Akasa Air Welcomes Two Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft – Know More Here!

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As part of its expanding international operations, Akasa Air recently enhanced its fleet with the addition of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. With the inclusion of these extra aircraft, the airline aims to seize a greater market share by satisfying the growing demand for affordable air travel within India. Additionally, it intends to broaden its international operations. Get more updates below – 

Akasa Air Said

“Having reached a fleet size of 22 aircraft within 17 months of commencing operations, Akasa Air has witnessed unprecedented growth since its inception and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing airlines in the history of civil aviation.” 

Akasa Air’s Recent Addition

Akasa Air, one of civil aviation’s fastest growing and new Indian airlines, recently welcomed two new Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft to its growing fleet after exiting 2023 with a fleet size of 22 aircraft, which includes the very amazing 21 Boeing 737 MAX 8 and one Boeing 737 MAX 8 200.

737 MAX Family 

737 MAX Family aligns completely with the sustainability goals of Akasa Air. Features of 737 Max family – 

  • Enhanced range and fuel efficiency.
  • Lesser fuel consumption.
  • They are cutting carbon emissions by 20%.
  • 50% smaller noise footprints as compared to its predecessors. 

Why Did They Add On Two Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft?

As per the reports, the Indian Budget Carrier was planning to order around 150 Boeing 737 MAX narrowbody planes to fly beyond India in the coming months. 

Not only are these aircraft bought with the aim of domestic and international growth but also for flying to neighbouring foreign destinations like South East Asia and the Middle East from India. Hence, the ultimate goal of the airline is to cater to millions of passengers all around the world and expand its connections worldwide. 

Founder and CEO of Akasa Air, Vinay Dube Said

“Akasa Air’s remarkable growth testifies to the sheer promise that India holds as an aviation market. The additions to our fleet will help us bolster the strength of our operations as we expand our footprint and foray into international skies in the coming months.” 

Akasa Air Expansion Plan

As per the company, they plan to expand their network to the – 

  • Middle East
  • Southeast Asia 
  • Other parts of South Asia like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh, keep single-class configurations on the routes.

Current Market Status Of Akasa Air 

  • In August 2023, Akasa Air added the 20th aircraft to its fleet, making the carrier eligible to fly internationally by fulfilling the condition of having at least 20 aircraft in the fleet to be able to operate internationally.
  • In fact, Akasa Air is the first airline in Asia to have a 737-8-200 variant of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet.
  • At present, this airline has a 4% market share while IndiGo maintains a dominant share of 60%.

Akasa Air Passed The Statement

As the airline steps into the next chapter of its growth story with plans to expand its domestic presence and commence international operations in the coming months, the fleet expansion will support seamless and reliable connectivity to travelers across the globe“. 

A statement by Akasa Air clearly states their aim of expanding their domestic presence and international operations in the coming months of the year. 

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That’s almost everything. As per reports, this company has a chance of blooming in the industry and fulfilling its aim of expansion. 

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