forget to drink ample water to keep you hydrated.

 Have a safe and stress-free journey by following these tips. 

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