QR Code With Negative RT-PCR Test Now Mandatory For International Travel From India

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Have you booked an international flight from India or are you planning to? Here’s an important update that you need to know that came into effect from 22 May 2021. 

Up until now, passengers traveling internationally from India, including those booking flights from India to USA, had to only carry a negative RT-PCR Report. But now, passengers will have to carry the RT-PCR report with a QR code. 

Why Is RT-PCR Report With QR Code Needed?

The QR code will ensure that the negative RT-PCR reports being carried by international travelers from India are authentic. This decision was taken after evaluating that a lot of travelers from India were carrying false/fake reports. To stop this inauthenticity, the government decided to ask for reports with QR Codes that link to the original report. 

What If I Fail To Provide The Report With QR Code?

If any passenger fails to provide a negative RT-PCR test with a QR code, they would not be allowed to board the flight. Here is the official statement released by the government-

RT-PCR test with a QR code

“The airline operators are advised to accept only those passengers who are carrying a negative RT-PCR test report with QR code for boarding international flights departing from India after 0001 hours on 22nd May 2021,” said the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA).

Air India Express released a statement alerting its passengers. “Effective 22nd May 2021, passengers carrying negative RT-PCR report as per the requirement of their destination country, must ensure that the report has a QR code linking to the original report.”

While a lot of countries have banned flights from India because of the pandemic, there are international flights operating from India either as part of Vande Bharat Flights or through air bubble arrangements. 

It is important to note that a negative RT-PCR test with a QR code is mandatory for India to USA travel. However, there are certain countries that aren’t demanding RT-PCR tests from Indian travelers. In that case, this new rule stands invalid for those passengers. 

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That’s about the new update for international travelers from India! 

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