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Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy

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Wondering about the tips to avoid spending a lot on Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance? Whether you’re embarking on a long-haul honeymoon or a short-haul city trip, you’ll want to double-check your baggage allowance before packing to avoid last-minute charges. Let’s understand the details here.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance for Cabin

According to Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance for the cabin, you can bring a hand luggage bag into the plane’s cabin, along with any other items you normally bring, such as a coat or small handbag. This Virgin Atlantic baggage size must not exceed 23cm x 36cm x 56cm (9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches) in size and weigh no more than 10 kg.

If you’re flying Upper Class, you can bring two bags, each weighing up to 12kg or 16kg when combined. Bags must be the same size as those used by Economy passengers in order to fit into the overhead space.

Additionally, Virgin Atlantic baggage policy allows passengers to take the following:

  • A handbag, purse, or pocketbook (not being used to contain items that would otherwise be regarded as personal item baggage).
  • An umbrella or a walking cane (these cannot be pointed or sharp).
  • Camera, a pair of binoculars, etc. 
  • Flight-related reading material such as books or magazines. 
  • Food for infants (for consumption on the flight).
  • A few duty-free items.
  • In-flight headphones (with standard 3.5 mm jack only).

Walking aids and folding manual wheelchairs (mobility aids) are also permitted on some Virgin Atlantic flights. If the onboard room is limited, the wheelchair will be stored in the hold as checked baggage.

Virgin Atlantic Prohibited Items in Cabin Baggage

Certain objects are always prohibited from being brought inside an airplane’s cabin. Details on these things will be available at the airport or online. The following items are not permitted as hand baggage on a flight:

  • Knives or large scissors, sharp work tools, or sporting objects such as darts or martial arts equipment could be deemed equivalent.
  • Combustible or explosive materials.
  • Firearms – including reproductions – or any other item capable of being used as a weapon, such as cricket bats or golf clubs.

Additionally, certain things are not permitted on airlines – either in hand luggage or the hold, according to Virgin Atlantic luggage policy. Corrosive agents, radioactive materials, and biological agents are all examples of these.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance For Checked

The term “hold luggage” refers to the bags that you will hand over to the airline at check-in. These are stored in the airplane’s cargo hold and are retrieved upon arrival at the baggage conveyor belt.

According to Virgin Atlantic baggage policy for checked, the majority of Virgin Atlantic passengers are permitted to check-in up to 23 kg of luggage. The following is a summary of several significant constraints and limitations of Virgin Atlantic baggage policy for checked bags:

  • No hold luggage allowance is included with Economy Light tickets. You will be permitted to bring a small bag on board the plane, but you will not be permitted to check anything into the hold without paying an additional Virgin Atlantic Economy Light baggage fee.
  • Economy tickets include one 23kg hold luggage that cannot exceed the Virgin Atlantic suitcase size, i.e., 90cm x 75cm x 43cm in dimensions (35.5 inches x 29.5 inches x 16 inches).
  • Premium travelers are permitted to bring two bags that are the same weight and size as those permitted in Economy.
  • Upper-Class tickets allow for the carriage of two baggage the same size as Economy, but with a maximum weight of 32 kilograms each.

Virgin Atlantic Excess Baggage Policy

When checking in online or at the airport, you can purchase an additional baggage allowance. You will be charged an additional £65 if your bag is overweight, and £200 if it is excessive, according to Virgin Atlantic baggage fees. If you check in more bags beyond the ones included in the price of your ticket, you will be charged an additional fee based on the number of bags checked. The following is a list of Virgin Atlantic’s checked baggage fees.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Fee

Types of Cabin Class1st Baggage2nd Baggage3rd Baggage
Economy Light£ 45£ 65£ 140
EconomyFree£ 65£ 140
Premium EconomyFreeFree£ 140
Upper ClassFreeFree£ 140

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance for Special Items

Flying with Pets

You can schedule a flight in the hold for your cat or dog, but there are some limitations and expenses. Not all pets are permitted to fly, and not all airlines accept pets. Cats and dogs are not permitted to travel in the hold, although assistance dogs are permitted in the cabin.

The crate must not exceed 27.9 x 20 x 21in in dimensions (71 x 52 x 54cm). Crates must be in good condition and have a leak-proof base. They must also be vented and have an absorbent material on the bottom.

