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Is It Safe To Book Cheap Flights From USA to India?

Book Cheap Flights From USA to India

Posted on Mar 4th, 2020 by Heena Ganotra, Last updated Aug 18th, 2022, Leave a Comment

As Coronavirus wrecks havoc in different parts of the world, travelers are facing dilemmas related to their existing travel plans. If you are someone who is planning to fly from USA to India during this time, do not worry at all because India has been kept relatively unscathed as the number of reported Coronavirus cases are negligible here. Furthermore, American and Indian airports are taking strict measures to screen the passengers from affected regions to ensure complete safety for their passengers.  

What do our experts have to say about this?


TourismMinister Prahlad Patel said, “We know the whole world is worried aboutCoronavirus but India is still secure and safe and we are maintaining vigil onall international airports.”  Therelative safety of the country lies in its weather which acts as a protectiveshield against the virus, says KK Aggarwal, president of the Health CareFoundation of India.

No matter the risk of being affectedwith this deadly illness is quite low during your flight, however, it is alwaysadvisable to take some precautions while flying. Here are a few tips that canhelp you to be safe during your flight:

Choose a window seat

Choose a window seat

The safest seat during the flu season is the window seat as you will have less contact with the potentially affected passengers. However, choosing an aisle seat would increase the risk of getting in contact with more number of people.

Disinfect hard surfaces

Disinfect hard surfaces

It is advisable to use wipes to disinfect hard surfaces such as tray tables, armrest, and seatbelt buckles. This practice can help to prevent the spreading of germs, thereby ensuring complete safety during your flight.

Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean

Practicinggood hand hygiene is the best way to reduce exposure to this infection. Usingalcohol-based hand sanitizers can be quite beneficial in this respect.

Avoid using in-flight blankets

Avoid using in-flight blankets

Instead ofusing in-flight blankets or pillows, we would recommend you to bring your ownstuff to reduce the chances of any kind of infection.

Since India is a relatively safe country, there is absolutely no need to worry before taking a flight to this country. Also, there are some airlines that provide cheap air tickets during this time, allowing you to add your flight savings. 

So, take a sigh of relief and travelstress-free from USA to India!


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