8 Tips to Find the Cheapest Flight Tickets

Tips for Cheapest Flight Tickets

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Tips For Cheapest Flight Tickets: So you have finally decided to take that Indian sub-continent vacation you had been dreaming of for months? Have you decided on the destination and places to visit? But have you looked for flight tickets? Could their cost be the reason for you to put off the vacation?

Well, don’t worry about these questions and start planning your trip. While getting affordable flight tickets can be a cumbersome task,our team at MyTicketsToIndia works tirelessly to get the best deals and offers on your flights to Mumbai. With our experience and expertise, we can get you cheap flight tickets to Mumbai or anywhere else.

Even if you plan to conduct the research yourself, there are some points you should keep in mind before clicking the book button. Let discuss tips for cheapest flight tickets.

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1) Flexibility Is Key – Tips For Cheapest Flight Tickets


Travel planning is essential to getting cheap flight tickets to Mumbai. Sometimes you may not find the best deals on flights to Mumbai for your desired dates of travel, but chances are that moving the dates around a little will get you price variations up to 10%.

When planning your travel, ensure that you keep a few days as a buffer to get the best flight tickets. Not just dates, but also travel times can get you better pricing. Early morning flights are cheaper than late-night flights and can offer competitive pricing.

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2) Weigh in all options

Sometimes, flights between prominent airports can be expensive. Checking all the available options for flight departure and arrival can also add to the cost-saving.

When looking for flights to Mumbai from the USA, chances are you might find cheaper options by selecting a different departure airport in the USA. For example, a Boston to Mumbai flight might be cheaper than a New York to Mumbai flight.

3) Book tickets in advance


While it may sound like a commonly known fact but booking tickets in advance can help you save money. Ideally, you should book no earlier than 75 days and no later than 34 days before departure. These facts are based on analysis and numbers and you are most likely to get the best offers during this period.

4) Don’t limit your search

When traveling in groups, people often tend to fill in their requirements i.e. the number of adults and children traveling, but this way you will get the offers from airlines based on the highest price of the ticket. For example, if you need 4 tickets, the airlines will select 4 seats together and quote the highest price. Booking them individually will help save dollars on the cheaper seats.

Especially when looking for flights to Delhi search for and book individual tickets. You can always get seats together during the check-in process. Even if you cannot get adjacent seats, the money saved is worth the trouble. Don’t you think?

5) Go Incognito

Go Incognito

Our web browsers use cookies to keep track of our activity and interests. This stored data is used by advertisers and portals to make suggestions and grab our attention.

For travel portals, cookies stored can give them our search history which in turn could lead to higher prices every time you open up the browser and make a search. To avoid this and get cheap flight tickets to Mumbai, one should always use the incognito mode or private mode which disables cookie storage and gives the best results during every session.

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6) Not every discount is good

A lot of websites these days are constantly running discounts and offers on flights to Mumbai. But how legit are these offers? Well, not everything that shines is gold and so is the case with these sales.

The human mind is prone to marketing gimmicks and while these discounts might make the deal sound good, compare with other portals to ensure that these are the best available offers. Sometimes, websites inflate the cost of tickets and then offer discounts. So technically you end buying expensive tickets.

7) Avoid direct flights


Sometimes flying direct to the destination can add to your travel costs. When searching for cheap flight tickets to Mumbai do not emphasize traveling non-stop to the destination. Check for flights with stoppages as well.

Sometimes, adding a few hours to your travel time with a layover can reduce the cost of travel by a few hundred dollars. Not only this, the frequency of direct flights is less as compared to connecting flights. This is a major reason why direct flights are more expensive than a flight with one or two layovers.

8) Baggage Policies

These days a lot of people travel with less to no baggage. This means the need for check-in baggage is redundant. Thus, many airlines these days offer flight tickets with cabin baggage only policy and because there is no baggage allowance the cost of the ticket reduces further.

While it is not applicable for everyone, if you are looking for cheap flight tickets to Mumbai and plan on travelling light, this is something you should keep in mind while booking your flights to Mumbai.

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Travel planning is a complex process and includes a lot of aspects, but, the most important one being flight tickets. When it comes to international travel, it can be even more tedious. So, when you are looking for cheap flight tickets to Mumbai, it is advisable to get in touch with MyTicketsToIndia as we focus on the sector of travel and get you the best deals.

Meanwhile, all you have to do is focus on these tips for cheapest flight tickets as mentioned above and make sure you make the most of every moment during the trip.

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