Flying with Infants

While traveling with an infant, passengers are allowed to take one carry-on baggage, in addition to a stroller and a child restraint seat. This allowance is applicable for all Virgin Atlantic Routes. According to Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance, the baggage must not exceed the maximum weight limit, i.e., 23 kilograms (50 pounds). And the maximum dimensions must not exceed 90 x 75 x 43 cm (35.5 x 29.5 x 16 in). 

Flying with Sporting Equipments

The majority of sporting equipment is admissible for check-in as part of the complimentary baggage allowance (in place of a checked bag). There is no additional price for any travel class provided the sporting object is less than 23 kg (50 lbs) in weight, the required Virgin Atlantic weight allowance, and measures up to 190 x 75 x 65 cm in dimensions (75 x 30 x 26 in). Checking sporting equipment that exceeds your allowance incurs additional fees.

Canoes, kayaks, hang gliders, and windsurfing pieces of equipment are no longer accepted as checked baggage on Virgin Atlantic.

Flying with Musical Instruments

When traveling with Virgin Atlantic, musical instruments are permitted in the cabin as carry-ons. The musical instrument must be small enough to fit in the overhead bin or beneath the seat in front of you. A flute, trumpet, or violin, for example, are all acceptable carry-on musical instruments.

To purchase a seat for your musical instrument, contact Virgin Atlantic Airways. Each instrument must weigh no more than 165lbs/75kg and not exceed 12in/30cm beyond the seat cushion’s top.

According to Virgin Atlantic luggage policy, to safeguard your musical instrument, you may alternatively check it as checked luggage in a sturdy carrying case (hard-shelled protective case). If you do so, your luggage will be subject to the regular baggage allowance specified on your ticket.

Flying under the Military Baggage Policy

As an international airline, Virgin Atlantic does not provide any perks to US military personnel or veterans for flying on their aircraft. As a result, Virgin Atlantic will deny free bag checks to US military members. Only US airlines will provide discounts to military and veteran personnel.

Where to Check-In Virgin Atlantic Baggage?

Check-in normally begins three hours prior to departure; however, some counters may open earlier, depending on the airport. Virgin Atlantic suggests that you check in two hours prior to departure.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy for Lost or Damaged Baggage

Please notify Virgin Atlantic immediately if your baggage is lost or damaged. Following the flight, it is critical to submit a claim in person or online. While filing a claim with any representative is acceptable, ensure that you obtain a copy of the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) because having a copy is beneficial to you.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Policy for Lost and Found Items

Regrettably, it happens to the best of us when we lose or forget something on a flight. Virgin Atlantic recommends communicating with an airport representative before leaving the airport. If you speak up quickly enough, a staff person may be able to obtain it for you. Items are typically stored for up to 30 days, however, perishables such as food are quickly destroyed.

Baggage Policy For Other Airlines

Here’s the list of airlines’ baggage policy for particular airlines –


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a baggage restriction on Virgin Atlantic flights?

Ans: When flying with Virgin Atlantic, the checked luggage allowance varies by destination. For instance, some locations impose a two-bag limit, whereas the majority allow for four or more baggage to be checked. Bear in mind, however, that depending on the precise fare you purchased, you may have to pay for checked luggage.

Q. How can I save the most money on Virgin Atlantic baggage fees?

Ans: Begin by booking the appropriate fare for your travel needs. If you frequently fly with Virgin Atlantic, check to see if you qualify for their Flying Gold membership, which entitles you to one complimentary additional checked bag regardless of the fare class you choose. Finally, if you have a travel credit card, check with your credit card issuer to determine if you are qualified for reimbursement for Virgin Atlantic baggage fees.

Q. Is it possible to pre-pay my luggage?

Ans: Paying your luggage fees in advance saves you time and aggravation at check-in or the gate. This can be accomplished directly on the Virgin Atlantic website or via the airline’s mobile application. In any case, customers may check-in and pay for their bags up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their trip.

Q: Are fragile items accepted on Virgin Australia flights?

A: As per Virgin Australia baggage allowance rules, fragile items like glassware and breakables are accepted on flights. However, there are certain guidelines that passengers are expected to adhere to if they are carrying fragile items in their baggage.

Here is everything you need to know about Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance. If you have any queries, MyTicketsToIndia is right here to assist you.

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