5 Tips for the USA to India Flyers

Tips for USA to India Flyers

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India is a cultural rainbow and to experience the different colors of the country, one should plan a long travel itinerary with ample time. But, what is the first step of the travel planning? It is to look for the USA to India flights and we understand how complex the process can be.

It means going through hundreds of offers and search results to find the best flights. No more do you have to search for the USA to India flights on your own because MyTicketsToIndia has a team of experts who can filter out the best options and travel deals.

But, travellers often ignore some key tips and tricks to help them get along better in the country they are visiting, in this case, India. Traveling to India is an experience but better connectivity and frequency of airlines can help you get the best flights to USA as well. So before we go any further, let us look at the 5 key tips for passengers on the USA to India flight.

1) Pack Carefully


While you must be aware of the airline baggage policies, most airlines limit check-in baggage to 23 Kgs and cabin luggage to 7 Kgs. Thus, it is extremely important to pack your bags very carefully. More importantly, one needs to keep in mind the season when they are visiting India because the number of clothes will vary accordingly.

While a summer trip might only need a few T-shirts and Jeans, a winter trip will mean carrying extra warmers, sweaters, and jackets thus increasing the weight. India is a land of varied weather conditions thus keep in mind the forecast before and during your stay.

These baggage policies also define the dos and don’ts during your travel i.e. things which are allowed and those which aren’t. For example, any liquid above 100 ml is not allowed in the cabin luggage. Similarly, power banks cannot be carried in check-in luggage.

2) Pre-Book Hotels and Accommodation

Several times you will walk out of the airport and witness people swarming you with hotel deals and taxi services. It is very important to understand that this might not be the safest option available. While booking the USA to India flights, make sure you book your hotels as well. Not only will it be a safer option, but you will also cut costs by booking in advance.

When you get out of the air, using a trusted cab service such as OLA or UBER is advised as it is more organized and offers better safety. The affordability of these services as compared to local taxis is also better.

Even walking into a hotel will not get you better rates than what you might be able to get if you book advanced stays.

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3) Explore the Cities on Foot

Almost every Indian city is a maze of lanes and by-lanes filled with cultural diversity. Before you get back on one of those home bound flights to the USA you should spend as much time exploring the streets and the inner parts of the city to get an actual taste of the land and its culture.

While you can always take cabs and travel in public transport, try and explore the place on foot because it takes you closer to the city and its people. Walking through the streets you can experience food, shopping, and the hustle-bustle which is a unique experience.

Walkthrough the historical monuments and learn some of the key moments that redefined the entire civilization.

4) Research the Local Culture

Before setting foot on that flight to India, take some time to research about the culture and people of the land that you are visiting. This will help you make a list of dos and don’ts for when you are in the country.

Research the Local Culture

It is very important to understand how things work around in the visiting country. What might be acceptable in your country of residence might simply be outrageous in some other land. Also, a well-researched trip can help you make a to-do list well in advance and explore the country better.

This includes local cuisine, language, rules, and regulations as well as other social and government policies.

5) Flight Schedule and Stops


While several airlines do offer direct flights to the USA, most flights can be long and come with 1-2 stops in-between. Now there is no way to avoid these layovers, but there is a way to make the most of the time by exploring a new city if one is well versed with the visa regulations of the city you’re stopping at.

Some countries offer on-arrival tourist visas for 24 hours in cases of layovers but some countries need you to apply before your flight to get a visa that will let you out of the airport. Having this information handy can save you the trouble of spending hours inside an airport rather than exploring the city outside.

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations and knowing these is also important when you stop for a layover.

Traveling internationally is no easy task and needs a lot of effort and planning to make it easy and accessible. But, with the right set of information and guidance from the experts, you can get yourself an amazing experience as you explore the beautiful land of India. MyTicketsToIndia has a reputation for being a professional organization full of driven individuals who work hard to get you the best experience in another land.

When you choose a service like MyTicketsToIndia, you are not only getting yourself expert guidance but also someone who will overlook all the preps and comparisons for your USA to India flight getting you amazing deals and offers. We know it can be a tiresome process, so top thinking about the organization and start working on your plans as we get you through the best.

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