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Everyone knows the increasing number of online portals offering cheap flights without airline sales and their attractive offers which get us bound to the platform. Now anyone who’s looking to book cheap flight tickets is bound to look for offers online and do their research by comparing multiple websites. But, we at MyTicketsToIndia, are a driven bunch of individuals working tirelessly to get you the best deals and offers. Our team constantly analyses all available options and helps you get the best ones as per your requirements.

Yet, there are times when one, while looking for how to book cheap flights seeks lower prices through discounts and offers. But what do you do when there are no offers available?

Tips That Might Help You To Book Cheap Flight Tickets Without Airline Sales.


We understand the importance of your travel dates. It can be tough getting those leaves from work or school to take out time and plan your travel. But, it is important to keep a buffer of 2-3 days with the dates.

This is important because allowing such flexibility can help you save a few hundred dollars. Sometimes the dates that you are looking to travel on might show higher prices than the day before or after. So rather than booking expensive tickets, if you can reschedule your travel by a day or two, you can make the most of the large variation and get cheaper, more affordable tickets. Also, make sure you check when flight prices go down before heading to book your flight tickets.

Go Incognito:

Sounds strange? Why would you want to go incognito during a ticket search? Well, the answer is pretty simple. To avoid a trail of search history, you should always make sure that your browser is in Incognito or private mode.

Using this facility, you can prevent the search results to be saved in the form of cookies. The web browser cookies are then recorded by travel websites and used to manipulate prices every time you run a search. By finding out your search terms. The airline portals increase prices on every search. Using this facility, you can prevent the search results to be saved in the form of cookies. The web browser cookies are then recorded by travel websites and used to manipulate prices every time you run a search. By finding out your search terms, the airline portals increase prices on every search.

Return Tickets:

Looking for and comparing tickets is a good idea but one needs to understand that there are airlines rewarding loyalty of the passengers for those who choose to travel with them on both sides.

At times, you can get a cheaper ticket when booking a return journey than only one side fare. While this doesn’t apply to all airlines and sectors. It can be worth a try when no airline is offering a sale on ticket bookings. Also, to make sure you get cheap flight tickets you can consider booking your one-way or round-trip flights on Tuesday as Tuesday is considered the cheapest day to book flights.

Knowing the best time to buy plane tickets:

Many of the offered airline flights will vary in cost based on the supply and demand in the sector. And to avoid this dependence, analysis and studies are done to find out the best time to book cheap flights without airline sales.

According to recent research on over 4 million ticket bookings. It has been found that the best time to buy plane tickets is 54 days before the date of departure. The chances of getting the cheapest fare during this time are the highest. Another term, known as ‘prime window’ i.e. 21 to 121 days before departure has proven to offer the best-priced tickets. You should also prefer to buy tickets on weekdays rather than on weekends. Weekdays are considered the cheapest days to book tickets, you’ll get good discounts on these days.

Loyalty Programs:

Most airlines run loyalty programs that reward their passengers for repetitive travel. The more they travel, the more points are accumulated. These points can be stored for a long time and once enough. These can be redeemed to book flight tickets at a much lower cost as compared to the existing prices.

These loyalty programs make passengers stick to particular airlines. Additionally, these programs also offer benefits such as onboard meals, better seats, and priority check-in which otherwise would have added to the final cost of travel.

Compare airlines:

Different airlines have different amenities and services because of which there might be a large fluctuation in the pricing. Several times the same sector on a specific airline might offer cheaper fares than the others. So, to ensure the best available prices and to save on the cost. Make sure to check out flights offered by all available airlines.

This is also important because several airlines might offer things like liquor or exquisite food and charge you more for the ticket itself. But what if you do not drink? Or if you have no use of those services? You end up paying more and that is exactly what can be cut down. Even while booking return tickets make sure to compare airlines. Because you might be able to get cheap flights without airline sales on different airlines for the to and fro journey. While this contradicts the second point, it is worth a try.

Baggage policies:

At times, the different airlines have different baggage policies such as Delta Airlines baggage policy, American Airlines baggage policy, United Airlines baggage policy, Air India baggage policy, etc. While most offer a specific amount of weight to be carried for free, there are a few tickets that offer discounts for not availing of the check-in facility of luggage.

In these types of tickets, you can carry only hand baggage for a set amount of weight. But these tickets come cheaper than regular ones. Just by cutting out the baggage add-on, you can cut costs by a few dollars. This is a commonly ignored tip but it can make a huge difference on the payment screen.

These are the top 7 things one should keep in mind before clicking that search button and planning your next travel. But an even better way to book cheap flight tickets is to reach out to My Tickets To India and let us take care of all airline flights. Our expertise never fails to find our customers the best deals for their travel. So, stop worrying about those cheap airline tickets. Start packing your bags because we will make it our mission to get those quotes.

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